People are programming each other into a victimhood mindset!


Something to think about here as reading this should really make you really reflect on the question of who owns your mind. You or others around you? Remember the theme of my blog, and that is this is about spiritually street-tough approaches to the issues we face that isn’t rooted in ivory tower type of thinking or naïve understanding of people and the world around us!

How many people in their lives ever wondered if the things they find “offensive” and “distasteful” are products of their own minds or products of their culture and the people around them? To those reading this, I want you to take a few minutes to reflect and introspect on this question. Assuming that you did that, you’ll find that it is highly likely that you discovered thoughts that are not your own and was given to you by someone else. How do you feel about this? The idea that people around you are programming thoughts and attitudes into your consciousness on a regular basis? I dare say the various beliefs systems around you as well which are especially guilty of this. At this point you should understand that you live in a reality were others are obsessed with telling others who they should be and how should they think and behave based on their skin color, sexual preference, gender, and various other backgrounds along with adopting said script for such attributes and traits.

When I was growing up, I never understood the divide between races for example. I never saw myself as my skin color, but just another human soul and nothing more. I do admit, as the years went by that I had to shake off this virus of people stuck in victimhood telling you all the bad things you have to worry about if you share the same attributes as said person, telling you that you inherited some victimhood related legacy and you have to morn it all the time. I had to remind myself that I am myself and that my physical appearance in this body is not the real me, but a mere avatar in the physical world.

Like myself, you should refuse to be pigeonholed into being, acting, and reacting a certain way just because the surrounding culture around you does and even expects you to do the same! I find it ridiculous and outright stupid and twisted that minorities and women are expected in today’s era to wear some kind of victimhood as their identity for example because of what was done historically to said groups. It doesn’t help modern followers of so-called “progressive” groups are really pushing this hardcore, shoving this down people’s throats! Also, I’m not being dismissive or ignorant of anyone who had to suffer through being discriminated and persecuted, but holding on to this emotion and demanding some kind of redemption or reparations in return is not going to help heal or fix anything. I mean see how well that has been working out if you’re not convinced? This is no different than a victim of other forms of abuse expecting the same from their abuser which rarely happens if ever. It would be nice, but the world isn’t a nice place if you hadn’t gotten it by now. Even then, the emotions will still be within your consciousness waiting to be released and healed by none other than you!

The realistic truth here is that the only option at this point in time is just letting go of the past and stop being a slave to it or more so letting the past make you it’s bitch. I do understand that there are still ongoing issues related to race and gender that seems to keep those wounds opening back up, and that is another story since the only way those issues will be solved is when the human race decides to go through a consciousness shift and for that shift to happen, one of the first things of many people need to do is learn to stop being victims and become healers of themselves and each other along with embracing the warrior path through life as this reality we live in is a war zone which many don’t want to accept. We have been thrown into a war on our consciousness by external influences both physical here right before us in the flesh and non-physical that exist beyond our five sense limited perceptions.

At the end of the day, you are the only person in the world who has to find the strength within yourself to do this. This will separate the real adults from the children right here. We have no other alternatives but to do this as we are the only ones who are capable of doing so as unpopular as this is. It sucks but that is how it is. I wish it wasn’t so. If you don’t accept this harsh truth then go back to sleep since you won’t get anywhere truly meaningful when it comes to understanding this world along with making sense of it!

If you’re ready to grow up or had already done so, you have to understand that the world is an unfair, wicked, and corrupted place and external authority figures in the guise of a mommy or daddy figure will never solve this. You have to go within to do this as with many other problems people face. This can only be solved when people as a collective choose to change themselves as the world is a reflection of everyone as a collective whole.

Anyway, that were some examples of people programming others into a victimhood mindset along with programming them to have knee jerk reactions to negative things and encouraging others to be reactive and impulsive to negative things in the world without coming to understand that such constant reactions are not only redundant, but also unhealthy as one needs to find better ways of handling these emotions that I will explain better in another write-up as these emotions can really do damage to the self if allowed to simmer and boil within the self.

Anyway, people have been conditioned by each other and various beliefs to have predictable reactions to various things that go on in the world. That is how the manipulators behind the curtain keep “humanity” in a mind-controlled state while keeping people divided within themselves and amongst each other so they can continue to rule over and manipulate you! I have said this many times and you can deny it all you want, but the overlords you call “leaders” don’t truly care about you at the core. If they did then they would want humanity to learn how to lead and empower themselves. Many people in positions of authority only want to herd people like the sheep that they are instead. I also like to quickly point out that a good number of people in all positions of authority are psychopaths and narcissists along with others who have psychopathic tendencies and traits. It’s old ancient hidden fact that is right in plain sight that you can look into on your own, but do you really need to read some kind of psychological or scientific article to prove or see this? I mean how dense, naïve, and knuckleheaded do you have to be for this to be so? You only need to take a look at their actions and stop being distracted by the facades and phony personalities they put on in front a camera or crowd along with all the bones and dog treats they throw at you to keep you pacified from uncovering this.

Oh wait, maybe you are one of those millions of people who still in this day and age believe everything the mainstream media tells you? Those paid liars along with the habitual lying people you vote for so often! Maybe that is why you’re not aware? No surprise in this case but if it is so, then you’re so far behind when it comes to understanding this reality that I don’t know what to do with you.

The whole thing is like some kind of self-sustainable form of mind control that the people themselves are maintaining. The social manipulators who want to keep the population in this state to exploit predictable outcomes out of people don’t even need to do the heavy lifting as the people are doing all that work for them in that area. That is why people in positions of power and influence over and over again can easily use people’s victimhood mindsets against them while continuing to keep people divided amongst themselves into these scripted groups. A predictable population is just too easy to manipulate. I have to do a video on mind control and how it is used as a tool to fool people into accepting things that are not good for them in the future, so I can go deeper into this in detail. I’m thinking of making it into a presentation since the topic is so complex, but that is the future with no timetable of when.

Empowerment means not only thinking just your own thoughts, but transcending culturally programmed thoughts and learned negative reactions that you picked up from other people.

Inner work will require you to go through a long and difficult deprogramming journey. This means having to learn to not let negative emotions overwhelm you. You have to take back your consciousness by getting back to your core you, the real you before it was flooded with all of this negative programming and false self that was born of forgetting who you truly are at the heart center. That is why it’s time to stop letting others think for you or tell you how to react and what to think! THE TIME IS NOW! If you really own yourself, then it is time to stop let others own your mind by no longer listening to other people’s perceptions born out of ignorance!

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