Introduction to this website.

This will mainly concern the themes that I’ll be speaking through my written work. Also in my writing, you’re going to find me quoting certain individuals to set the point of what said writing is about. This DOES NOT mean that I agree with everything these people have spoken, advocated, or any actions that they took in their lives! Just because I don’t agree with everything they say or what they stand for doesn’t mean that they don’t have any golden nuggets of thought and wisdom that is worth giving them credit for. Anyway:

1. What is this all about?

This is about consciousness, understanding who we are as cosmic souls that are merely having a human experience in this spiritual war zone, why the things are the way we are in this universe, the human condition and REAL solutions to what can be done about it, and ultimately understand that life isn’t about just living another day, accumulating wealth, being popular, and only worrying about your base desires. In my writings, you’re going to find that the world is a more complex and more complicated place then you ever thought it was.

You even also find that there is more to life as we see it as there is a multidimensional aspect to it. The things you’re going to come across in my writings may be scary and even fearful to those who never came across this information before, but the point isn’t to scare anyone, but to empower them! Once you have the knowledge, you’ll be empowered to hear the solutions to that problem, and speaking of that problem, sooner or later, you’re come across the fact that this reality is not what it seems, and knowing this merely is apart of the path of true enlightenment! It’s not all positive and happy unfortunately, and if you want that to change, then you need to acknowledge that first!

Some of the topics I’ll get into will be a basic overview of the human mind in terms of what it means to be a holistic thinker and not just a thinker who depends on their pure intellect (left brain) or someone who relies solely on intuition (right brain), the importance of consciousness and becoming a conscious individual, Universal Law (Natural Law) as the only law in the universal that people should only be adhering too and how it contrasts with the law of man along with humanity’s long-standing ignorance of it, slavery and what it really is and how it became a huge part of the human condition, the importance of thinking for yourself and the dangers of having someone think for you, why government, religion, and other worldly institutions and hierarchies are illegitimate in true spiritual nature and never were designed for your best interest, but only exist to control you and keep your consciousness in a box while also keeping you depended on outside forces that can and will manipulate you, and a bit about occultism, and how important it is to understand at least the basics of it, and how those in power use occult (hidden) knowledge to control and manipulate the general populace.

These are basic ideas of what you’ll see written from me as there is many more topics and a few rants that I’ll write about as well. My rants and some of my normal writings will contain vitriol, a sprinkle of harsh language to get a point across when need be, and bluntness. I’m not here to baby anyone or be gentle since humanity for so long has been babied enough and those who where messengers of truth to the general populace had to this day for too long been mocked, ridiculed, parodied, persecuted, jailed, and killed over it. A simple hard roundhouse kick to the thigh figuratively speaking is what most of them need to wake up to what is real in this world.

The information that will be written is not for everyone as there are still too many who are still not ready to hear it. My focus is mainly geared towards those who are willing to learn and open their minds to new possibilities and ways of thinking and living. For too long people want solutions to everlasting problems in this world, and they end up finding that information like this may not be the help that they were expecting, and I said that because people expect someone who is a leader, a guru, or a savior to come save them from themselves while they don’t have to do the hard grueling work themselves.

This information is not for people who still are cosmic children who expect a mommy or daddy figure in their life to think for them, and are afraid of living as a sovereign individual with free will who is fully conscious and responsible for what they do in this world. Don’t also expect my solutions to be based on using any of these worldly control based institutions like government or religion as they are and always had been nothing more than (limiting) belief systems and forms of enslavement! We need to transcend belief in something outside of ourselves and this belief in hierarchy and control!

I strongly recommend you go here first before reading anything else on this website!

Also I’m not a researcher, I’m just someone who is just here to empower people, helping them take back their sovereignty and stop depending on others to do things for them, while exposing the superstition known as authority, the inherit tyranny of it, and raise people’s consciousness so they’ll understand that they’re the only ones that should be taking care of themselves then in turn each other, so don’t look to me as an expert in anything!