People don’t care about real TRUTH in their lives!

If people did want to hear the real truths about everything they know concerning this reality, then the world would be a different place, and I would not have to write about this at all! Now for those who are new to what I write, you ask what is truth? Truth is a simple concept that is not as complicated as people make it out to be. Relativists and subjectivists out there want to make it seem complicated due to their ignorance of what is already there in nature and not in a world of man-made constructs born out of relativism such as cultural norms, personal perceptions, various different belief system ranging from personal, to political, to religious in nature!

People’s ignorance of who they are and where they really come from on a spiritual level has manifested this web of frustration and confusion that has opened a wide gate of endless deception and lies that would be manipulators had used to control and enslave people in a discreet matter while hoarding and occulting real truths that are simple but very powerful in nature!

Real truths about everything ranging from external reality to the self hold power while lies and deceptions hold nothing but illusions that have no true worth. The dangerous thing about lies and deceptions is how they also give you the illusion of having power though! As a result, people have fallen into the attitudes that truth is either not really important, too complicated, or that perceptions are all that matters and truth is relative which all leads to a dangerously insane mental construct called solipsism.

It doesn’t help that people think that perceptions are the be-all to end-all which is also a new age deception as well. Perceptions are how you perceive reality based on your personal understanding of it, not reality itself! Such an attitude is what fosters and encourages ignorant attitudes, to begin with! If personal perceptions are the only thing that mattered in this world then it will be a different place and I yet again would not have to write this at all.

Anyway truth is already what is that hasn’t been corrupted and distorted by the subjective perceptions of individuals born out of ignorance and forgetfulness of who they are on a soul level, and corrupted by manipulators who are in all positions of authority who sell their own brand of “truth” to the populace on a daily basis which are really just a pile of lies in disguise. Truth is something that always been here since the beginning! Truth is about everything related to who we are, truth is the guardian of freedom, love, personal sovereignty, right actions and behaviors, and most of all, the natural laws that govern our interactions with this reality we live in!

People think that truth in the sense of what I’m talking about is about knowing the totality of all realities and the complexity of everything about it especially in this current state of humanity’s evolution, no, truth is simply knowing what is on the journey of positive personal and spiritual growth, it is about what is RIGHT! A right is an action that is in harmony with the natural laws of the universe, what is in harmony with ourselves, and how we interact within the barriers of that.

Right is an action that doesn’t result in any harm. That’s what a right simply is not some subjective or relative nonsense given to you by someone in a fancy suit or costume calling him/herself a politician or “lawmaker” or anyone else who claims to have authority over anyone! Rights are already given to people by creation and not gifted to anyone by some so-called “authority figure!”

As long as people want to deny or be ignorant of this, then humanity will never truly get anywhere, end of story!

Man is NOT the creator of rights or has the ability to delegate that EVER! Many are going to disagree with me here, but I honestly don’t give a shit what they think since I’m not here to bother with them so I say go away to them since I don’t have time for their silly games! I have many things to explain when I wrote how no one has the ability to delegate right except for the forces of creation and I’ll explain now!

The problem here is how people have been fooled into thinking that they have some god given right to do this, but that is of course what organized religion wants to tell you especially through their “holy books” that have been written by men who had power over others or worked for those who had power over others!

I did say a million times already that many of these holy books have esoteric and occultic truths about reality, but it’s buried under a heavy pile of literalist nonsense and drivel that is there to keep humanity disempowered in a state of fear and spiritual imprisonment, so I understand that many of them have some value if you know where to look and discern when reading them! This mentality of thinking that god has chosen man to delegate rights may have come from the Judaeo-Christian idea of a God approved state/kingdom that has been portrayed in the old testament. I’m not talking about Zionism here. This is just a mere theory, though.

Rights are inherited and within you where ever you go! Everyone has a right not to be harmed as long as they hadn’t harm another or provoked another, everyone has a right to well-being, everyone has a right to good health that isn’t infringed on by external forces, everyone has a right to be treated fairly as long as they treat others fairly, everyone has a right to say or speak anything they want to speak as freedom of speech is a natural right given to you by creation or more so a right given to you by the fact that you have the free will to say anything you want to say no matter how messed up, stupid, or ignorant it is or if you would disagree with said person!

Even though you may have a right to say something, you have to remember to understand when to say it or if it is the right thing to say it out of respect and tact! I don’t mean that in a politically correct way either! This issue of rights also comes with responsibility which is something many don’t want to hear or comprehend which is one of the reasons why our rights are always under attack since people end up abusing it, misusing it, and worst of all giving it away to someone else. It’s not just the powers that shouldn’t be that you have to be worried about, but the “people” who are the ones who are the biggest supporters of taking them away or limiting them despite being manipulated at times to support such a thing.

The single fact alone that rights are with you no matter where you go in the onmiverse should be the book closer on such arguments that statists, supporters of enslavement, and other forms of hierarchical tyranny want to burden you with along with their euphemisms that try to make it sound nice or necessary! People who don’t understand this basic concept of rights always being with you are out of touch with the natural world, and out of touch with themselves on a soul level, and that is just the facts no matter how you try to argue against it since I don’t deal with people who are so out of touch that they can’t comprehend something so simple! If you want to still think that rights are given to you by anyone but creation, then expect to be enslaved forever! End of story, deal with it!

Anyway, let’s go back to truth for a moment. I want to quickly expose how people react to truths that shatter their perceptions of reality and the bubbles they live in. For example, people are really quick to deny something before even investigating it, and even then they are too scared to investigate it because they are being ruled by the consciousness of fear or out of pride or any other form of negative ego expressions. The outright arrogance, ignorance, and the crassness of people and their reactions when it comes to how they deny harsh truths or damning evidence that is in their face is pretty discouraging and disheartening which tells a lot about the sorry state of the human race.

I especially see this crassness in the sense of insensitivity with some of these younger people out there that are extremely left-brained and some of those who are establishment defenders! Because of that, they are much quicker to be insulting and arrogant when defending their positions even in the face of hard evidence that goes against their own wall of supposed “evidence” given to them by the official narrative or old data that they took pride in building for themselves.

That is why I question the idea of younger people out there that are going to be the ones that will make real changes, I laugh at that since I noticed how dumbed down and mind controlled they are like everyone else! Maybe it will happen once they hit their 30/40s maybe if the human race is lucky.

Young people doing this work is rather uncommon. I’m not even talking about myself since I’m barely even noticed enough for me to count as one of these individuals doing this with such a level of awareness for my age at this time of writing as of November 2016.

Harsh truths and things that go against what they have been told and how it’s reacted to are based in fear. This fear manifest into psychological defense mechanisms such as denial, cognitive dissonance, and apologetic defenses that are made to justify and sometimes harmonize an already flawed or inconsistent perception of reality or a belief system. It really annoys me when people refuse to want to talk about these things at all, and that is something I have to respect if they say they don’t want to hear it since you can’t force it on them, but there are some things in this world that you can’t just walk away from.

I actually understand this emotion and I feel that way sometimes, but it is when I’m normally not in the right mood or caught off guard. When I get caught off guard (normally if I’m in public), I don’t want to speak about controversial things since it takes me a long time to come up with a response to it. Like I said I’m a writer, not a natural speaker. I’m not very good with words as you hear in my videos but is decent on a good day though I did got better.

I remember one time when I refused to talk about anything controversial or challenging because during that time I was so burnt out and wanted to not bother with anyone due to my growing frustration for humanity and my overall disrespect for humanity as a collective along with people wanting to rather listen to others who preach fake hope or the next salvationist concept or cult whenever its political, religious, or spiritual in nature. Topics that I write and speak about are unpopular since it doesn’t involve those things. Any mention of controversy upset and angered me at that time which was a bit uncharacteristic of me as well. I just wanted to take a break from it, but if I had it my way, I would not be doing this at all, but I have to make a long story short.

My disrespect is based on how humanity seems to not know that they are their own worst enemy regardless of any external manipulation, but they don’t want to acknowledge that since people have been conditioned to blame things on the same people they give their power away to thanks to not understanding and breaking free from this superstition known as authority that hides the reality of personal sovereignty, personal responsibility, and self-ownership.

It also doesn’t help that many have wounded egos that won’t allow them to look at themselves in the mirror for once. I get that mind control, manipulation, and the fact that humanity is a broken and beat down species on a soul level, but it still is no excuse giving their power away to others which are a whole different story in itself.

People don’t want real truth because real truth tells you that you need to constantly question, change, grow, and evolve. It doesn’t stroke your ego or it tells you that you are better and smarter than everyone else either! On the other hand, lies tells you that you don’t have to do nothing, but be complacent while everything will be taken care of for you, but that depends on what that lie is about. That is pretty much where we at, and we have been here longer than you can imagine, and by the looks of things, we may stay here even longer which I shudder to think.

I don’t think humanity has evolved that much, and some will think that I’m not giving humanity enough credit. Well maybe I’m not, but it’s hard when you realize that most progress on this planet has been manipulated (sometimes forced) or allowed by the powers that shouldn’t be, so it’s hard to see what humanity is truly made of when constantly manipulated by the same people they give away their power to, their so-called “dear leaders” they see as good people due to the acting performances they put on before a camera. People sadly don’t judge people by their actions, but by the facades they put on. Please go study how psychopathy works if you are new to this, you’ll get what I’m saying better.

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