Humanity Being Its Own Worst Enemy: Reverence for Abusive Individuals and Personality Cults!

I’m going to get right to the point. Now what I have been noticing over the last few years is if you expose a high-profile individual or even someone of lesser presence within said community for committing some kind of remorseless wrong great or not, a number of those people who stand behind said person will find ways to defend said person or deny it without looking into such accusations before coming to a conclusion. They will be more willing to believe their own words or any lies that would come from them as a way to keep their attachment to said figure.

They get wrapped up in things such as what they teach, the way they look or speak, the promises or claims that they make, one of those things. More and more, people are being exposed more than ever, ranging from politicians to certain religious leaders, and those who are at the helm of various different initiatives that are supposed to help lift humanity out of it’s sorry state, yet even with all of this things getting out in the open people as a collective choose to quickly deny it, nor look into it due to being ruled by fear and because of their emotional mind control shutting them down before they could even think of starting to ask questions!

Oh, let’s not get started with ritual abuse which is REAL and not some Hollywood bullshit. Do your own damn objective investigative research if you’re in denial, Of course the accused and the same media outlets that they own and control with their mountains of money will call it a hoax or a panic, no shit, you really think they’re going to expose themselves and their grand operation that the dark forces energetically depend on to stay alive in this domain? You have to be the most naive clown on the planet to think that! The longer people ignore that one, the more people (especially children) are going to have to gravely suffer due to people’s fear of understanding that our reality is controlled and ruled by the sickest, most monstrous, psychopathic motherfuckers out there from top to bottom or simply because they have grown an egoic attachment to these people and can’t afford to let it go, so they deny it!



People are simply still attached to this long-running idea that all we need is one person or a group of people to bail us out and return things back to “normal!” Most of these people want to return to the days of being a happy slave that got a big piece of that pie. Many of them are not looking for real freedom, but for a longer leash not understanding that the so-called freedom that you have been given is to keep you pacified that has been fading away at a faster and faster pace.

Overt slavery does not work in the long run and you would know this if you ever pay attention to how history works. Giving people the illusion of freedom by giving people a limited say in some non-crucial policies in said society is all you need to do to give a race of beings who had been slaves for too long to various different regimes and empires this idea that they are now free since they don’t know what real freedom is.


Real freedom as in being the controller of your own destiny, understanding and embracing your personal sovereignty, assuming personal responsibility for yourself and your life instead of trying to throw it away and give it to someone else at the expense of being ruled by the same person or group you gave it away to, and last but not least, SELF-OWNERSHIP! So many people still believe that others or even themselves have the right to control/own other people in the name of this dangerous collectivist notion of “the common good!”


I’m sick of repeating myself, and I do this since there are people out there that may stumble across this without having a damn clue to where I’m coming from. I no longer need to get into right and wrong based on harm vs no harm. People think that preference and (cult)ural norms defy what that is not gauging if there is consent, coercion, or harm in said action or if said action respects people’s free will boundaries as sovereign beings, but I don’t feel like repeating myself over this since I’m sick and tired of talking about it like a broken record or explaining myself to people who will potentially not get it and then get the wrong ideas. You either get where I’m going with this or you don’t, and if you don’t then that is too bad since I’m tired, and have given up on people for the most part.

At this point, I’m doing this out of feeling some kind of subconscious obligation. I’m not a teacher, a guru, a researcher, or a philosopher, just some random nobody that is trying to put something out from a perspective that people may need to consider since no one else is doing that in the way that I do!

I got a little lost there, so excuse me from ventilating about my current state right now. People suffer from Stockholm syndrome (I hate using this term since it reminds me how sick the human condition is), even those who consider themselves to be awakened to this system and how it works.


Overall, people underestimate how sick the human condition is and it will take a lot of inner work and soul healing to get people out of this complicated mess that they have fallen into. I see so many people who claim that they stand against tyranny and evil, yet they support it in some way by giving their power away to those who claim to have their interest at heart along with being wishy-washy about dealing with evil in this domain as in showing mercy and sympathy to those people who have committed the worst crimes and forms of harm and suffering on others!

I find it twisted that an alarming number of people who consider themselves to be awaken want to sometimes get on people who have done much less (easy targets to ventilate and lash out at), but for people who have murdered, raped, extort, robbed, traumatized, tormented, and caused suffering they want to give them a pass? People in the so-called spiritual community, especially the new age movement and the extreme pacifists in organized religion think that we have to unconditionally forgive these people for the unspeakably heinous shit that they would do again ten times over? What they’re doing is not spiritual at all, if anything it’s enabling and pure insanity!

The real spiritual lesson is fighting back against the bully to impede their agenda before it gets worse and spreads to other people, not be pushed around with a stupid looking smile on your face thinking you’re doing God’s work! How gullible and stupid you have to be to think this is great or to those who bought into erroneous attitudes about karma thinking that self-defense somehow equates to bad karma or repeats the cycle of violence, I mean get out of here if you believe that!? That is a false light belief that lacks common sense end of story!

Forgiveness should be given to those who are actually trying to redeem themselves if they can from the heart (if they even have one). It should be earned! Grave crimes against others have to be redeemed, not let go of. It not only sets an extremely bad example, you’re also showing evil that you don’t deserve their respect for letting them off so easily and will certainly use that against you! You’re dealing with psychopaths here! They have no heart, they lack soul figuratively or not, and have no consciousness! They laugh and mock your compassion and love! They don’t understand it and find it pathetic even though they know how to fake these emotions to fool the easily foolable which consist of too many people on this planet! That is the harsh truth and it’s time to realize that regardless if you want to or not!

There are those out there who have been exposed for many things that may not be so grave, but still are considerable enough to turn you off from them, but people don’t care! This especially goes for people in positions of political power and finance. I often see these people are glorified as heroes or role models of some sort just because they simply got rich or achieved some other lesser form of financial success, or because they flexed their intellectual muscles enough or had good enough charisma to woo the people! This goes for so-called leaders who are overt tyrants (past and present) and authoritarians who need to be outcasted from the human race somehow, and rightfully seen as defective and dangerous to everyone else due to their psychopathic tendencies alone!

The fact that authoritarians, tyrants, and various other bullies that many call leaders are glorified as heroes should be seen as a great embarrassment and shame! The natural law of correspondence reflects this as we seen people at the lower levels (the general public) with dominator and tyrannical personalities get respect in major avenues of society, and the fact that they’re women out there that fall in love or get their panties wet over such evil men, wanting to also have children with them thus breeding more people with genetic tendencies towards psychopathy, the so-called bad boys who they see as protectors due to their primitive instincts running wild in their shallow minds! The real life stories of certain high-profile criminals getting love letters in prison from some of these said women, I mean what the hell is going on? Does someone see that there is something gravely wrong here?!!!!! Hello?!


Humanity is showing that they’re still in the hole and have an extremely long way to go to fully climb out. I won’t even live to see how far that goes (maybe a good thing since I don’t foresee good things for this planet in the future) since it will take a very long time.

The fact that people still want masters due to how primitive they still are which also includes abusive father figures (authoritarians/statists) and their cults of personalities, is going to keep humanity from going further than we are now. I’m putting this out there for people to really think about this and expose this fact themselves. This is for those who are evolving as I don’t expect those who don’t want to evolve (further) to understand and get this, and the sad part is that the majority of people here on this planet don’t want to climb to greater heights nor they care. They are too stuck in their hot mess of a condition that they’re in! As I said many times, expect nothing to change. History will continue to repeat itself.

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