To those who are making excuses for evil while showing leniency towards it in the name of love.

Many people who think this domain is all about love, light, and fluff will not like what I’m going to write. What I’m going to write is something that is rooted in common sense and TRUE sanity, not from pseudo-spiritual attitudes that people parrot all the time that sounds so nice and cute! You’re being fed things that may sound nice, but in reality are insane and comes from the minds of those who are either sick, broken on the inside, or simply just mistaken.

This is not about talking about those who had made simple mistakes in any of their lifetimes or made quickly redeemable bad decisions that were in the moment selfish or caused someone to be hurt by it. We’re all not perfect. What I’m going to address are those who do grave and mortal wrongs that can’t just be brushed off with a simple sorry.

I always say that being spiritual also requires you to be grounded when it comes to dealing with this domain. This isn’t the higher planes outside of this matrix construct where all of this BS drama doesn’t exist! Yet again, I need to be honest about this because for a long time I’m sick and tired of people being afraid to write what I’m about to write! As always with my writings, it will be a bumpy ride. It’s not for those who want to be talked to like a child. I write to people who are grown adults or anyone else who is mature enough to read this message who are not merely offended by someone’s tone!

Now I’m getting sick and tired of people making excuses for the dark forces out there who commit evil and grave wrongs! I especially notice this with people out there in the so-called “new age” movement and various other alternative spiritual circles, including organized religion with the doctrine of (theological) determinism which is related to this thing called “God’s plan”, which are all pathetic and weak justifications to critical questions that even they can’t actually answer, but there too busy trying to tell you that their little belief system has all the answers so they come up with poor reasons to serious questions that has to be a definitive answer for that everyone can easily get! I’m tired of all of these tired old cheap cop-outs, weak ass excuses, and garbage answers to why suffering exist!


What bothers me is that some actually don’t want to see these sick, dirty, and deplorable parasites get what they deserved in a sense or more so their own self-destruction which was the path they arrogantly choose at one point if they choose it and wasn’t made for it.

For too long these beings amongst us that have ruled over this planet in both physical and non-physical forms had caused so much untold suffering that it would take forever to fathom if one dares! I need to remind everyone to know and understand that we are dealing with predators and parasites here! These things, or whatever they are, all suffer from some form of psychopathy, and the biggest problem is that people still underestimate and downplay people who have such traits thinking that they feel emotions (if at all) the same way souled beings do! They simply don’t! The ignorance of those who have psychopathic traits and even narcissistic personalities (like many so-called leaders) that are hidden very well from the public is astoundingly bad to the point of naivety.

You feeling sorry for them is a waste of time and will be energetically draining to you since many of these parasites feed off of and exploit such sympathy in the name of the continued survival of their own agenda of making you their slave and host! Many of them are either literally archontic beings in flesh, soulless vessels that are made for in and out possession, or compromised individuals who have souls, but had fallen under heavy control and possession by the same entities.

wpid-img_331857604565209They have along with their order-following minions, for countless millennia, murdered, tortured, raped, traumatized, and killed so many innocents for wanting to live in peace, wanting to create peace, wanting to simply be left alone, and for wanting to help evolve this planet and the whole human race.

They also managed to pervert and crippled the sacred feminine which is the major key to healing all the damage and mess that they have created since many of those who had walked this path of evil are sure as hell not going to clean it up themselves. It’s enough that they lack the feminine aspect of consciousness to do so which is required for healing and nurturing the damage that they have caused. Many of these entities will refuse to do so as that is what they need to do to redeem themselves if possible!

You have to understand that those who commit a wrong have to reap the consequences of said actions in some way sooner or later, and that is an immutable law of nature. They made the mess, and sooner or later, they’ll have to be liable to clean it up if they choose redemption over self-destruction. Giving them a free pass like I said before gives a bad example, and it’s also a huge mistake that is too costly to risk. The forces of darkness as a whole are depending on being forgiven without having to earn it through redemption, so they can sneak away or even cause the same havoc somewhere else in the onmiverse if they do move on to somewhere else.

Also, there are negative entities out there that exist for the sake of causing suffering, embodied or not! They have no heart, soul, or consciousness within them, and they sure as hell lack a higher aspect to themselves which means they cannot even spiritually evolve if they even wanted to! Many of these “spiritual pacifists” who think they’re so wise by feeling sorry for them really don’t understand that there are evil beings out that exist for the sake of doing evil!

For said beings, it was never about going down the wrong path or choosing it. Why? Because they’re made for it! They energetically feed and get off to it, and that is the only way they can sustain themselves! Just like the typical parasite that only lives to leech off of others! It doesn’t know anything else but that, yet you want to feel sorry for those who don’t understand your sympathy and your desire to show them mercy, at least intuitively understand it.

It’s a wonder why these beings continue to run around. People collectively allow them to do so because of various reasons motivated by fear of confronting them along with the popular new age notion that, “If something doesn’t affect me, then that means it doesn’t exist in my reality,” which is the slippery slope towards solipsistic insanity, because once you know it, you’ll then potentially start to think that the universe literally revolves around you if you start to think that way!

The fact that people think like that! The whole, “If it doesn’t affect me, then I should not care about it,” mindset is extremely selfish, cold-hearted, and often a sign of someone who doesn’t want to face the negative aspects of this reality with courage instead of fear and cowardice if we are to truly evolve since you can’t make evil go away by thinking it away which is naïve!


Most people’s mindset. Many want to pretend that they care, but they really don’t, especially if it goes outside of their little confront zone.

For me to hear that from others while others suffer right in front of them, especially children and others who are victims of the worse forms of abuses out there is just beyond what I can take! Doing such is making you an enabler, and inaction in the face of great injustice is a form of wrong action, no doubt about it. Collective inaction is the reason why various forms of tyranny had come and gone while leaving a trail of destruction and terror behind with lasting legacies! Today is no different from the past. It’s time to take some responsibility for even allowing these things to happen in the first place! It’s also the reason why things are as bad as they are now! 

The fact that these people who selfishly think that this is about themselves that can’t express healthy anger towards those who cause suffering to others and/or feel bad about the victims involved while wanting to help them in some way simply because it doesn’t directly affect them is signs of how broken or soulless people actually are! It’s a good example of how wishy-washy these so-called good people are towards evil. It’s a wonder why people have bought into the mindset that tolerating evil is somehow okay due to various different erroneous notions that I’ll get into right now.


For example this whole we need evil to learn and grow as a collective? Really? Who the hell is telling me what I need to do for my soul’s evolution? NO ONE DICTATES TO ME WHAT I NEED OR WHAT TO DO unless I indeed I’m doing something harmful to someone else or even myself! These people who speak these things don’t even know me or what I need! I know myself and I also know is that I don’t need evil to learn anything, especially in a onmiverse where many places exist where all of this sick, disgusting, atrocious insanity is unheard-of, nor it has no so-called, “role,” to play! I have seen enough of it if anything and understand it all too well!

All I want and all I need is positive experiences related to love, joy, fun, peace, friendship, and happiness. I want pleasure not pain in more simple terms! Even though I understand the psychology of evil, it still does not compute in my being or I have any desire to want to experience it for the sake of learning something which makes no sense to me! The idea that we need evil is false light madness that comes from the same patriarchal force that has control over these belief systems that spout this garbage! They created these memes for others to parrot! Evil to me is nothing more than a mutation and defect born out of negative polarity and egos gone wild due to developing issues related to power and control along with being cut off from the higher aspects of the self.

To go down that path makes you a defective being. Yes, I said it, defective! It may sound harsh and discriminatory, but if you’re driven so far towards the path of selfishness and self-fulfillment at all cost to the point where you arrogantly and foolishly cut yourself off from the prime creative force that has given you eternal life as a soul (this is to the beings who have a soul), then you have to be all sorts of damaged, insane, and broken! The fact that these beings are trying to take the place of whatever the prime creative force is, is an example who you’re feeling sorry for. Psychotic insane individuals and entities that can’t help themselves nor want any help at all from you! If they want that help, then it’s their job to ask you for it with honest sincerity! End of story!

I won’t deny that there are some souled beings out there that want to get curious and want to learn what it is like to experience negative polarity, but to say that it’s somehow mandatory and that we have to go through lifetime after lifetime of experiencing it over and over again is exactly what the dark forces want since they feed off of beings of positive polarity like YOU since you’re like a magnet to them! We as a collective don’t need them, if anything, they need us which is why they have to make up such insane nonsense about how this is somehow a great learning experience!

The fact that most people on this planet who do have a soul often don’t want to hear about this to the point of you being label negative if you do speak about these things to them is proof enough that most people don’t really want to experience this as much as they don’t want to see it! Souled beings are naturally not made to endure anything that is damaging to their own being in any way! I don’t give a shit what anyone’s objections are since I find them enabling! The reality is right in your face and within yourself, if you want to ask yourself about your own personal traumas that hold you back from evolving as opposed to making you grow stronger as the lie goes.

This same so-called, “learning experience,” that promotes soul based trauma and suffering which causes souled beings to become lost and in the worse case become just like the same evil that is in question! All this evil and suffering has done overall has only manifested a broken down, traumatized, fear-based species that can’t even help itself nor want to help itself. It’s also the reason why people are so afraid of doing inner work on themselves because of all the excessive suffering and evil that they have gone through for countless lifetimes that has paralyzed one from purging all their trauma, emotional blocks, bad programming, and various other negative aspects out of themselves! Evil is not necessary nor mandatory! Some souls may be crazy enough and even “bored” enough to want to do this, but this is something that not all souls ever wanted anything to do with!

I have done personal off-hand case studies of people who had suffered greatly in their lives (mostly childhood) and became sick, corrupt, and/or monstrous in their nature as a result. You’re telling me that going through suffering was alone made to make someone into a better person? Really? Is this based on the fact that there is a handful out of people out there who do adapt to a bad situation that is psychologically damaging to the mind and soul without losing their minds and going insane? Please! If that is your argument, then you don’t have much going for you since it’s such a weak one.

If you have a child, would you put them through a bad or horrific situation in the name of trying to make that child learn and grow? Would you subjective them to all sorts of pain and suffering? Hell no! You would never do such a thing! Instead, you’ll teach a child through wisdom instead or through various other creative means! You may need to give them some examples, but even then, you’ll do it in a controlled environment that will keep them safe and mentally healthy! Also, if one does put them through deliberate hardship in the name of “tough love” many would rightfully consider that child abuse in many cases!

I wonder why that logic of suffering makes one an inherently better person doesn’t apply to trauma-based mind control? I ask that sarcastically by the way. On your own time, you should look up this sick and fucked up practice on your own time. This form of mind control that involves inflicting great intentional suffering is designed to spiritually and mentally break someone down! It makes one become a faux soulless minion with mind alters, or turn someone into someone who has secondary psychopathy! This is more prominent than you think!

There are many degrees of trauma, and it affects billions of people on this planet on various different levels. I see mental damage or signs of it (minor to serious) with all sorts of common people out there ranging from dramatic (narcissism, control freak, violent, short temper, drama king or queen, authoritarian, bully) to all the way down to inward and self-destructive (suicidal, low-self esteem, self-loathing, broken, poor self-worth). Those are just examples since there is way more that are much minor. The minor ones are lumped in with emotional blocks and limiting beliefs.

What is worse is that I see this dynamic of trauma with young people more than ever today because we live in a society that has gotten even more insane than it ever was! It has become hostile towards youth if you take a look at the financial expectations it has for people in their late teens to their twenties thanks to this primitive economic system that favors those who are at the top combined with promoting and hyping up the same soulless dead lifestyles they expect them to live like their parents did!

It’s a statistical fact that mental illness in the United States alone has skyrocketed over the last few decades that you can look up on your own, though this can be due in part of over-diagnosing sane individuals who question this slavery sandbox we live in with mental health disorders! I mean personally, in the not so distant past, I’ve been accused of being autistic, and one time by a (psychotherapist), diagnosed with Aspergers which is literally insulting yet laughable at how inaccurate that is, no disrespect to people who do suffer from those conditions! That is a whole another story for another time about how that conclusion was made. Anyway, as you see, suffering is not making anyone as a collective better at all, only breaking them down further! If only you a look around you to see that!

Many of these souled beings having this experience, had been dragged into this sick excuse of a game one way or another, or thought it wasn’t going to be so bad when convinced to do so! Many have been conditioned into thinking they need to experience negative polarity to learn and grow! Learn what? That you can really screw yourself up in many different ways and to live in the illusion that you are something lesser than who you really are by experiencing the “lesson” of separation from your higher aspect, or more so the sacred feminine that governs it? To learn that you can delude yourself into thinking that you are powerless and weak and need someone else to save you from that often at the expense of having said person rule over you?

Or how about to learn about what it’s like to deprive yourself from your higher aspect and trade it in with a shell of who you are on top of doing that over and over and over and over and over and over again!? This experience is almost like as if you were ripped apart from your mother immediately after childbirth and throw out into the wild to fend for yourself in the name of having a learning experience that you, the baby, never asked for, but was imposed on you because it’s supposedly for your own growth and evolution. This whole concept is just plain sick, twisted, and comes from the evilest of minds out there!

I’m sorry I have to say this as harsh it sounds, but whoever initially came up with these ideas and excuses for why evil exist really has to really be fucked in the head to even parrot this garbage and have others do it the same! How many times do you even have to subject yourself to such a thing if you really did want to go through all of this?

I get that true ensouled beings out there, especially those who are in touch with the sacred feminine in themselves can’t help but want to ease those who are suffering. I say that since some of these beings who do evil are harming themselves in a way, and I’m talking about those dark beings who do have that capacity deep down that is all but dead within them to raise their consciousness and evolve. Some of these dark beings ironically have realized that they enslaved themselves to their own sick constructs, and came to that realization at a certain point, yet feel that they are beyond redemption which is why they continue their ways. Violating the natural laws that are in place will in the long run lead to enslavement since all that it can come out of doing this is disharmony, destruction, pain, and death. Even then those rare few who do get sick of that since they end up becoming the victim of their own creations one way or another sooner, later, or beyond later.

It’s one thing to offer them a chance to change their ways, but you have to remember that it’s their responsibility to do that on their own. They know their own condition, and it’s naive to think that every one of these beings wants to even change that! If they refuse to change once if you offer that to them, then that is that. You can’t feel bad for those who cause harm to others to the point where you want to show leniency. What does that show to others out there that would then use this against you?

How about we spend more time feeling sorry for those who are the real victims, the innocence souls out there? For those who do evil, it’s a sign of a corrupted being who needs cleansing if they are somehow redeemable. People have suffered long enough! It would be better and wiser to show that we no longer want to put up with evil’s bullshit and their games! It’s time to say NO!!! It’s beyond too late for them to collectively say sorry! Sorry isn’t enough! You have an enormous amount of work to do to earn my respect and your redemption and to those who refuse to do that then I’ll always see them as COSMIC TRASH I have no respect for no matter how “changed” they would ever become! I don’t respect people who don’t want to clean their own damn mess up! Lazy bastards, the lot of them!

To those who cause suffering, we no longer want to play your games, we no longer want to be your punching bag if you’re someone who does this because you feel the need to want to get back at society for your own traumatic experiences, we no longer want to be your energetic host for your parasitic needs and desires, and we no longer most of all want to be your slaves!

Stop feeling sorry for these sick bastards, and let them get what they deserve for once! It may be hard for some of you people, but really, I feel that many of you who do feel sorry honestly forgot or not aware of some of the most gruesome things that some of these minions of darkness has done in the name of their self-preservation! You want them to “learn” right? Then let them reap what they have sown for once!

We need to more militant towards those who want to cause intentional harm and suffering to others! The path to healing is going to require zero tolerance to those who want to sabotage those healing efforts! This wishy-washiness is one of the reasons why we’re still stuck in this mess! It’s already bad enough that most people want to run away from the fact that this domain is controlled by dark principalities that can’t be detected with our third-dimensional senses. These dark forces have a united agenda and are not wishy-washy nor divided about what they want which is why they always get what they want unlike us!


This divide is part of the reason why we are getting our asses kicked. We’re too busy fighting each other, instead of the real forces at work on this planet here to keep us in this deplorable state that we’re in!

Think about one thing for a moment. The opposite of living and I mean truly living as a souled being is the opposite of this word, live. Backwards, the word is, evil. Surprised? Think about it. Because evil is not truly living, if anything, it’s the opposite.

This write-up was dedicated to the souls out there that worked their asses off trying to help out this world, to those who had gotten this far in a domain who are suffering and need help. All good-hearted souled beings need to be freed from the grips of these corrupted and defective entities (physical or not) that are running wild all over the planet imposing their selfish wills. On a soul level, I love you all, all those who are victims because they want to do what’s right in this world or was born into this world to do right, but had been targeted since birth, or in other ways had been hindered by these control freaks. I will always send love and healing intentions to everyone out that is suffering when I can.

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