The human collective’s tendency to chase it’s own tail.

When does the insanity of this reality end? It as if it has no bottom, nor it has an end. It only get more insane as you go further down. Once you thought you seen it all, it only gets crazier. Maybe it’s how people’s divide between their little ideologies and belief systems that promotes group collectivism (us vs them) that really shows much of it.

People hate and lash out, but have no damn idea at what they really are lashing out at or who nor they understand that blind rage and coming from a place of pure hate is not going to solve anything as solving serious problems in this world takes wisdom and patience?

Everyone is too damn busy pointing fingers, yet never thought about asking if maybe they are apart of the problem in some way? How many people in life actually had pointed the finger at themselves for actually being apart of the problem before? Not many because if more people were doing this, then the world would already be better than it is now.

I have pointed my own fingers at myself too many times to count in my personal life. I’m not afraid to call myself a dumbass, ignorant, or even a piece of shit for dumb mistakes I made before, especially growing up. I don’t do this to put myself down or because I have low self-esteem, but because I can objectively look at myself in the mirror and see all of the good and bad aspects of myself without looking away. I just take on my flaws head-on without bitching or moaning about it!

Anyway, many don’t even grasp or understand why the world is getting more insane and why others are becoming more insane as a result. You have to have a big picture perspective that comes from searching deep for all the inconvenient truths out there that many people run away from! The same truths that people will discourage you from looking into!

They themselves are some of the most guilty for keeping the insanity and suffering program in this reality going! They don’t have the maturity to handle that harsh fact! Their belief systems rooted in ego, fear, and separation from the higher aspects of the individual won’t allow that. What is even worse is that they have no idea since they never thought about it that deeply.

Lately, I feel overwhelmed at how complicated and complex this hot mess has become. It’s so redundant too. It’s as if my voice is like a whisper in the wind, but it’s not even that because even if the whole world read this message, very few even would care or even understand what this message means. It doesn’t help that I have been busy working my ass off to even stay relevant in this domain with a roof over my head and something to eat. *Sigh*

I posted this because I want everyone to understand that for humanity to move forward, it needs to stop doing things from the same old mindsets. Doing something new and something that is coming from a place of wanting to transmute the problem is the answer.

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