About Myself.

What my writings are all about are a new clarity, a new alternative way of life that disregards the old and primitive ways of life stuck between the orthodoxy of philosophical materialism, organized religion, and their wayward cults based on them. What I do write, I have no regrets as it comes from the heart! I may not be right about everything, but that will not stop me from speaking out if I feel confident in my words! No one is perfect!

My perspective unlike most others is not rooted in fear, hate, group think mentalities, ignorance of casual factors, and scarcity like most ideologies are on this planet.

I’m just a regular introverted individual with a very private and uneventful life who feels like a foreigner on this planet as he has very little attachment or love for this particular material plane of existence full of senseless dramas and games that I’m already tired of. The least I can do is speak out about it when I can or more so feel like it.

It also doesn’t help that I find it frustrating that humanity has this powerful resistance to give up their self-destructive thinking and belief systems due to their embedded soul traumas within themselves that is keeping them attached to these mindsets. It also doesn’t help that many external influences are the main reason for this, and you should know what those main influences are, and if you don’t, then there is a good chance that you’re way behind in understanding how this reality actually works.

What do I get out of this or why do I even bother to do this? That is because maybe I feel its a moral obligation or that I may make some kind of difference through expressing myself through these writings? The point of these writings is for people to be influenced by them and have them incorporate that into their own works that they can share with their bigger audiences or followings. I have a unique perspective that i do need to air out from time to time.  

Also there isn’t many people out there that have the courage to speak out or write about the unpopular topics that very few want to bother with. They fear losing friends or whatever kind of following they have not understanding that truth-telling isn’t a popularity contest or a place to go to make friends! 

I’m a lone wanderer who goes by his own rules (in harmony with universal law as much as he can as he is not perfect himself), and lives the way he lives without a regard to what anyone cares to think of him while trying to strengthen his connection with his inner-divine self and fully embracing it as he navigates this foggy world full of deceptions, lies, fear, willing ignorance, and authoritarianism that masquerades as forces that are there to protect people!

Down side to this path of being a man who doesn’t play by any rules of a group or a clique is the strong waves of loneliness that come from time to time, a soul deep loneliness that isn’t just merely about having someone to talk to. 

As I said, I’m a private person. I even though I don’t like being the center of attention or focus, I need people to take notice when I do write or speak about something as paradoxical as it is. I notice that my perspective on various issues is what some people need to help themselves. That is why I don’t have much of a public presence on the internet. I’m the type of person who says something that needs to be said and goes back into the shadows when it’s done.

Anyway, it’s about the message more so than the person speaking it. I just want to get out the message, and me staying silent about the insanity that I see around me on a daily basis is an act of immorality and cowardice that I’m not going to live with no longer or is it simply that I want to get out over ten years of pent up frustration and anger that has finally has been coming out? 

Overall when I’m inspired, I sometimes like to motivate people to know their power, embrace self-ownership, and to use these tools given to them by the prime creative force in a responsible way. I’m not some guru here to save you from yourself (Me a guru? What a joke), and I’m not going to placate the delivery of my message to cater to people who want to be talked to like children who don’t know better while pandering to their egos! I’m just here to motivate people, and inspire them to know themselves on a deeper level!

That is all as I’m no one special.