Humanity’s path of self-destruction. Is Humanity descending? A honest hard question.

A question that no one has really dared to really ask. No one with any following out there hadn’t truly question if we are really ascending as a collective at this time because of some galactic energies that are supposedly coming along with certain astrological events that come and go, yet people make a huge deal out of those still.  A question deep from within myself!

If humanity is to actually ascend, that will take many centuries judging by how slow humanity is to change and progress, a few generations at minimum if they’re luckily, and I say they, since I won’t be here to wait around and see it by then. It can be faster, but fast is not in the human collective’s  vocabulary when it comes to worldwide positive changes. Humanity is nowhere near close to something like that. The majority of the population here is spiritually dead or crippled as it is.

Anyway, over the last few months, I’ve been starting to realize more and more that most people don’t want to truly solve the fundamental problems that we all suffer from in terms of the human condition and how we are treating the planet. They expect the problem to be an easy solution or fix that doesn’t require them to do much. They think it’s a matter of giving their power away to someone else to get that done, signing a series of petitions or some other activity that requires no real effort to actually get to the roots of why this reality is in a sorry, terrible, and pathetic state as well as the human condition.

The big root of the problem is ourselves as a collective and this is something that many people really don’t understand. Also as a collective with the exception of people out there who are doing something to help raise the consciousness of humanity or anyone who has any humanity in them, many want to run away from this. Most have been conditioned to blame it on something or someone else instead of asking themselves if they are the problem?

It’s an undeniable fact that we live in a reality where there are external forces at work, especially those who operate in the non-physical domains, the world that is unseen by the five senses which is seriously a huge part of the problem, and until that changes, I honestly can’t foresee how humanity can collective break out of their hypnosis and mind control. Speaking of mind control, that is what it really comes down to.

People need to know that mind control is not some dramatic form of hypnosis as one would think, but it describes the mindsets that people have been programmed into ranging from mental traumas to how systems such as “education” and authority, had conditioned people to think over time. Mind control is a topic of its own, a very complex one at that. I can get into it, but some other time. In the meantime, I strongly suggest that you do the research on your own because as I said many times, I’m here to motivate people into changing and truly educating themselves with such hidden knowledge and nothing more. I want to inspire the right people into action. That is my best asset and something I’m most capable of.

As of late, I’ve been hearing over and over again that we are in the middle of some great big (positive) change and humanity is starting to ascend to higher frequencies and all of these bizarre claims? I don’t know if it’s because I unlike a number of these people who are a part of the new age or other spiritual communities, I have to be out in the actual 3D world almost every day of the week working my ass off to stay relevant (alive) in this domain that I already can’t stand, or I’m missing something? I honestly don’t think I am.

Some of these people want to argue that some are shifting into this supposed reality while others will not, but the argument has no basis for me since I can’t prove if such claims are true or if it’s simply just manufactured nonsense created to throw people off and discourage them from taking some kind of real ACTION to really change this slowly dying world.   

Some even may tell you that all you need to do is raise your vibration consistently or live some kind of lifestyle that indirectly requires minimum interaction with the general world around us for a long enough time, and magically, you’ll find a way to shift into another timeline where this wonderful new earth reality exist or something like that. 

If that works, come back here, come find me, and tell show me how it actually works since I want to leave this reality behind myself since I’m fed up with being in it for various personal reasons outside of how dark and wicked this domain is. Show me the proof while you’re at it since I don’t want you to be selling me scams, lies or something worse as I’m already on the edge with deplorable people in this reality. 

I’m not interested in theories or mere personal anecdotes that may not mean anything to anyone else as well. I want real facts and proof that I can personally verify for myself! That also means no channeled nonsense since most of these channels are trickster beings who are there just there to play games with you, and to keep you enslaved here by believing in garbage that has no real power behind it. 

Until then, I wish people stop parroting these tired escapist attitudes because it already has grown stale for me. I’ve been hearing this nonsense before 2012 as it is and quite frankly, I’m tired of it and it irritates me to no end! How much disappointment do people have to endure already?  

Instead, let’s talk about realistic solutions based on taking REAL ACTION. Something outside of the box since I really feel that the evil forces on this plane depend on us making decisions that have predictable and/or measured outcomes. We need to find new ways of approaching this as it is and I mean NOW! There has to be a way to do something that they can’t measure our success rate in, but I want to talk more about that in another write-up.

Overall, telling people to wait and kick back while these energies are coming is NOT real world action! 

You have to understand that you’ll find that I have a very healthy sense of skepticism when it comes to these claims, and when I hear that these changes are happening, yet when I don’t see them or feel anything from them personally, I start to get very irritated and suspicious.

You talk about people waking up, yet I see more and more that people are more lost and more distracted than ever when it comes to figuring out the ends of this insane reality while falling into the same mind control traps like the divide and conquer games more than ever. The whole 2016 election circus of “big evil” vs “lesser evil” was a huge catalyst behind this as if it wasn’t already bad enough.

I honestly wish that some magical change will happen since I don’t think humanity has what it takes to do this alone since most people (as harsh as it sounds) lack the willpower, emotional discipline, mental fortitude, and integrity as a collective to get it done.

There is way too many factors stacked up against the actual real souled beings that still exist in this reality or anyone else with the capacity to raise their consciousness beyond the five-sense mental trap of physical materialism including the limiting belief in dawinistic notions of consciousness or notions of consciousness that are related to the archontic mindset of humanity being subjugated to the sick will of patriarchal “gods”! The idea of thinking that this enslavement and suffering is necessary, “because the ‘gods’ deemed it so for reasons you have no right to question!”

This twisted mindset and belief that comes from the same negative masculine force that had plagued this domain for too long that has nothing to do with the real and true sacred masculine who is the protector and gatekeeper for all things good, not a dominator or some authoritarian fascist pig-bully who wants everyone to play follow the leader with him while feeding off their life force, especially through the energies of suffering and pain since he is such a sick enough bastard to want that form of energy to get his rocks off to!

Anyway, as I said, since I strongly believe that many can’t evolve or ascend into higher consciousness for various reasons I stated above which goes much further than that, a strong part of me hopes that I’ll be proven wrong and something does magically happen to fix all of this, but I can’t count on it either. No one (at least that I know of) has yet to come up with definitive proof that we are truly and for real are collectively on a positive ascension path as of this time of writing. Timeline possibilities and projections don’t mean nothing to me either since that can change in a heartbeat as well, so using that as proof is not only weak but sketchy as well.

Taking real world action doesn’t mean to feed the system in a way where the dark forces can use us as food for this own nourishment since these sick bastards in question get off to suffering. What I mean by that is not being distracted so much by all of the drama that is going on in the world to the point where you let it make you feel like you want to make the quickest exit out of this domain or curl up in a ball wondering when the madness will stop. What it means is doing positive things that contribute to the raising of consciousness in your own unique way.

Some people have certain areas they cover when it comes to helping people truly wake up and have their own personal ascension process into higher consciousness. Some want to cover an area that involves healing of all sorts, others want to cover an area that deals with exposing the most vile and evil corners of this reality that many want to not even look at, and to the people who do this, I have serious respect for those who do so since it takes a really stable mind to do this without losing oneself to despair, others want to work on projects that involve solutions that will empower people in a way where they won’t be depended on the archontic overlords in flesh who are hoarding earth’s resources for profit and control, and myself, to inspire and to empower people to come into their own through my writings and occasional videos then going back into the shadows.

I also specialize in writing things based on common sense without the fluff, naive attitudes about our reality and where it’s going, and hopium that is very common with many of this so-called spiritual stuff I’ve been seeing these days that points out the same problems I have with the new age movement time and time again.

I’m just a normal everyday person, well not really, if you want to talk about how different I am from other people along with the fact that I live such an inward lifestyle due to my introverted nature, but what I’m trying to say is that you don’t have to do something dramatic when it comes to taking action in the world. Something small. If enough people were doing something small, then that already makes something big. The real shift has to be quantum in nature which means by numbers. I have a hard time believing that very few can do this alone, I wish it were that easy, but there is nothing out there that is showing us that it will be so as of this writing.

Now that I was able to address all of that nonsense, we have to face the hard reality here. Most people are willingly ignorant and worst of all, not enough at this time are interested in wanting to making a true inner change nor want to start to see that this world is not what they have been taught to believe it is. If anyone took a long hard look at this sick reality in front of them, you’ll see that most people are anything but ready to evolve into some higher state of consciousness, especially into a higher density of all things!

Most people out there don’t even have the basics down when it comes to knowing themselves. Most people have no idea or clue of what personal sovereignty is, and it doesn’t help that most people want to be ruled by others still, especially due to belief systems that fosters the disempowering construct known as, “hierarchy,” which is an archontic construct that comes from those who are representatives of the negative masculine aspect that yet again plagues this domain.

I can also go into people’s outstanding ignorance about Natural Law (or what I sometimes call Universal Law) which is the cornerstone to claiming and knowing your creator given rights not just in the physical world, but in the metaphysical domains as well so the false light in those domains can’t get away with making false claims of authority on anyone there once you know and assert them.

Natural rights are inherited in all souled beings and will always exist, no matter where you go, and what anyone tells you! How can you stand up against tyranny if they don’t even have an understanding of what a right actually is I want to ask? Most people actually don’t shockingly since they sadly bought into thinking that rights come from men (who think they are gods themselves or at least under the narcissistic delusion of doing God’s work) who wear nice uniforms and suits.

Also, the healing that is going to be required since broken and traumatized individuals can’t just magically ascend to higher consciousness and awareness as long as their mind, body, and souls are fragmented in some way. There are billions of people suffering from some kind of trauma, minor to serious, yet I strongly feel that many don’t know how serious this topic is since it’s not addressed enough.

If all of this continues, then I foresee self-destruction which has already been happening. That is why I’m baffled at the perceptions of positive change happening because of some galactic energies that most people on this planet will have nothing to do with nor have any clue to the existence of. The typical materialist (who are a large percentage of people on this planet) thinks such a thing is nonsense or unreal anyway. The probability of these alleged energies affecting them is extremely low as it is.

I’m not here to be “negative” but someone has to be honest and grounded about this whole thing. Like I said, I don’t write this stuff to be popular, liked, or because I enjoy it (because I don’t), but out of subconsciousness obligation. My higher aspect (higher-self) wants me to do this in other words.

Whenever you accept this message or not is your issue, not mines. I did my job, so I’m not concerned about it. If I’m wrong about this, then I would be so happy since I don’t have to put up with this negative garbage no longer since I’m already done with it, but I can’t count on that. Now back into the shadows I go for now.

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