Wealth and Abundance Doesn’t Solve The Problem of Internal Emptiness and Unhappiness.

What I mean is that people out there assume that just because someone has riches and abundance in their life that they should have nothing to complain about! They wonder how can they be depressed or have issues with themselves or other people?

How can they think of doing drugs or even commuting suicide for example? Again, this is proof of a society that thinks that having money, big homes, nice cars, swimming pools, and other luxuries, is going to solve their problems because they have been programmed to value their life based on their material worth and what others think of what they do to contribute to this economic enslavement system a.k.a that dreaded question: “What do you do for a living?” Like that matters or defines who we are on a soul level! Only shallow people think such nonsense!

I think these people don’t know how there are a number of dirt poor people out there that are very happy with their lives despite their hardships comparing to the comfortable individual who has a big home to him/herself, a nice big bed to sleep in, yet feels empty deep down and wants to cries himself/herself to sleep almost every night or get lost in some kind of addiction at the end of the day. I wonder why this is so? Hmm, how about you use your common sense to answer this one if you don’t know and are one of these people who I’m addressing in this write-up?

Anything involving the quality of one’s life internally and their personal happiness that is based on who they are vs. what they are to others gets thrown out the window thanks to the media and the so-called education system which is an indoctrination center of crushing people’s sense imagination, curiosity, and turning them into obedient order-following drones who are only good enough for economic servitude for the rest of their “healthy” lives!

It’s also a sign of a simplistic and shallow population as well. Then again I feel that there are some people out there are really not as shallow as they would want to be or are because I think many are faking it and even fully embracing such an identity (selling themselves out) just to fit in with the others clowns in the circus herd which is what I sense since being real, truth, and honesty plus a strong dose of integrity is not valued in today’s society, especially when it comes to getting ahead or even trying to tow the line of political correctness, and don’t you get me started with that one, but anyway, I also say the rest of the word has this issue to many different degrees depending on where you live as well.

You have to understand that there is some novelty to having new-found abundance in your life. It might bring you some happy moments since you get to do things you never have done before, or obtain things you never had in your life that you always wanted, but after that wears off, then the focus goes back to your internal self your internal foundation. Once you get off the high of material reality distracting you from your immortal and internal self, then you’ll start to realize that abundance nor the doctrine of materialism doesn’t solve the most fundamental problems that you have within yourself! That goes for the whole human race as well!

I always say that the human race is a traumatized species that is suffering from so much hurt, pain, and suffering within themselves which is why most people are so screwed up in the first place. That is why I always warn that humanity isn’t going to get anywhere until we start to get serious about mental health and well-being as that is just as important as our physical well-being!

Most people, especially in this society and in other societies that are more survival based, have no clue or understanding to how mental health needs to be in equilibrium with our physical well-being! We also can’t even spiritually connect to our inner divine essence which connects us directly with the prime creator if we are suffering from a mental imbalance thus keeping us trapped in a negative ego identity and the lower aspects of ourselves which is at the core of people who feel trapped and empty within which is connected to people who don’t remember their connection to their inner divine essence due to a world that puts and traps people into a left-brain or more so five-sense illusionary prison of separation and emptiness!

They also fall into the trap of thinking they can solve the problem of inner emptiness through external means which is a huge cul-de-sac that will certainly keep you stunted and trapped in one place when it comes to spiritual growth for a very long time along with being co-depended on external forces who are often evil, and/or simply manipulative individuals who simply want to control people. Many don’t see this since these external forces do a good job at posing as good guys or gals if you understand that the answers and the emptiness inside oneself are about rediscovering your inner divine self through meditation and contemplation!

This also even means that you may have to get away from urban society for a while as urban society is a place that you’ll very unlikely be able to find it in, and it’s designed that way since the powers that shouldn’t be don’t want people knowing who they really are deep down along with you giving up on fitting into this cult mentality of getting along to get along and not asking tough questions about a world that we born into that is a huge sea of lies and deceptions made to keep us dumb, ignorant, complacent, yet in a continual state of internal suffering which leads one to being open to co-dependency to external authorities such as organized religion, government, gurus, saviors, and even individuals in personal relationships!

Having wealth and confront in life doesn’t truly solve your mental and emotional problems nor it makes you immune to them either! At first, it may help you forget about it in the short-term, but in the long-term, as long as you are plagued by them while being trapped in negative ego, then expect to be mentally tormented until you go within yourself and find a way to heal yourself. Having wealth doesn’t buy away emotional trauma and mental depressive issues!

Take a look at many of these so-called wealthy people and their obsession with always needing more and wanting more that are high up on the economic food chain of enslavement? Money not only becomes their god, but it also becomes their addiction, their psychological co-dependency, which also goes into the issue of those who lust for wealth because they quickly realize how it equates to power and control over others!

The richest individuals on this planet along with the dark occultists who secretly dwell behind the scenes are the most powerful people politically and socially on this planet that you may not know of, and yes, I do understand it has to do with the fact that people give away their personal power and sovereignty to them because they believe in the religion of authority, but that itself is another story. Many of these money hungry people deep down are terrified at the aspect of looking at the worst aspects of themselves deep down!

I wrote this because people need to stop thinking that just because someone is rich, then that means they can’t complain about issues in their personal life that are eating them up from the inside, but then again we live in a world where most people can’t deal with their own internal issues and run away from them which is why some of them had bought into the religion of false positivity that came right out of the new age moment which was created to keep people from going within to confront the darkest aspects of themselves and heal it which is the biggest key to truly waking up spiritually while conditioning them into ignoring the negative around them which leads to them not standing up to the tyranny and wrongdoing around them that goes on an a daily basis 24/7!

The key to maturity is knowing that we need to be aware of both the positive and the negative, because negativity and evil DOES exist here in this reality since many people want to write it off as just an experience and some even would say to you with a straight face that such things don’t exist since it sounds dualistic which is what the dark forces want you to think, so they’ll continue to do what they do and that also makes you an enabler and apologist of them (the rapists, murders, thieves, tyrants, and enslavers) if you think that!

We live in a dense and polarized plane that is leaning on the side of evil because good collectively decided to ignore and downplay the scope and seriousness of evil due to cowardice, fear, overall tolerance for evil’s ways mainly due to evil carefully exploiting good’s sense of compassion, and most people thinking and expecting someone else to take care of evil within their own midst for them, and lacking the divine masculine spirit within themselves that governs courage for them to deal with the negative aspects of this reality properly!

Righteous indignation and courage are what is required. This whole love and light thing is not going to work against the darkest aspects of those who want to enslave and harm people! These are psychopaths we are up against here which people fail to nor want to understand! They don’t care an ounce about your love and light nor they want it! They laugh at it and think it’s pitiful and weak against their agenda to be quite blunt! They only have respect for and will think more carefully about reckoning with those who use defensive force against their might, assert themselves, and assert their personal sovereignty, not those who roll over for them with a smile on their face like the good little slaves that they are, thinking that rolling over to evil is the spiritual thing to do which is a false light construct created by that same evil!

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