The Human Condition Can Only Be Fixed Through Collective Inner Spiritual Evolution!

I felt like I repeated myself so many times in this writing in a way, but then again if I did, then at least hopefully everyone would get the point here with no misunderstanding. This will be the last time I deal with such topics since I spoke and wrote on them enough. In the future, I don’t know else what I’ll write, but when that time comes, I’ll know. I’m posting this because no one has really said or wrote anything about this issue of why nothing has really changed when it comes to what we want in this world. To be honest, I’m not sure if I should post this since I feel something is off or missing with this one, but I need to get the main point across no matter how feel about this write up.

Worldly exoteric institutions such as government, politics, education, and organized religion have proven time and time again to only not only keep humanity where it is, but only made things worse in the long run by throwing the human collective an oasis of relief here and there to keep them quiet. As of now, these worldly institutions are becoming more overt to what their real motives has always been, and only those who are paying attention will notice.

It’s as if they are not even trying that hard anymore to hide their true selves and I’m talking about the agenda of those who rule the masses. Maybe it’s out of desperation due to a failing system built on a unsustainable foundation in an age of net energy decline, something they foresaw in the future that is going to happen that will affect them that they have no true confidence in stopping, or both.

I have no idea, but right now we live in a time where we are being shown more and more that the solution to what is going on is not through the old means that never really gotten us anywhere as a collective or returned us back to who we really are at our core and that is being a co-creator of reality, a sovereign being with great powers that one has yet to realize. The power to change and manipulate reality, hopefully for the better since having this power comes with great responsibility, spiritual maturity, and moral integrity.

We live in a world that is ruled by those who know of such power, but misuse it due to their lack of consciousness and lack of inner moral compass. The fact that there are actual souled beings out there in general that lost their way to the point of having no inner moral compass and having to be retaught this (if re-teachable) is bothersome. We live in a world where this isn’t even taught or at least properly since many teach it from a relative perspective instead of an objective one based on the natural laws of behavior that I wrote so much about already, so I’m not going to repeat myself here. It also has to do with what has been done to many of the human souls which includes what has been done to their DNA and their minds.

These external institutions out there that promise to provide the fix to every major world problem don’t get it nor never actually did. They’re so obsessed and rooted in dealing with the symptoms of a problem nor anyone within these institutions who have real influence truly never care to get to the root of which requires deep thinking and a balance between the sacred feminine and masculine forces within the mind which is the uniting of both the left and right brain hemispheres since solving our problems will require intuition, logic, courage, compassion, and many more traits associated with both positive masculine and feminine aspects of consciousness.

Speaking of that, these worldly institutions and systems of thought (organized religion, politics, government, .etc) are built off the foundation of the negative masculine consciousness or more so the consciousness of control, domination, subjugation, subservience, scarcity memes, disempowerment, total self-centeredness, and heartlessness. I also would like to add how primitive and dated these institutions are and how they operate as well. As above, so below, as human consciousness is just as stagnant. It’s 2017 (as of now) for good goodness sakes, this is so lame and frustrating that I of all people have to even point this out!

You would be lying to yourself if you deny such a thing! The reality is in your face!  Anyway, it all came down from the black robes or more so the high level dark occultists who had ended up creating these institutions many millennia ago.

If anyone did any investigative research they’ll find that only a few families and their lackeys had indeed influenced the world and it’s history as that fact is well hidden which is why people are quick to deny it usually out of pride since they don’t want to know that they have been duped or played for like a fool or fear of knowing that the world is not what they thought it was. You can simply start by looking up the family trees of those who have their hand in anything major on this planet at the highest levels that affects billions of lives on a daily basis if you choose to still be in disbelief.

If you take a look at most of the popular belief systems mainly of the western variety, they have a history of imposing fear, violence, hate, disempowerment, division, creating a dependency on hierarchical groups and so-called middle-men who think to be the chosen ones or simply think that they have a god-given monopoly on spiritual consciousness and knowledge while keeping others from knowing their own inner power while suppressing their sense of self-ownership that stays dormant.

That also includes secular belief systems (you know what they are, at least you should) that are rooted in the limiting five sense only paradigm which in itself is one of the biggest hoaxes imposed on the human consciousness. Twisted since all these institutions try to preach love and tolerance at the same time when convenient since these systems in itself are overall contradictory to such things in practice.

Anyway, my point is that it’s time to understand that collective inner spiritual change is the answer. The rest of everything else I’m going to write from here yet again is going to be unpopular and something that many people are not going to want to hear, but then again, people more and more have to hear what they don’t want to hear if they want to truly evolve and grow!

We are not going to fix the overarching problems concerning human consciousness through politics, through external social movements (that always end up becoming controlled opposition anyway) which includes other forms of group or hive mind like mentalities, through some hierarchy that will take care of us like a parental figure at the expense of our personal sovereignty and inherited free will, a savior (see how well that is working out for organized religion and tell me that is actually doing anything or had done anything here in the NOW to change the world, especially for the better), or anyone else that will claim to say that they will take care of humanity on their own! No one is going to do that, and those who claim that they will I say to watch out, no really since they will always have an underlying agenda. History has always proven that, but then again no one pays attention to that which is why it repeats itself.

Correspondence: The biggest problem is people not understanding or just (willing) ignorant of the two hermetic principles (natural laws) of correspondence and rhythm. What is going on in our reality is a reflection of all of us as a collective. A reflection of ourselves and our actions that we impose on ourselves and others. The world is a mirror of who we are all together as a collective regardless of the unseen forces role in this since humans still have enough free will to not be so easily manipulated by the negative variant of these forces and break free from these dark forces and their control.

In a way this also ties into cause and effect which is what others call karma, but I don’t like to use this word since karma is rather misunderstood by many and has been twisted and turned into a superstition by some groups or a tool to impose some form of determinism which leads to victim blaming others for their misfortunes and suffering.

I can’t tell you how much this upsets me and I would personally tell anyone off whoever does this and I would do it in their face in person! They don’t think of what they are saying to said person who is going through a lot in their lives! The last thing you need to do is make them feel even worse by telling them that it’s their fault somehow, as if they needed that! That is why people keep their stuff to themselves while trying to hide it, and that is one of the many reasons why people commit suicide in the worst case, because of having to deal with running into people who want to blame you for your own problems that could be externally influenced, and no real support in dealing with it from anyone!

I don’t have the time or energy to go further into the whole karma thing since I honestly don’t know the full story here. All I know is that our actions both right and wrong have a tendency to attract to us something based on those actions, mainly as a collective, but what throws people off is the time lag between reaping from those actions which have no time frame just like personal manifestations that you want in life.

The schematics of it I have no answer for, and it frustrates me that I don’t know right now. I say this since I know everyone is going to wonder why do bad people tend to get away with all the things that they have done for thousands of years with no repercussions? I think the answer to that is a rather complicated that I’m not fully aware of or could explain properly, but our perception of time makes it seem like it’s a long time or even never I think but sooner or later those who choose a path of negative polarity or was born from it always end up facing self-destruction in the end, at least if they continue down the path, but please, I don’t have all the answers to this, and I wish I did, so again please don’t ask me any questions about it since it’s a frustrating topic even for myself.

Rhythm: The reason why there hasn’t been any true significant changes that would elevate the evolution of this planet along with the consciousness on it while greatly diminishing suffering to the point of it being an afterthought is how the collective mind keeps things the way they are thus causing resistance to the change that we say we want. A good example of knowing this resistance is trying to talk to any random person about such things like this or harsh truths about this reality that is effecting all of us on a spiritual level. You’ll see the kind of resistance you’ll get from such people.

People who have tried to make changes and those who had succeeded somewhere regardless of all of the resistance they had to put up with quickly found out that they’re swimming against a powerful current, and some will even drown trying (giving up). The law of rhythm in this context is about how change involves changing the flow of that current since the current is flowing in a way that makes it hard to change the course of this planet’s possible self-destruction, and I say possible since its not too late and hope still exist, but how late does it have to be to change this flow?

Think of the Law of Rhythm like this when it comes to the topic of wanting to deal with a collective consciousness problem. We want change, but since the pendulum keeps swinging back and forth keeping the current rhythm going, that change will require we swing it in circles which requires a certain degree of mental resistance that will change the current flow which will depend on your will vs the collective will. The more numbers you have the better. A quantum shift in simpler terms. You’ll know what I’m talking if you ever tried dowsing before since you can control how a pendulum swings with your mind, sort of I think.

Getting it to swing in circles is simply changing the way the collective mind thinks in this case. That is inner work and inner healing which is an individual effort that has to happen on a collective level unfortunately since many are not even at the stage where they want to do this for various different reasons I have gotten into in other writings.

What will fix this current problem is if the collective mind changes and starts to evolve thus making the flow different from what it already is and more favorable towards those changes that we want to see to the point of it being much easier and more possible than ever. The flow will be more like being pushed down stream than having to swim against it.

Also, this ties into how people due to not understanding how all creation starts in the mind and how it goes all the way from the mental realm all the way to the physical realm where we are now.

Manifestations metaphysically start in the unforeseen (by the five-senses) plane where causes begin. Many speak about how they see manifestations happen almost instantly in higher planes beyond the third dimension during out-of-body experience for an example of this. I’m not an expert on this topic, but I do know that our thoughts start here in these planes before the become anchored and manifest into the third dimensional world through some kind of effort which often is physical in nature. Sometimes manifestation can happen in the third dimension through pure willpower of the mind depending on what it is but like I said, I’m no expert how all of this happens, but I have noticed in my personal life that these things do happen and it does start in the non-physical realms which include what comes from our minds.

This whole write-up is not to say that change can’t happen through physical action at all which is still very important, but overall, the reason why change isn’t happening is because of where our minds are on a collective level. Take a look around you and see where the minds of the typical person are. Their mindsets that are often rooted in the same methodologies and limiting belief systems and mindsets along with most people being ruled by fear, a false sense of comfort and security, along with many people having ego problems.

So if even you did accomplish some kind of change in this current state right now while our current collective mindset doesn’t change, then we’ll continue to manifest more of the same in the long-term that will reverse or sabotage whatever positive change that would come about to whatever degree. A good example of that is the slow but progressive encroachment of our natural creator given freedoms that is going on right now all around the world.

For humanity, the biggest step or even the first step in evolving as a collective is learning how to acknowledge when you’re wrong about something, and most people don’t. Many people have been programmed into thinking that they always have to be right about something and if they are indeed wrong, they need to find ways of making themselves look good-by taking the heat off of them through blame, denial, justifications, or apologetically defending their wrongs.

People really need to stop seeing that being wrong over their perceptions of reality or some other topic is something to be embarrassed or ashamed of, but instead as an opportunity to learn and correct one’s self. That will also make you look mature and reasonable as an individual.

Admitting that I’m wrong about something is something I’m proud of. This is something I have done too many times to count through my life. Humidity is something that is pretty underrated in a world that promotes competition over cooperation, and being humble about admitting to being wrong or possibly wrong will take anyone a long way. One of the many causes of collective suffering is not admitting to potential wrongs and being open-minded enough to do so.

The human race has so many mental barriers preventing the current to change and until that changes, expect nothing significant to happen or a slow, long, and grueling process in that change. Unfortunately, some of these people who are on the path of consciousness are hindered by the fact that they refuse to do the inner work of purging their limitations and negative character traits that hold them back in evolving that is causing a serious hindering to changing anything in the external world for the better.

This is the reason why I no longer get caught up in stressful endless dramas that play out in the world. What use is it to keep talking about these things if people don’t start to change their own lives first and themselves since what is going on is coming from the non-physical planes as well and where it all starts through our minds?

That is why I hardly pay attention to alternative media these days when it comes to all the tired drama that is playing out on a daily basis. I find it hard to read or watch any of that unless they are related to solutions involving consciousness or understanding the nature of this reality better, but I’ve been more and more going into myself for answers through introspection.

I’m slowly looking more and more into the secrets of the mind which relates to creation and the idea of using intention to change anything you don’t want to see in this reality as I want to see how far that would work in a dense reality like this. It could just be my personal evolution at this point that is pointing to me to go this way. I’ve been pretty obsessed about the mind lately and the power of intention since I feel the real power to change things lies there (outside of just physical action if applicable) which is great for someone like myself who doesn’t like to be the center of attention.

Then there are people out there that are involved in trying to change things in the physical world by warding and suppressing the symptoms and there is a useful purpose to that since it will give everyone else the space to do that inner work since one would not be way too distracted by the negative aspects of physically to not to do it, but the trap is not acknowledging the mental plane where causality starts including the negative forces who are native to these planes that are influencing everyone’s minds, especially those who are not working on themselves and evolving.

I wrote this since this is what people really need to start doing. I’m also tired of how people continue to think that we are going to solve it from a place where we have no power to really change anything (mostly in the long-term) since people as a collective still ignore the causal factors to why it happened in the first place! They focus only on just the physical and not understanding that the non-physical plays an equal role as well!

That is why I have become less vocal about my radical attitudes concerning how we should change this reality right away since that change can’t happen until people look into their thoughts, beliefs, and actions first, and how they have an effect or counter-effect on whatever change they want in this world. That also includes all of their inner baggage, trauma, erroneous beliefs, and the mind control methodologies that still is hindering them.

We can then have those changes once that we start to do things in alignment with cosmic nature and the natural laws of creation.


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