Universal Law and the Critical Importance of it!

A free People claim their Rights as derived from the Laws of Nature, and not as the gift of their magistrates.” -Thomas Jefferson

Also I’m not a researcher, I’m just someone who is just here to empower people, helping them take back their sovereignty and stop depending on others to do things for them, while exposing the superstition known as authority, the inherit tyranny of it, and raise people’s consciousness so they’ll understand that they’re the only ones that should be taking care of themselves then in turn each other, so don’t look to me as an expert in anything!

What you are about to hear is not a mere belief system or idea, but something that is in effect right now and in your face. Most people don’t even know that it’s even is in front of them and how it’s influencing their reality based on their negative and positive actions in the universe. People are so unconscious minded and as a result unconsciously create things in this world not knowing that this is a huge reason why people get unwanted experiences and suffering in their life. They have been brainwashed into believing that there is no universal laws that govern our behavior and giving us back what we put out into to world through cause and effect results!

The controllers or, “The Powers that Shouldn’t Be”, want you to think such things so they can continue to not only control you, but to have you continue to create things that are not in your best interest to keep you in a state of suffering and perceived powerlessness. Many who are trapped in the five sense illusion and those who are ultra left brained who think that there is no laws governing what we put out in the world and that only “Man” is the creator of laws in the world,  along with the dogmatic religionists and literalists who think that our laws come to us from a man-made “holy book,” and the determinists that think that Universal Law is something that is there to create some unchangeable fate will be the hardest and most stubborn groups out there that will maybe never understand that they’re wrong, and that their thinking is just another trap created by the ones who control all the world institutions where the got these beliefs from in the first place.

Then again this knowledge was never reserved for people like them nor never was. Let them stay in their willing ignorance and let them stay trapped in this third dimensional drama for lifetimes to come in that case since they seem to enjoy it so much anyway!

Universal Law a.k.a the big cosmic mirror or what some would call Natural Law, is a general description concerning laws that are inherited to nature and the same laws that has been given to us by creation. In other words these laws are pretty much rules to how things work in this universe, mainly concerning our interaction with it. Here, this writing is going to give a basic overview of what it is as I’m not an expert on the subject and I STRONGLY suggest that they look more into this themselves, but I do know enough about it to give a proper enough explanation.

I’m only putting this out since people need to understand that there is only one law that people in the universe need to follow and acknowledge if people want true freedom here on this planet since “Man’s Law” WILL NEVER give you that, EVER, and that is because Man’s Law is based in control, coercion and violence along with it being a barrier to true personal responsibility to what we create in this reality and dealing with the negative consequences brought upon us by Universal Law if our actions are based in wrong doing!

I will list some of these laws but keep in mind that I’m not going to list and explain them all since this is a basic overview and introduction. You can easily do the research on your own for more technical information since I also lack it as well. These are the seven main Universal Laws based out of hermeticism as there is more you can find on your own.

My interpretation is certainly not the best, but it doesn’t matter once you understand that if you live in harmony with nature and exercise common sense when it comes to how you run your life and deal with other people, then you’ll never have to worry about the technical details in the first place. The ones I highlighted below in bold are the ones that humanity has the most resistance too in understanding or refusing to understand because their religious, nihilist, materialist, or darwinistic belief systems told them to resist them.

There are many more Universal Law Principles out there and it’s not limited to a single esoteric tradition such as hermeticism, but here right now, I’m focusing on these since I find that these seven really resonate with me, and I also see them in effect through my daily life, through history, and in people’s lives.  The hermetic principles are a good place to start when it comes to understanding metaphysical laws of and how they are effecting the world we are creating thorough our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and actions:

The Law of Mentalism (How reality is influenced by thoughts. How all creation starts in the mind).

The Law of Correspondence (Reality is a reflection of what is going within and without. Look at a reflection of yourself in a body of water for an example of this). (As above, so below).

The Law of Vibration (We Attract things based on our vibration, but that doesn’t end there alone as some new age gurus want to assert that vibration is everything or more so don’t talk about the other factors when it comes to attracting things in your life).

The Law of Polarity (The Dualistic Nature of This Reality. This is much more complicated though)

The Law of Rhythm (Cycles, Seasons, The Flow of Movement). (The pendulum effect is one example of this)

The Law of Cause and Effect (Your action both good and bad have consequences that will affect both this outer reality, and your inner reality. Some call it karma, I call it natural consequence).

The Law of Gender (How Male and Female energies go hand in hand with Creation. Everything in creation is based on gender. Everyone needs to integrate and balance both masculine and feminine energies within themselves instead of rejecting/resisting one or the other).

The most detailed account can be found in the kybalion which is a very dense book of Hermetic wisdom that goes into greater detail that even I haven fully read yet. Chapter 2 has an overview of the seven main universal laws. Like I said, those who are trapped in a material mind cage will never get this and just laugh at it like the ignorant clowns that they are, and I admit, it’s a book I have yet to fully understand. I feel that I will as I get older, personally. This goes for many things I have gotten into and studied.


For something to become reality, first it starts with a thought (mentalism), then it turns into an intention, that intention is filtered by said individual’s belief or belief system, and then that intention manifests into action which in turns creates that desired reality. If we do something that is based in right action on a consistent basis, then we will get more harmony, freedom, order, and love, but if we commit actions and manifest things that are based in wrong action consistently, then we will get chaos, control, fear, suffering, and enslavement in our reality!

This law is also something that is unchangeable, binding, immutable, and inescapable which means that as long as you live in this domain, you’re bound by these laws and your right and wrong actions will come back to you in some shape or form. It’s very similar to the concept of karma in many spiritual traditions, but I personally call it consequence since the idea of Karma is so misunderstood and twisted. It’s bad enough that it has turned into a fear based superstition used by those who wish to control others, victim blame, or force people to conform to some kind of dogma. The religious or so-called spiritual arguments that justified something like the India caste system (historically) is great example of those things. The issue of Karma is another topic on its own for another time by the way.

There is also the Law of Attraction, that is apart of the body known as Universal Law which is connected to the Law of Vibration as in we get what we put out into the universe or we also get things that we don’t want by trying to push it away through a low vibrational or dense state such as fear, chronic and unhealthy anger, and other negative emotions.

Many don’t even know that they are creating things for themselves through their own fear-based thoughts, and oh don’t get me wrong, I don’t buy into the New Age variation of the Law of Attraction that tells you that thinking of the negative in this world is bad or somehow meditating our problems away alone is going to solve all of our problems! I don’t believe in that nonsense as it’s a deception that was created to have people stand down from taking action against tyranny in this world which also means people embracing courage!

You’re only get more negativity in your reality if you dwell on said negative thought without taking positive action and having the confidence of changing that negative situation into a positive one! Don’t let some new ager or someone else from some other spiritual or religious tradition tell you otherwise because they either don’t know better, or they are deceiving you since you’ll never discover the one natural right in this universe that most are afraid to talk about, and that is the natural right to self-defense which all ties into fighting against those who are tirelessly seeking to take away our natural rights given to us by the Prime Creator, and imprison us even deeper than we are imprisoned now!

Natural Law is simply a common sense concept, but people in this world want to complicate what is simple which is why a concept like this makes no sense to them or they simply deny it since they want something more elaborate and complex or think it has to be more complicated since they’re so used to these control based paradigms that have so many so-called “rules and regulations” in place that is designed to keep people in a box, designed to hide your rights as a sovereign human being, and to keep you from understanding the great responsibility that comes with owning your own sovereignty and understanding the free will that comes with it!

Many people sadly out there still want to be ruled by others, and want restrictions imposed on themselves by an outside party which is why they have a hard time knowing that Universal Law is simply one overall rule and that is, “Do Not Harm!” Also your thoughts, emotions, and actions will create a cause and an effect in the long or short run! Something so basic and so simple to grasp, but humanity must almost make things hard on themselves I guess since most still want to be slaves in chains!

If only people understood how owned their minds are and how most of their thoughts are not even their own, but that is another time once I get into mind control and the dark occult influence over the world population that is linked together. Anyway that is the basic concept of what Universal Law is. The laws that have been given to us by the creator that govern and regulate what goes on here in this free will zone, and simply what you put out in the world is what you get back. As a collective, if you live peacefully and don’t harm another being (unless in self-defense) then expect harmony, do the opposite as a collective, then expect chaos!

Speaking of chaos, the reason why it exist in the first place is because of people’s ignorance and denial of Universal Law, and ignorance of what they are creating for themselves and others. Most people don’t even see or notice the chaos in this world or at least the full extent of it is due to institutions like government and authority in place that simply hides the worst of it not realizing that hiding it is not the answer or the solution since its there to tell you about the consciousness level of humanity, and hiding it also would prevent humanity from taking personal responsibility for raising themselves from their spiritual graves that they have been put into by the same control system here on this planet.

I do realize that if we were to take away statism and any form of authority overnight at this time of writing then we’ll get to see what humanity is truly made of and how bad humanity has gotten due to being conditioned, dumbed down, put in a brain imbalance, mind controlled, having them fall into the false dialectic of embracing either being a dominator or a slave, victim or abuser, and fostering ignorance of their true nature as a spirit who is a co-creator in this grand cosmic jungle. That is why we really need to collectively raise up our consciousness if we are to live by the laws of nature once more like we should have doing before humanity ended up getting messed up!

Humanity is maybe the only species on this planet that can deny something that is in their face and call it something else or pretend that it doesn’t exist. The power of cognitive dissonance is very strong amongst the human race and one of the greatest barriers (along with fear) of getting people to truly wake up! A short example is climate engineering which is something that is right in their face on a daily basis, yet they’ll be the ones to tell you that you’re insane or crazy for telling them about it, wanting to not wake up to the reality that there are psychopaths and control freaks amongst us, and they’re also called your leaders!

What chaos represents is a natural consequence under Universal Law if one chooses wrong action (harm) over right action (no harm), yet people have been taught and conditioned into fearing it. What chaos is only doing is telling you that what you or what the collective is doing in the world is wrong.

If you seek true order, true love, TRUE FREEDOM, and not the fake illusionary artificial versions that authority creates, then people need to then start evolving. They need to rise out of their “belief” systems and various institutionalized systems of man-made thoughts and archontic programming which is all based in political and religious ideologies that won’t take humanity anywhere and only keep them stagnated and in one spot. Spiritual healing will also be required for most since many of them are trapped in their boxes due to being broken down and being influenced by their emotional traumas that have suffered from through various lifetimes including this one, but healing is something beyond the scope of this topic, and that will be talked about some other time.

What about Man’s Law? Where does that fit in to this?

The biggest problem with Man’s Law is how it’s often in contradiction with Universal Law and based around control, coercion, and violence for it to even exist in the first place since there artificial constructs that don’t exist in nature and not natural like the spiritual laws of nature are. To enforce an illusion you have to convince people or force people into believing it like Man’s Law. The laws of man are also often based on whims, personal preferences, and cultural relativism more so than objective right or wrong that transcends petty (cult)ural and so-called traditionalist perceptions of what is right or wrong!

Even if some of the basic laws of Universal Law are compatible with some of man’s laws like do not murder or don’t steal, then it would still make no sense to write them down. Do you really need someone to write such basic things down on a piece of paper such as not killing someone, not taking from someone, and so forth on a piece of paper? Are you that dumbed down or are you still a child for that to be? It’s common sense!

Also Man’s Law, is often not based in truth, but in dogma and cultural norms more so than objective truth that is native in nature that transcends these things and goes into the core root of who we really are on a cosmic level as inherently free beings! Man’s Law, is simply a rebellion against the laws that were put in place here by the creator and ignorance of them, and this is one of the main reasons why there is so much suffering in the world now which is just a response to what happens when people think they are gods by claiming that they are the arbiters of Law and not the prime creator! All because of this we get a poor pathetic excuse of a replacement that humanity insisted on and came up with while the natural laws of the universe gets the dumpster baby treatment!

The laws of man also were originally made to control people. Things such as freedom, love, and objective truth, are often afterthoughts if they do exist in the minds of whoever is creating said laws and normally based on the whims and often selfish agendas of said law-maker of politician. The laws of man are also based in moral relativism which claims that there is so such thing as objective morality, or morality is based on local cultural norms and religious dogmas of said region, or at the very least based on individual personal preferences, likes, and dislikes!

In other words, moral relativism, is the idea that what is good for me is moral and what is bad for me is immoral, so that should apply to everyone around me which is why I ask how are we going to obtain true freedom if people think like this since such attitudes will easily keep us in enslavement alone? Billions of people still think like this at this time of writing!

Anyway, that is why the concept or idea of victimless crime exist because someone else may not like it when someone listens to a certain kind of music or lives a certain type of lifestyle for example which can lead to the ridiculous claim or idea that what they dislike is wrong on a universal level without gauging if there is violence (violation of someone’s well-being) and coercion involved in said activity for it to be deemed wrong! What about genuine consent? If (genuine) consent exist, then you have no business stopping said people for doing what they want to do, end of story, deal with it, go pound a wall with your fist with your angry denial (if you are in denial), curse and shout all you want because it’s true whenever you want to think otherwise or not! These people and their small minds don’t understand that as long as they are not being harmed or coerced into these activities, then they have no right to infringe on their natural right to do whatever they want with themselves and their bodies!

This terrifying yet insane idea that something can be good in one side of a so-called border which we know as a state or territory while literally just a few inches or even one step away from that boundary, something is then suddenly bad in this said side of a border because the people or a single person who has influence on that side of the border decided that since he/she/they don’t like it, then it’s bad and immoral without gauging if there is harm or violence in said action! If you believe and insist on this then you must be mental ill, and I’m not trying to be insulting, I’m just being blunt about it! Such insanity is idiocy and self-righteous arrogance!

For example some book you may be reading or merely possessing in your home may be legal where you are, but once you cross that border or line with that book in your hands, it’s suddenly illegal, and you can be jailed or killed (depending on the country) for having that said book in your hands! Many don’t even notice how ridiculous, silly, tragic, dangerous, and outright stupid moral and cultural relativism is, and that was an example of its stupidity and inherit insanity on display! Most people don’t understand this because they lack the ability to think deeply enough outside of their social constructs and boundaries within their own minds!

I don’t like it when people do certain activities I think is deplorable to ones mind and body in the long run, but people should not be thrown into a cage or killed for doing so!! Yet in other countries (and here except the killing part) this is what happens when people do those activities along with what I listed above earlier! For example, I still can’t get over the fact that doing certain activities outside of cultural norms that directly don’t cause anyone harm or saying certain words to certain people or so-called authority figures can get you JAILED or even KILLED in certain parts of the world due to the personal whims of those who created these laws based on their selfish one-dimensional preferences! All thanks to moral relativism and the institutions of religion and government that also of course play a big role in this!

Do you realize how selfish moral subjectivity really is in practice? They may claim, oh it’s for your own good, but who are they to judge, and who in the blue hell are they to try to take physical control of someone because they have a psychological problem concerning letting go and minding their own damn business as long as no one is being harmed and no violence is being committed upon anyone? The ones that control the major institutions on this planet have the same attitude and do you see what it’s doing to the world and the people surrounding it along with the chaos that it’s creating since moral relativism on a large-scale is practiced by most people here on this planet in rebellion against Universal Law which is why there is so much chaos, conflict, factionalism, and confusion in the world in the first place!?

It’s bad enough that a large majority of the world’s population are either moral relativists or cultural relativists and many don’t even know it, especially the religionists out there that claim that their laws come from God through their holy books, not knowing that these holy books were written by men with agendas under pseudonyms! Even though some of these holy books have some deep esoteric knowledge (which is full of occult language even I don’t understand) in them that are based in truth, while the rest of it is man-made drivel that clearly comes from a lower place in consciousness, especially any message that is based in fear, intolerance, bigotry, and coercive threats over those who don’t follow their way which is not from a higher consciousness at all! The idea that morality is based on personal whims in itself is a slap in the face to the creator-of-all and is the reason why there is so much suffering in the world!

The moral laws of nature is a logical program put in place and it works well and at all times whenever you acknowledge it or not just like gravity! Some people think that God is punishing them, but they are punishing themselves by creating chaos in the world through total subjectivity in their thoughts and their relative preferences thinking that there is no such thing as right and wrong from an objective point of view that transcends all cultural and personal perceptions! If you think there is no such thing as objective right and wrong then you’re being foolish and childish and I don’t care what anyone thinks of that because it’s true whenever you want to acknowledge that or not and I don’t care what you think of that! I’m only stating what is, so go pound a desk in with your bare knuckles if you don’t like it, because the truth hurts, and your knuckles will hurt too!

Thanks to moral relativism, you can justify the worst behavior under the guise of good, you can justify oppression, you can justify authoritarianism, you can justify bigotry, you can justify racism, you can justify sexism, you can justify the ownership of other people through government and statism along with justifying serfdom through them telling you that you don’t own your body (prohibition/victimless crime) and not truly owning your property since they reserve the right to take it away from you if you don’t pay these extortion fees call taxes (since there is a very serious moral problem with taxation that really bothers me and there are much better solutions out there to that, but that article is being revised so I’m not going to go into it here) or if you refuse to do some other coercive action that they would force you to do through the threat of violence which is all related to the violation of natural rights and god given free will, and you can justify tyranny as inherently tyrannical institutions like the State which is based on the idea of giving a small group of people the privilege to harass, stalk, steal and kill to protect others from those who harass, stalk, steal, and kill others! A joke if you ask me!

Also if you want to hear more about my take on statism, government, or any form of hierarchical system here on this planet, then please read my write-up called, “Spiritual Anarchism, Self-Ownership, Cooperation, and Spiritual Consciousness” if you’re thrown off by my strong distaste for authority and the idea of people owning other people and telling them how to live and think through hierarchical systems such as government and organized religion. These hierarchical systems are the hugest barriers to spiritual freedom and control over one’s self along with taking back our power and stop giving it to someone else, and most of all stop trying to find mommy and daddy figures or a savior through hierarchy since that is what the controllers of the world want you to do to keep you from knowing how powerful you truly are, and once that happens (if ever), the game will be over for the those who think they have a right to claim ownership over you or anyone else on this planet!

That is the basic overview of what is Universal Law and my writings will go more into this through other topics. Keep in mind that I’m not a technical expert on the subject and I strongly suggest you do more research on your own as this writing is only here to get people started on this subject. That is all I have to say about it for now. Remember that Universal Law is this:

Does it harm anyone? Is there consent? Is it based in objective truth and not dogma, cultural, or mere religious beliefs that are people mistakenly believe as truths? Is there control and coercion over ones mind and/or body involved? Is one’s actions and behaviors based in harmony and won’t lead to chaos through selfish will or agenda?

This man below (Mark Passio) in the linked videos explains it better than anyone else or even bothers to talk about it at all along with another one I included that talks about how man’s law is really a fraud to begin with and how it ties into universal law! It looks more spiritually minded people are speaking about this at some kind of capacity which is great, but we have a very long way to go with this still. It’s rather basic common sense really.

For those who have shorter attention spans, I say watch the most bottom video at the very least (first).