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What is there to be excited over a new year? It’s more of the same as the last. (Vitriolic Rant incoming)

I hadn’t posted anything in months because quite frankly, I am way beyond frustrated and super annoyed with the state of this reality and the human collective! I don’t know what else to say at this point that would get … Continue reading

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I’m so fed up with the Human Collective and it’s antics. Sigh.

Just watch the video.

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REFUSE to Let Lables or Society Define or Limit Who You Are!!!!!!

I’m tired of people out there that want to put labels on others, especially those who use these labels as a way to insult, judge, or persecute anyone that wants to go outside of what people consider “normal”! An empowered … Continue reading

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Learning to not let your thoughts and limiting beliefs control you.

The video title says it all. Another one I made on the fly. From now on, comments will be open starting with this video.

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Important message concerning how I’m going to do things now. See video.

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The Human Condition Can Only Be Fixed Through Collective Inner Spiritual Evolution!

I felt like I repeated myself so many times in this writing in a way, but then again if I did, then at least hopefully everyone would get the point here with no misunderstanding. This will be the last time … Continue reading

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Humanity’s path of self-destruction. Is Humanity descending? A honest hard question.

A question that no one has really dared to really ask. No one with any following out there hadn’t truly question if we are really ascending as a collective at this time because of some galactic energies that are supposedly coming … Continue reading

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