The Importance of Conscious Women and Understanding the Negative Masculine Agenda.


This is going to be one of those write-ups for those who again get it. At this point, that is what my writings are going to be all about now. No longer will I will make any attempts to appeal to those who are ready to reject any information I put out or need to explain in great detail to those who are wrapped up in ideologies that will prevent them for understanding what I’m going to write.

Many (especially unconscious men) are not going to really fully understand this or even may take offense to it, but I don’t care because that means I’m doing my job since I’m here to shake things up, not appeal to people’s little bruised egos. I don’t do this to appeal to any group or to kiss anyone’s ass. I tell things how they are from the heart regardless of what people want to think of that. I don’t write these things for fun, but to give some perspectives that many are afraid to give when I’m in the mood.

Anyway I was thinking about my last write-up that I have done, and I was thinking wow, I’m sometimes amazed at how hardcore I can get when I do write things, but these things I write do come from deep down within myself. Like I said, I don’t sugar coat things or do this to be popular. The Truth has to be told in a way that is brutally honest.

The time for being nice about the truth is beyond over as times are getting darker while humanity refuses to collectively evolve due to how broken down and manipulated their minds are! 

Even if you’re nice about the truth, there is no guarantee that people will still listen to you or will be interested. Messages like that are never popular no matter how nice you are about it since people want to be told what they want to hear as opposed to what they have to hear to understand the sick, dark, and twisted nature of this reality that isn’t as roses and rainbows as the establishment wants them to think.

Anyway, I’m writing this as someone who wants everyone to know how this world seriously needs to understand and collectively respect the power of the sacred feminine and her powerful influence. In other words, this is to women out there that feel disempowered or marginalized by this negative masculine influence this reality has been drowning in or who simply feel that they have nothing to offer at all to help make a change in this world.

When I’m talking about gender, I normally talk about it from a more spiritual perspective. This is not about bashing men or telling them that they have to abandon their biological gender identity or to embrace a self-hating attitude towards their own gender (and themselves) as well, since I have to be honest about what I see in this reality concerning other men and how many had embraced or genetically inherited that negative masculine influence that these dark forces want them to live by, and this is coming from another male such as myself.

The idea of gender bashing (not talking about legitimate criticism) and hatred is what the dark forces actually want which is what lead to so much confusion and bitterness that also lead to so much friction in the not so quiet gender war that is going on today which is another story which is really complicated, nor I want to get much into since that involves getting into the whole divide and conquer topic.

One of the traps is to have hostile attitudes towards healthy masculine attributes and traits like the desire to protect innocent life, (spiritual) discernment, logic, critical thinking, and asserting yourself that men should have in the first place that is nothing like the known negative traits like the desire to destroy of life, domination, and wanting to control others that is running rampant in this reality. The healthy traits above are things that women should learn from as well, similar to how men should learn from the healthy feminine traits within themselves.

Let’s take a quick look at the Universal Law or more so the hermetic principle of Gender summed up by its simple tagline:

“Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes -The Kybalion Pg 12


The Chalice (The Sacred feminine) light purple, The Blade (The Sacred Masculine) Blue.

As for everything having them I wonder since I feel that some men are either genetically wired or had been programmed to have almost no feminine within them which is required for one to truly spiritually evolve and grow. This especially goes for those who have no higher aspects within themselves, often those who have many consider to have no souls or more so that divine spark in them and are true biological machines as a result.

Without the influence and power of the feminine aspects such as higher conscious awareness of themselves, love, nurturing, intuition, creativity, empathy, compassion, healing, and wisdom, there is no way the human condition can change. This all could also be a result of the extreme polarity that this domain imposes on all living beings.

Many especially those who had bought into darwinistic or patriarchal religious notions of gender will never have any idea or clue nor any understanding of how powerful the sacred feminine is, and her influence, which is why the archontic forces who control this domain have such a deep fear of it which in turn is why women have been subjugated, marginalized, and I dare say bombarded by even heavier mind control methods than men in most cases, which is why they push things like superficiality and consumerism on women even harder than they do on men, as an example of that.

Many women out there who are spiritually inert or crippled have been mind controlled and genetically wired into respecting and/or embracing the negative male aspects of consciousness that is present in many men out there that arises from the base level or egoic self (the lower self) as a result of man’s overall divorce from the sacred feminine aspects that are dormant within himself that he has rejected or denied due erroneously seeing it as a weakness and to his poor lack of understanding of what the sacred feminine really is. That is why you often hear about how women support men who work in various institutions that involve the suffering of others or the suppression of those who are trying to stand up to the slave masters of this domain and their minions.

Women as a majority need to honestly stop supporting the negative masculine agenda that infests this world by no longer as a collective continue to be passive about it while supporting the men who work in these government and corporate institutions that promote suffering, the mass sacrificial ritual known as war, domination, misery, poverty, and silencing of those who are trying to help change things in this reality even if it involves having to walk away from or even disown them as harsh as it sounds.

That especially means the discontinuing of supporting those who are order-followers. In other words, men who are willing to sell out the human race to an evil conglomerate that hates humanity and sees it as their plaything and food source because these order-followers think that they’re somehow not responsible for their wrong actions if someone else told them to do it since they bought into the superstitious Cult known as “Authority!”

Unfortunately many will not let them go. Many women have emotional attachments to these men who are sick in their minds, and don’t understand that if they don’t get over this one way or another this planet will be forever doomed towards its path of self-destruction and eventual extinction, the same destruction that many don’t see coming nor want to if you want to talk about what these men are also doing to this planet as well, that even the so-called mainstream neo-liberal outlets that claim to promote environmentalism refuse to expose!

This also means they need to seriously question themselves if they find such men sexually attractive and ask where that is coming from since conscious individuals don’t find sick people to be attractive. And this is not about looks as there are many good-looking people out there that are toxic and vile at their core! I’m talking about the fact that some of these women are attracted to the dominator traits of these men that they confuse as real masculinity, thinking that showing traits of being a tyrant, delinquent, thug, tough guy, or bully is being a man. Again that could be the genetic programming (survival instincts, seeing them as protectors) and social engineering through the media that may be the reason, and that seriously needs to be transcended and purged from the mind.

Anyway, it’s no longer about believing that they think that they’re supporting the right cause. It’s time for the order-followers to open their eyes to the fact that they are not fighting for freedom at all but instead our and their own enslavement! That will involve embracing the positive masculine trait known as courage for that to happen, but many are too cowardly to do this since they fear physical repercussions and/or losing their paychecks and pensions if money is involved! The false sense of security that these people have and the selfish me me me, got-to-look-out-for-myself-only mentality that they have behind this. Willing to enslave others just to live another day in the same enslavement that they are imposing on not just others, but themselves!

Conscious women, know your power! You seriously have the power to help transform and transmute this sick world with your wisdom, insight, and your ability to heal, nurture, and restore balance, especially to men who have rejected or denied the feminine within themselves, at least the men who can be helped since some can’t for various different reasons such as having unwavering psychopathy which makes them pretty much a lost cause already.

All that is required is to have some courage and be willing to stand up for yourself knowing your personal sovereignty no matter what may happen. The establishment fears conscious women who know their own power on a spiritual level. That is why they have done so many hideous things to you past and present. They’re scared to death of you and your potential.


I, from personal experience, thanks to someone close to me who is a true friend, had helped me experience what it’s like to really embrace the sacred feminine and apply that to myself and use that to help others when possible. I always respected it but never did I truly applied it to my heart. It was something that was always there, but I never really did anything with it. It made me feel strange and uncomfortable at times due to living in a world that is dominated by unhealthy masculine energies that rejected, or at the very least, suppressed the positive feminine energies. But I have learned to balance the two forces, both the healthy versions of them of course. Most will never see that side of me when I can be loving and emotionally nurturing due to having to have my mean face on often when it comes to dealing with this insane reality full of psychopathic clowns and their insane drones running around.

Being a man and embracing the sacred feminine is not about abandoning your biological gender identity and embracing the twisted version of the feminine that is being pushed on younger men that has nothing to do with the sacred feminine, but which actually has to do with emasculation and suppression of positive and healthy masculine traits that involve standing up for yourself and being ready and willing to fight for your rights and stand up to these order-followers and various others bullies like the so-called leaders who control them!

I’m comfortable being a male, but I’m not insecure about the feminine aspects of myself at all. Basking in it when I sometimes lay down makes me feel all giggly on the inside and I have zero shame in that no matter what ignoramuses out there think of it nor understands what they’re missing out on… those aspects that create a healthy balance within all of us. More men should take my example in embracing the positive feminine traits I listed earlier. If that were the case, then this control system would collapse on its own since it takes an unhealthy masculine mind to support such an evil system that has to go for good!

Let’s face it, as much as many men don’t want to hear this, but an overwhelming majority of all the things that are going on in this world is being pushed by men who are divorced from their sacred feminine. Their sense of masculinity comes from false beliefs of thinking that they are just another animal, or buying into various popular attitudes about gender whenever they acknowledge it or not. Sometimes it could have been manifested by growing up in a hostile environment where they never had any real feminine influence of any kind in their life growing up!

I’m not by any means making up excuses for the men in question, but I bring this up since this is rather common for people who grew up in bad neighborhoods or war-torn countries where the feminine influence is all but dead. This fact is not bashing men at all. It’s to give them notice because a huge majority of the evil that has been manifested in this world is coming from those in male embodiments as harsh it may sound and if any man reading this has a problem with that then their spiritual lesson is to seriously do something about their easily bruised or wounded egos.

I would be ignorant and foolish to not mention that some women do indeed play an active hands-on role in furthering this dark agenda, but how many of them out there are actually doing that? It’s obvious that many women do support it in some way and I have seen it and heard many stories about females who had lost their way due to buying into the selfish lifestyles that are being promoted by modern culture that is hiding behind the guise of female empowerment and individualism. But the majority of these people in question are still men, and the force behind it is of the negative masculine nature. You have to see beyond biological gender to understand that.

The problem is that people are so primitive and defensive about their shared ego and group identities that they can’t take any honest criticism about the legitimate issues surrounding it and will defend it no matter what! That is why they’re unable to acknowledge if people of the same skin color, gender, or nationality as a collective have done something wrong and will refuse to take collective responsibility for it, and will accuse you of bashing them as a whole or generalizing. Depending on who you’re calling out, you may be called a racist, sexist, race traitor, or antisemitic depending on the situation and there are more examples than that. This ego identity attachment people have to groups is what also fosters these cultural wars between people of various said groups.

That is why people in 2017 are still arguing about things such as race, gender, and it doesn’t help that many of the so-called modern social justice movements that had been hijacked and co-opted long ago are only adding more fuel to the fire giving the true racists and sexists ammo to their cause instead of trying find real solutions to issues, instead of promoting victimhood, the orwellian paradigm known as “political correctness”, and double standards like not speaking out and ignoring hate crimes committed by minorities as an example of such double standards, which is also tied to the lack of integrity these groups have! They refuse to promote healing, wisdom, honesty, and understanding and that is because of the think tanks that have infiltrated these groups and their useful dupes who claim to stand for minorities and women.

One of the roles of the feminine is to help those (especially men) who lost their sacred feminine essence within themselves and to restore that balance through their influence. The feminine is not an intellectual (left brain) game of chess. It’s about knowing, feeling, and doing things from the heart.

The male role is supposed to be that of a protector of the feminine essence so that it can grow and flourish. He is supposed to be her guardian that is not only there to protect her, but to love her, hold her, hug her, be by her side, and appreciate her work and the beauty that she projects while also learning and being influenced by her as well so that he can become balanced within himself and adopt some of her traits! He isn’t supposed to subjugate or suppress the feminine, or force it into servitude for his own selfish gain! Both men and women are supposed to be working together along with understanding each other seeking to balance both positive masculine and feminine energies within themselves.


Like I said earlier, this not about rejecting your biological gender identity or assuming a biologically androgynous identity nor I’m trying to create gender confusion with people. It’s about the end goal and that is combining both energies (positive) together to create what is called the alchemical wedding which also leads to holistic intelligence which is something that very few if any ever achieved in a human incarnation which is the true pinnacle of spiritual evolution. Having truly balanced brain hemispheres is a legendary feat that very few have achieved or have been gifted with in a domain of polarity.


Having all these attributes combined leads to holistic intelligence. Most people are dominant on one side of the brain, but lacking on the other side to many different degrees.

The solution is for women to understand their personal sovereignty, then after that, stand up and make an active declaration and point to stop supporting the negative masculine agenda by no longer supporting the men who work to expand it. Or if said woman is somehow involved, stop working for, or aiding these same institutions that are apart of the agenda! Once that is done, rediscover and realize your identity as being the embodiment of the sacred feminine, and use your powerful gifts to help influence this world.

Real female empowerment is understanding and embracing your femininity with no shame, fear, or guilt, with powerful intention along with using that to change the world with your influence and presence. It’s not thinking you have to act and behave like the same men who have kept women under their thumb for too long along with embracing the crass selfish mindsets that plagues the minds of the very same men in question!

Females, especially conscious ones are very beautiful souls who have so much to offer. If only they as a collective can break free from all the negative influences that hides that from them. Throughout my life, I always had the best interactions and conversations with conscious females of all sorts. They always respected me and pointed out things about myself that I never knew that I had that is positive.

You can do this. There are men out there especially sons and husbands, family members out there that will listen to you if you impose clear boundaries and ultimatums warning them that you will not tolerate any bad behavior from them when it comes to going along with furthering this dark agenda in any way. You can with your creativity even help some of these men to see the error of their way through your influence and wisdom, and have them cease working for the negative masculine agenda and stop selling the human race out as a whole just for that paycheck or because they think they’re somehow fighting for freedom which should already be a dead, tired, and ridiculous propaganda meme by now, but somehow it isn’t.

Women also helped to encourage me when I need it in this cold world that spits on you, knocks you down and tells you to get back up for you to get knocked back down again, and also tells you that you are nothing but a useless cog that is made to fatten the pockets of a bunch of satanic (saturnian revering) wealthy men and their subservient puppeticians who send other men to wars for blood and profit. I honestly never had any males that supported me like that in my life, but then again, I never really had any males in my life who were like me that would get me. It’s not to disrespect them as a whole which isn’t my intention, but that is just how it is. I honestly wish I had male friends who were like me in terms of how I think, but no.

This write-up has also been inspired by the same person who I find dear and have learned from. I thank her so much for that. I hope this has helped you too.


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