About Living in Harmony With Cosmic Nature.

Disclaimer: Sadly humanity is so far away from such a world where this should already be a reality since it’s so broken, and people are so emotionally and spiritually traumatized, mind controlled, out of touch with their inner selves, and ignorant about how we really create our reality through the metaphysical laws of the universe that affects the reality we manifest based on our beliefs, thoughts, and last but not least, our right and wrong actions that are based in nature and not social constructs!

I’m writing this because I wanted to give people a simple idea of what I’m talking about when I speak about how people need to return to living by the natural laws of the universe in my writings if we are to obtain and maintain true freedom on this planet. You’ll find that it’s not complicated, and it’s very simple once I explain what I mean by this. I went into depth here about it, so I’m going to skip the details and get to the point since I want to make this writing as to the point as I can.

Firstly, living in harmony with nature is going by the natural order of things in the Universe that hasn’t been corrupted by the current overlay that we are under right now and a big part of that corruption is being born into a world where most people are ripped away from their organic nature along with gradually overtime losing their connection to their inner divine will or self. The inner divine self is who we really are without the ego baggage that we carry in this domain or within any free will domain within this multi-dimensional universe and elsewhere. That is who we truly are, and that is what internally guides us.

Sadly most people are so far away from this due to living under an artificial construct that is deigned to keep us in an endless loop of spiritual ignorance concerning who we really are and how great and powerful we are as co-creators, so we cannot break from the control of those who want us to be slaves to this system controlled by archontic forces.

These aspects of the control system such as government which trains people into thinking that they need to give their power away to someone else or be their daddy or mommy, along with squashing any sense of self-ownership that people are supposed to develop within themselves, and you also have organized religions (especially the western variants of it) that are there to not only hold back the truth about your inner divine nature, but to give you a twisted version of this information that is there to keep you in a state of spiritual and psychological co-dependency through savior programs, fear mongering while trying to tell you that it’s evil to look into things outside of what these institutions tell you while also claiming that doing anything that involves spiritual self empowerment is damning!

Let’s not forget thinking for yourself and questioning the dogma that they gave you! There was a reason why the Church centuries ago murdered and brutally tortured anyone that did. If this institution really were preaching the spiritual truth about our reality, then why where they so obsessed with silencing anyone that came along and challenged them, and why were they truly obsessed with destroying the divine feminine essence that surrounds us outside of their ridiculously shallow reason of the “first woman” eating off a tree long ago according to a literal version of that story that resulted in the long subjugation and historical demonizing of women, and the murder of them through various witch hunts, and forcing false confessions of being an evil witch out of a number of them? That is way too simplistic to be just that!

It’s more to do with the greatly empowering nature of the divine feminine that can and will free humanity from its five-sense only illusionary prison, it’s co-dependency on so-called “intermediaries” to god consciousness or source which is actually within you and not “out there” somewhere, and reestablishing our connection with the prime creative force that we are all fractals of and fully re-connecting with our inner divine will which is our own will that is there to elevate each and every one of us!

Think about it! Religion in general, mainly of the western variety, is so out of touch with nature, and forced its people into adopting an ancient depiction based on sun worship or more so astrotheology which is only a layer to literal son or savior worship, and the concept of salvation is spiritually foreign in the natural world by the way. The only person who can save you is ultimately yourself in the end anyway through emotional and spiritual healing, along with taking personal responsibility for yourself and rediscovering and reasserting your sovereignty given to you by the prime creative force, which was inherently given to you to begin with!

Anyway, the sun figuratively dies for three days during the winter solstice (the shortest days of the year), and starts to climb back up (resurrects) giving us gradually longer days again around the 24th or 25th of December every year on the zodiacal cross representing the four seasons which you can even see on some of the crosses of various churches out there that have a circle (the sun/son) in the middle of it, but people fail to connect the dots and the apologists want to militantly deny that there is any dots to connect all together, but then again, this is occulted information not meant for people outside of the higher level inner circles of the control system, so what do you expect really? “Got to viciously lie to the masses about it since these days we can’t kill people over this no longer,” or if it’s not for that reason, “then shove our cognitive dissonance about it down people’s throats!”

Most of these institutions, mostly the fundamentalist, conservative, and literalist factions of these religions mostly preach fear, intolerance, bigotry, division, and incite hate or contempt for those who are different from them! They also have the audacity to talk about God’s love, but they preach the wrath of god at the same time which tells me that they’re preaching about an abusive father figure who is also psychotic nor has anything to do with the true creator which is something more complex than their simple minds could ever handle! The true creator is love and only love! Anything else is an archon and false maker/usurper that people had been fooled into thinking is the creator! That same force that plays both (false) light and dark, and people sadly buy into it over and over again!

The point is that exoteric (mainstream) religion is not going to bring us back to nature and realignment with cosmic law, and it also will keep us further away from it, yet many people who actually think so through the facade of so-called traditionalism as some kind of cure for the ills of today’s modern world. They somehow think that going back to the origins of what has gotten us here is going to make it all better again since they’re unaware nor care about the deadly side of these old overtly patriarchal, superstitious, and tyrannical systems of enslavement they think is actually ordained by the real prime creator! They fail to understand that we can only find the answers about our divine nature through introspection, mediation, and embracing the divine feminine (creativity, intuition, love) along with even connecting with nature as well!

The earth herself has been suffering greatly just like us, I say even more since she has to absorb all of our baggage that we all energetically created along with the ongoing destruction of the environmental and ecological systems around the world that has been amplified by geoengineering which is also extremely important to realize, but most people don’t care sadly since they think that everything is alright! That itself is another story since that would go into the fact that both the pro global warming and the global warming denialists factions collectively deny the reality of climate engineering, but this is all way too complicated for me to talk about since I have a strong feeling that both sides are being manipulated somehow.

Even though I’m not an expert on the climate situation nor can I really talk about it because of this, you have to understand that whenever you believe that there is climate change or not, anyone with common sense and a high enough conscious level will find that we should be taking care of this planet in the first place along with the fact that there has been long-term damage done to the environment through our unsustainable practices and ways of living which I’ll not get into here as well. It will get worst as the population continues to grow at this time unless we change our practices.

Now to the big point. A world that is in harmony with cosmic law is a world where people will live by the non-aggression principle which is so basic that even a child can grasp it along with the fact that people should be teaching their kids this as well. It’s just sad that grown adults have to either learn or re-learn it since they bought into the idea that its moral and just to take and steal from someone through negative force (violence) if it’s done in the name of the “common good” or “social justice” and that attitude right there is called, collectivism, which is a dangerous gateway belief system that can lead to all forms of tyrannical thinking! The idea that if someone has something that I don’t, then I have the right to steal it from them through a hierarchical group in other words!

People who believe such things have no understanding of bottom-up solutions such as consciousness raising, teaching people holistic values that are based in spiritual nature, proper parenting as in teaching their kids the objective difference between right and wrong which is if their actions are based on harm (wrong) or no harm (right), and raising kids in trauma free environments, and that alone is something we need to put on the table of brainstorming since the thoughts and beliefs that are put in children’s heads will shape who they will become in the future since our subconscious programming whenever it be good or bad is what ends up making us as human beings since were a product of what we took in subconsciously thorough our lives, especially during the formative years which is the most critical time of human development!

Things such as how children and others will be educated and how economic exchange and labor will be handled will be based on natural law values and principles. Cooperation will also be truly valued instead of competition since competition I feel will lead to chaos and back into enslavement, control, and inequality. Self-defense will also be both a personal and collective responsibility. It will be you and everyone else’s duty to look out for those who would want to commit physical harm to another person or someone wanting to commit physical harm to you yourself. Sadly, until the planet raises to such a high vibration where evil forces or evil individuals can no longer incarnate or come here, people are going to have to be real about this and prepare to defend ones self and others which means having weapons on standby or by one’s side.

There needs to be a symbolic marriage between the non-aggression (feminine) principle, and the self-defense (masculine) principle! Sadly many people don’t understand this, and also don’t understand how self-defense is an inherit right as you have the power to ward off anyone who would want to infringe on your natural right to well-being and your gift of free-will through violence (which is the negative use of force)! Many people have been conditioned into thinking that self-defense is a form of violence or is wrong in general, but that is not true! Violence is fundamentally the violation of someone’s natural rights and one’s free will!

I think you now notice that I have a different way of defining what the word violence is based on the word to violate or the use of negative force which sounds more accurate than what the word has become since antiquity! Many will disagree with this and I’m not hung up on it as much as you would think I would be, but it still doesn’t take away from the fact that positive use of force (which includes taking right action against wrong doing and tyranny along with courage) is a natural right no matter what anyone would tell you!

Evil has gotten away with way too much because people had been mentally conditioned and bought into the lie that defending yourself from violators is somehow wrong which is ridiculous and also falls right into the modern agenda of emasculation (the slow destruction of the positive masculine force that is within all of us to various different degrees) that the dark occultists of this world had been perfecting for sometime now through various mainstream institutions with their social engineers at work making it happen!

Sadly, it seems to be working for them thus far if you want to see how pacified most people are these days in the face of those who would try to harm them physically or merely want to deny people their rights in the first place through various man-made laws that don’t exist in nature that are nothing but illusions created by these control freaks people worship as their dear leaders! If you still think that it’s wrong to defend yourself from tyranny, enslavers, rapists, robbers, thugs, and cold-blooded psychopathic murders then it’s proof of how out of touch with nature divorced from social constructs that you are, and how broken down and domesticated you have become! You are evil’s dream come true! 

This idea of extreme pacifism that has been popular in so-called spiritual traditions and parroted by certain individuals in politics is a form of self-disrespect, betrayal of ones personal sovereignty, and ignorance of what a right is that is divorced from cultural constructs!

Total pacifism is the ultimate enabler of tyranny and evil of all kinds! The cycle of violence and conflict is caused by a world of people out of alignment with Universal Law, people being out of touch with nature, and ones inner divine essence thus being trapped in the lower egoic self, the carnal self, that naturally has a hard time living by a higher conscious will and wants to instead live by its own desires and appeasements selfishly at the expense of others which can manifest into either a god complex (the right to rule and control others) or self-righteousness! Self-defense doesn’t continue the cycle of conflict, it’s only a mere reaction to the cycle! One of the root cores of its cause is what I stated above in this paragraph.

There is no argument about it, so I better not see anyone trying to argue with me through my contact page about this since I’ll refuse to entertain anyone that would dare over this issue and they’ll be ignored! Use your common sense for once and stop letting evil and tyranny literally steal and rape your free will right to just be and live as you want to be in peace and in harmony with others and their surroundings, so don’t be a clown!!!! I don’t have the time or patience to play with one!

If you ask me, I would never want to harm another individual, but if someone dares to physical try to do something to me, then I will do everything in my power to defend myself, even to the death in the worst case as a true spiritual warrior is ready to fight to defend their natural rights and sovereignty, even if he/she knows that they would die doing so! End of story!

That is it! No overly complex systems that try to create this morally subjective idea of what is right and wrong based on cultural and/or moral relativism which is the dangerous notion that right and wrong is based on social constructs or subjective attitudes, and thinking that alone would not only keep us in a state of enslavement, but will always foster tyranny since no famous tyrant in history ever saw themselves as evil individuals (to my knowledge)! Many of these tyrants and authoritarians, past and present, will argue with you that they are changing the world, creating order, and/or making a difference in people lives!

Moral relativism is one of the most dangerous attitudes along side solipsism, (existential) nihilism, theological determinism (external forces control you and you’re powerless to do anything about it since it’s the will of said force), and the idea of giving your power away to other people since you bought into the lie that others have to lead and control your life even if it means that they own you in the process!

A life where everyone will embrace self-ownership and personal responsibility for themselves and the people and environment around them. One will take care to not cause intentional harm unless provoked, and will cooperate and work together when need be or for the sake of maintaining order within the community. That is an idea of a world where people will live by the cosmic laws of nature, and not the artificial constructs of man and their artificial laws which most of them have no basis in nature which also is dependent on the use of violence and coercion to preserve those said laws! What the world will actually look like is up to humanity in the end.