To Those Who Embrace Moral Relativism and to Those Who Justify Wrong and Unethical Actions!

I’ve been noticing a trend, especially in today’s society, and I think it applies to the rest of the world as well. I have been noticing more and more when someone, particularly someone who has some kind of emotional attachment whenever that emotional attachment is familial or to someone who is influential in society commits a wrong action or a series of wrong actions, they would find ways to justify or even deny that they have done anything wrong!

Keep in mind that I’m not talking about making petty mistakes or minor misjudgments. We’re not perfect of course and that includes myself since we all have our own darkside issues to deal with in life, but I’m talking about people who commit wrong actions that deliberately harm others or say things and have attitudes that are just plain (objectively) immoral! I don’t need to go into detail of what those things are, and whoever is reading this should understand what I’m talking about!

To quickly clear up what I mean by wrong action, I mean actions that go against the harmony of Universal Law or violating the simple idea of “Do not harm”! They harm by discriminating against their fellow human being based on their skin color, nationally, and gender. They do harm by committing acts of violence (violation) on that person by physically harming them unprovoked or trying to control them in some way by dictating how should they live since they live under delusions of thinking they are doing some kind of good in the name of God, the State, or culture with ill-regards of right and wrong based on objective nature (were not talking about the “law of the jungle” so don’t play ignorant) and not based on the whims and preferences of man and the superstitions of various cultures that influences their own collective moral relativism which is also known as cultural relativism.

They also could commit wrong doings such as committing your typical crime and worst of all white-collar crimes and crimes committed by the State on its own people through “law enforcement”, and other bureaucratic organizations which are much worse in my opinion! Street crime committed by the typically unconscious and spiritually dead human being is petty (thought not to be overlooked) in comparison to how many lives white-collar crimes and democide (death by government) takes every year along with how white-collar criminals are often protected by this same entity known as government if you take a look at who is pushing certain laws these days through the House and Senate!

Enough about this fallacy known as “Representative Government” or any form of hierarchical institutions in general that gives power to a few to rule the dumbed down unconscious masses that don’t even know their own power and divine intelligence that has been taken away from them after incarnating here that they can rediscover, so the idea of people needing to be owned by other people (slavery) because people are too evil to rule themselves is a moot argument and a flawed one which I’ll not get into here since I don’t want to digress!

Around me, I see people actually justifying unethical behavior that is done in the name of business, profit, free market, growth (an unsustainable human-made disease that has been slowly killing this planet), and making the same ignorant claims such as it’s not illegal therefore it’s not wrong! Fuck that! It doesn’t matter that the laws of mere petty unconscious soul dead men don’t dictate it to be morally wrong! Legality does not inherently equate to something being right or wrong! What kind of ignorant lost, misguided, simpleton you have to be to think that right and wrong actions are tied to the whims of man’s relative laws based on the selfish yet dangerous ideology known as moral relativism!?

There are many actions that are wrong based on natural law from a moral prescriptive  that are legal when talking about the few being allowed to rob, kill, steal, extort, and murder in the name of justice or the common good, along with many actions that are wrong that are legal as in if we talk about the so-called free market people worship at the altar as their true god! People who think like this are so pathetic and don’t deserve to be here stinking it up for the rest of us who actually care.

They’re some of the same people who claim they want a better world, some claim to even give their lives to their “gods” of their respective religions, yet their real gods are money, negative ego, and selfish will, yet they don’t have the courage to look at themselves in the mirror to see that and the ugliness of what their souls had become if they even have souls, to begin with! They lack the fortitude to see that they are not the good upstanding people that they think they are since their runaway egos won’t allow it! They think they are so damn perfect in when it comes to their little world philosophies that are based on their egoic base consciousness or more so their lower primal selves!

Don’t get me started on things that are illegal, but are right and just in the name of our natural laws that grant the right for people to live in accordance with their own free will to live as they choose as long as they don’t harm others as that harm will collectively manifest a chaotic world as we have now that is only getting worse, and you should know this if you are not living in a bubble of distraction! I don’t need to get into a long discussion about this at all, this idea of people doing the right things in places where these real natural rights are deemed wrong by said authority!

Most people on this planet as a collective allow people to think like this! The so-called good people out there allow this in the name of tolerance or thinking that it’s alright because they don’t want to get in someone’s face and tell them that they are full of shit and need to cut it out and stop it!! We will only get a better world once people star to change themselves from within! We will not get anywhere until then as much as people hate to hear it!

I wrote this because no one is telling it how it is in the way that I do! I’m unique in that aspect and wanted to share this uniqueness! I’m not doing this to impress anyone as no one is impressed with messages like this on a collective level since many of these people are either guilty of what I wrote about or just don’t care at all which is why they’re unpopular all because we live in a world full of apathetic, solipsistic, and nihilistic attitudes about how others see reality and other people!

It doesn’t help that they see everyone as biological machines that have no inherit reason to exist except to survive as long as possible thus putting a huge hamper on how people value life which is why people kill others for petty arguments over things such as parking space, I mean really????? Parking space??? That can also be because people can be so damn childish as well! The parking space example was no joke and was a real serious example of people having no value for life due to seeing others as a mere obstacle or impediments to their own selfish sense of happiness! Most of these people have no heart, no soul, and no consciousness!

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