My Reclusiveness and Introversion was mostly manifested by this insane reality!

We were all humans until, race disconnected us, religion separated us, politics divided us, and wealth classified us. -A Protest Sign

Let me tell you a bit of a life story. When I was a young boy, I remember being moderately extroverted. I always wanted to be around people, and I liked crowds. I even wanted to be friends with as many people as possible. I didn’t have any real problems with being alone from time to time, and I didn’t mind it since there were days where I just wanted to recharge a bit and be with myself which I found to be a healthy balance since everyone should take the time to center themselves and be within themselves and introspect for some time, but other than that, I preferred to be around others.

Now you ask what had happened? Is introversion how some people are born or raised? Well, it can be either or. Anyway, let’s go back to childhood. I noticed then that most people either didn’t like me for some reason or just simply didn’t care. I had a hard time making friends.

It didn’t help that I was a sensitive and high-strung child that could get his feelings hurt very easily which is why some people even made fun of me for it. I also had no problems at times being silly about some of the things I see around me and talk about it in hopes of people giving me some kind of attention. It never really worked and what I was finding out more and more about people is how less in common I had with everyone I grew up with. I was pretty much the thing that stuck out the most that didn’t belong in the room. It’s like a clown at a funeral in a crowd of people who are wearing black.

Since most people either didn’t even care about me or didn’t like me, I decided to spend a lot of time alone which was something I had no real problem with, but I was saying to myself that I wished I could at least have someone who I had chemistry with.

Finding people like this was rather difficult during my childhood and teenage years with one or two moments of success that didn’t last forever. It got to the point where I just gave up sometime around when I was 12-13 years old. I started to then see people for who they really are, especially when the societal mind programming started to really kick in since people start to behave and act in the same way based on what they see in pop culture, and become influenced with the junk that passes off as popular music on the radio that is targeted towards the young, and on the idiot box known as the TV!

I also started to realize that people were becoming more herd-like and less individualistic in their thoughts and more (socially) collectivist in their nature. I live in a country where people love to brag about how individualistic and independent they are, but in reality, most people think the same and buy into the same cultural programming and mind control tactics that are shoved down their throat since they were a child that really starts to work once they hit adolescence. Everyone wants to be like the people they see on TV or like the real or wannabe thugs out on the streets!

People have became stupid enough to buy into thinking that being a real man is simply being an asshole and/or an individual who is scared of expressing emotions outside of anger or fear which they in turn hide behind anger because they deny and seriously underestimate the power of the sacred feminine energy since they fail to understand the metaphysical side of it which I strongly believe will lead this planet to true freedom, yet people had been fooled into thinking it’s minor and weak while also denying and ignoring the emotional traumas within themselves which also involves the nurturing power of the divine feminine to heal it since many people see the feminine from a five-sense perception only!

Negative masculinity is simply a result of people who lived in bad environments, had toxic relationships with either their parents or peers growing up, accumulated emotional trauma going back to their childhood, emotional neglect, and/or any abuse they suffered from! Big tough men who are broken down little boys crying on the inside who never got a heartfelt unconditional loving hug in their lives or they were simply raised that way by parents who were emotionally damaged themselves or think that men should be raised that way since themselves or the other boys were!

Now in this day in age through a twisted flip of the script, we got males going from being bred into a negative form of masculinity which leads to left brain imbalance to emasculated males who often don’t want to even stand up for their rights that are being taken away from them nor they want to make any real difference in this world when it comes to fighting tyranny and enslavement!

From my observations, those who go to the opposite side which is right brain imbalance have a tendency to live in a bubble, fall into escapists belief systems, and often buy into solipsistic world views. Even though I always talk about how we need to be more right-brained in an overly left-brain dominant world, but not to the point where we are super passive and don’t want to do anything to make a difference while standing up to tyrants and their legions of order-followers (billions strong) who are always finding ways to screw us over on a daily basis!

I can go on and on about how there is now this negative feminine energy that is being socially engineered into males to keep them off-balance while there is still plenty of overabundance of negative masculine energy in institutions that are responsible for the enslavement of humanity and on a social level, testosterone driven boneheads who have no proper outlet to balance out and use their masculine energy in a positive way which would manifest the positive masculine or divine masculine force within themselves, and we got the so-called alpha males who think they need to be a certain way all the time to impress people and get what they want in life.

For example, these socially engineered males are winning over socially engineered (especially young) females (all who are legion) who think that is what a real man is. I hate to say it, but it seems to work for them in this society besides all the political correctness going around these days that is also another negative agenda that is for another time to talk about that is about preventing honest open discussions about race and gender that isn’t emotionally charged for once that is based on objective truth, not perception, group think, religious dogma (which has been the biggest instigator of these issues historically and now, particularly gender), or political bias, but reaching a solution to this issue by utilizing the principles of Natural Law given to us by creation and applying that to these issues would be simple, but even then that requires first and foremost healing since there are so many wounds and scars when it comes to those issues that are still prone to opening up.

Now back on topic. When I got to a certain age, I realize that most people turned me off from things ranging from taste in music which is pop culture mainstream garbage or at the very least simply boring to listen to in my humble opinion, to how people behaved, acted, and talked to each other along with a growing culture of people my age that condone and praise objectively immoral acts and treat it like it’s some virtue.

When I tried to stop “fitting in” with these people who were being engineered into degenerates and/or shallow individuals who only know nothing but eat, sleep, be an economic slave, fuck a woman/man, and have babies, some people started to give me shit about it since I didn’t want to play anyone’s games! That by itself was a long story I don’t want to get into since that is a whole new topic on its own that I have no interest in writing about.

Anyway by this time, when I realized that most people are like this and exceptions being too uncommon, I became more inward. I even developed many of the classic traits of an introvert such of not wanting to be the center of attention, needing to recharge after long interactions and so forth, and not wanting to be bothered by idle chat that has no meaning. Don’t get the wrong idea, I may be introverted, but I have no problems with being assertive and speaking out when I need too, but at the same time, don’t try small talk with me since you’ll be in for an awkward conversation that will end too soon. It doesn’t matter who you are, I normally will not speak to you unless it’s meaningful. So many people had tried starting a conversation with me through my life to only be shut down by my silence once they realize that I don’t return small talk to them.

Now what was interesting was when I got older, people then suddenly gave a shit about me after all that emotional damage was done to me when I was a kid and in my teenage years! At this time, most types of people turned me off and I found few pleasant enough to around even though I wasn’t friends with them, and I gave up and stop caring by then! I find it strange that people who I would expect to give me shit if I was still a child or teenager or just ignore me then started to get all buddy buddy with me!

I even had to turn down invitations to social events from them since I didn’t want to be bothered and rather be at home or somewhere else by myself, nor I was used to this perceived friendliness I was witnessing from people who I would though would give no damns about me. No disrespect to anyone I did this with and I mean no hostility, but too little, too late. I also have a hard time trusting people as well.

It also didn’t help when I started my awakening journey in 2008. I became even more distant than I ever was from others since I started to see the world much more differently and for what it actually is. It even became more so around 2010 to now when I really started to realize the nature of things here on this planet and how mind controlled, programmed, and docile most people are! Even those who seem to be half awake still fall for the same bullshit that was put out by the “powers that shouldn’t be” so they turned me off as well! Half is not enough.

Even many within the so-called alternatives circles people still turn me off since they still buy into the same false dialectics, still, buy into the beliefs in what is artificial opposed to what is natural when it comes to how things need to work in this world to by starting to healing ourselves and then the planet! Those artificial things are the institutions that were created to control and enslave humanity!

The institutions such as government, organized religion, and the so-called education system that people overrate and overhype so much (at least the country I live in), and many of the hijacked and co-opted groups out there that many consider to be alternative who still buy into the idea that we need these things to change and fix the world not understanding that these artificial institutions that were built on the backs of violence and coercion were never there to make things better, but to enslave you and had created this mess that we are in now by being the main reason why they fucked up the human mind as much as they did and still do to this day!

If they were so good, then why is it that they must hide (occult) knowledge from us about the true nature of ourselves and where we really came from along with compartmentalizing their hierarchy to do this hiding of knowledge in the first place? They always will and you’re naive if you think that they will no longer do that if we somehow “get the right people” in!

History repeats itself and for a reason! That reason is because everyone keeps doing the same things over and over again, and as long as people refuse to realize that we need to abandon all artificial and man-made belief systems and structures, and start embracing what is objective in nature that is free from the bias of cultural, religious, and political agendas, then humanity will never truly start to get somewhere!

The problem here is that there is a lot of fear behind this especially in those who think that the creator is actually petty enough to want to punish those who question the tyranny of the religious priest classes of various mainstream religions and their political leaders who “control” government, and the tyrannical dictates of man-made holy books and their institutions and their laws that often have no basis in what is natural and instead are based on preferences, (social) collectivism, and group think!

The real prime creator, NOT this archontic fake that people unknowingly worship, is a force of unconditional love, not some hyper-masculine monster in the sky that is waiting for an excuse to damn people for the slightest screw up since it doesn’t even like its own creation very much as portrayed in holy books such as the bible (especially the old testament) and Koran! Most people only claim to love this monster, but only out of fear, yet fear and love are polar opposites in vibration so that in itself is an internal contradiction.

It’s pretty much like a relationship with an abusive parent or spouse where one would claim that they only stay with said person because they love them, but the real reason is because they fear them and have grown used to trying to impress and make said partner or parent happy! They call that “Stockholm Syndrome” by the way.

This ridiculous idea that the true creator is such a petty individual that has issues such as rage and having needs such as wanting to be worshiped and needing to enslave its own creation to the hierarchical dictates of a so-called ordained priest class! The real creator who is beyond organized religion doesn’t need to enslave its own creation nor it has any desire to since it doesn’t make sense to do so in nature! It amazes me that people have such a low view of who the force known as, “God”, that they base on their own mental limitations imposed on them by this reality and the world around them. I say that since we are infinite beings living in a powerful illusion of limitation.

Many are going to reject this harsh truth, but that is their problem and quite frankly, I don’t give a shit if they try to give me any grievances for that since I have no patience for it since I’m not here to convince them of anything or having to put up with their pointless bitching and moaning over it!

They need to go on their own journey of self-discovery and research to figure that out for themselves instead of believing everything they are told while never asking any hard questions! They’re going to remain trapped in their boxes, and remain trapped in fear, confusion, limitation, and chaos within themselves if they don’t anyway!

They also will remain trapped here lifetime after lifetime if they continue to hold on to the beliefs that were given to them in the first place, so that is their problem if they don’t want to break free from these chains that hold them back! What counts the most for me is that at least I know what is really going on and that I’m not going to remain trapped in this matrix like everyone is by playing its games any longer! You can’t save everyone, and at the end of the day, you have to worry about yourself since you are the only person that can take care of yourself, no one else! I don’t mean that in a selfish way either! Why try to win their approval and conditional love? Many of these people don’t even truly care about you anyway!

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