Being No Nonsense About Spiritually. Being Realistic About Making Changes In This World!

People need to know that spirituality is not about being in the clouds all day, spending way too much time in other dimensions and planes of existence, mistakenly believe that being spiritual is being something that you’re not, and simply not being yourself! This whole thing of trying to act like you’re some kind of saint, some perfect holy being, or living a life that glorifies suffering and/or physical self-denial is not what being spiritual is about! Oh, we do need to take examples from the wise teachers out there that are or were on the path, but at the same time, it doesn’t mean we can’t have a personality! Such nonsense to assume such a thing!

Being spiritual is really learning about who you really are as a cosmic co-creative being, rediscovering your inner divine self, realigning yourself with the natural realities outside of these artificial archonic constructs that many consistently give away their power to on a daily basis such as organized religion, government, authority, etc, and most of all and most importantly, it’s about realigning yourself with cosmic law and living in integrity and in truth! How you do this and get there is up to you and your way of doing it is not going to be the same as mines. Anyway, what about Truth? What do you mean by that you ask?

Real truth is what is in alignment with cosmic nature, what is natural, and what is not artificial and mere constructs of the mind such as the idea of moral and cultural relativism, solipsistic thinking, and justification for evil (such as turning a wrong into a right which can’t be done in nature) as examples!

Contrary to what people don’t want to hear, truth is singular and anyone who doesn’t understand this doesn’t have any real common sense to grasp such a simple fact! Why? Because people want to talk about how truth is subjective or some would mistakenly mention the idea of “one’s truth” which makes no sense on a technical level! You’re either right about something or wrong about something in the past or even now while not understanding that maybe you or anyone else fully didn’t understand the situation at hand!

You either know the truth or you really don’t at all due to not having all the pieces of the puzzle! That is like me guessing what the puzzle was only to find out that I was wrong, but instead of saying I was wrong, I just simply say, well, it was my truth instead which not only sounds naive and foolish in my opinion (no offense to people who are not subjectivists who say this), but it’s also solipsistic! That is why I sometimes in my videos talk about the dangers of solipsistic thinking, and why it’s only going to further enslave us like it is now!

Instead of saying it’s my truth, just be down to earth and practical about it and just say I didn’t really know, it seemed so, or I just didn’t fully understand it after all, or better yet in some cases, we were maybe duped by either our own selves or someone else. Replace “my truth” with “what is in/within my heart” or “what I feel deep down” instead. I never would ever say that I’m speaking my truth since I could very well be wrong for all I know even if I feel it’s right!

More people should look up the meaning and origins of the words they speak on a daily basis sometimes. Any good dictionary or etymology will tell you what the word “truth” really means! I don’t have to post the meanings here since people really need to get into the habit of looking up things for themselves and doing their own research, and I’m mainly talking about people who are not truly awake to what is going on in the world and within themselves and to help people who are truly awake to not say such misnomers.

The truth is always there and not something that is made up as we go along! What I mean by this is not about all this crazy stuff concerning parallel timelines, futures, or anything else that is influenced by our free will decisions in general! Those are things we make up as we go along, but when I say truth, I’m talking about who we really are, our real nature as cosmic beings, and what is going on in our reality which has only one singular truth to it that is affecting us now whenever it be the past, present, future!

Also everyone including those who are not even spiritually conscious at all need to stop buying into this idea that they can make reality what they want it the face of cold hard objectivity through ignorance and denial! What I mean for example is this solipsistic idea that you can take something in reality that is undesirable to you and turn it into something else with just your thoughts alone and no real world action!

For example, the harsh reality is that most people on this planet are in a deep slumber. People’s willing ignorance, arrogance, fear, and lack of courage to speak out against tyranny and evil is so bad, that some will insist that they don’t want to see it that way, and think that this is not so or if they ignore something that I don’t like, it’ll go away! Also, some actually would tell you with a straight face that all the negative things that are going on in the world in front of them are not my reality, so, therefore, it’s not real to me, despite the fact that it’s in their face regardless if it directly affects them or not!

It’s also selfish as well, especially those who think, hey, it’s a matrix illusion, so I should just ignore all the bad things going on within it not realizing that one of  the major reasons why suffering and negatively exist is due to humanity’s collective actions that they have control over regardless of all the mind control and mental manipulation that is coming from both the non-physical and physical aspects of the control system! It’s your moral obligation to be there to help others get them out of their mindsets and attitudes that are causing them suffering in the first place, along with actively resisting the forces that are instigating it in the first place!

People actually do think like this, and it’s the hallmark of someone who is childish in their thoughts and fearful deep down of taking a true stand, and as a result, they rather retreat into a bubble and live in there! Let’s be real here. The longer you ignore something, the worst it will get, and history is the best example of this! Taking positive action is the only way in this reality to make a real change! Pretending that something you don’t like doesn’t exist just because you don’t want it to be so, or that you can think it away, is just plain childish! It’s amazing that adults can believe such things!

The biggest problem here is that people who think like that want to insist that reality is subjective and perceptions are all that matters! Personal perceptions are not the final say of what reality is the face of objectivity and TRUTH! Thinking that perceptions are the only thing that matters in reality is a very ignorant assessment that encourages people to live ignorant lives, and having ignorant attitudes along with keeping others and yourself subjects of tyranny and enslavement here in this domain, especially since a tyrant, cult leader, or hierarchical group can tell you that you can never know the truth behind why things are the way they are in this world since it’s all too complex and that you can never truly understand their evil motives that they claim to be doing for the “common good” since what you think is good is your perception! You can never know since there is no such thing as objective truth or if truth actually does exist, then its way to complex for you to even grasp, as the solipsistic attitude goes!

That’s all a bunch of nonsense, and truth is much simpler than you think! Truth is not about knowing the totality of everything, and the complex nature of the prime creative force, especially in the current state of evolutionary development that we are in! What it’s about is a gradual journey of rediscovery our inner divine will and origins! Truth is pretty simple, but humans want to complicate what is simple too often since they have been conditioned into thinking that everything has to be complicated! Complication is an archonic construct to keep everyone confused and at the mercy of forces who claim to light the way, but only to a pit at the end of the dark tunnel!

Anyway, your perceptions are nothing more than what you think something is or more so what your best guess is! If perceptions only mattered, then this third-dimensional reality we live in would be a much different place, and those who don’t want to accept this will get a lot of resistance in this life from the universe itself and that is a fact! That is why there are so many people walking around in depression and internal suffering because they can’t just accept what is in front of them and want to call it something else instead!

On my ongoing journey of awakening, I had to stop denying and resisting what was! Thinking it away, ignoring it, or having the attitude of not seeing it that way only made my personal issues much worse! I had, to be honest with myself and realize that the only way anything will change is if I took physical real world action to make changes in my life!

Thinking happy thoughts alone didn’t change the fact that I was a slave of this social/economic paradigm like everyone else living a stagnant, depressing, monotonous lifestyle that drove me into deep depression and mood swings! I never understood how anyone could live like this for the rest of their lives without losing their minds which nearly happened to me! I was on a verge of a mental breakdown in 2013 combined with the fact that the dreaded stressful holiday season was coming! Things did start to change when I took real physical action with my life that I’m still in the middle of at this time of writing!

The ego never wants to accept that we co-create our reality on the greater collective levels of reality and instead wants to think that we’re making up this whole entire reality up in our own minds somehow in this domain at this density level!

To believe that every individual is their own little universe where no one is real but themselves, and the things in this world that you have no idea of or actual direct influence miles away from you is created by your own mind including things you never heard of is such nonsense! I would dare someone to tell me that all of that satanic ritual abuse that is going on worldwide along with the social engineering of groups of people in this society somehow is a product of my own mind for example which is just messed up and insulting to one’s intelligence!

I promise you, if anyone contacts me saying that this is so, not only I’ll block your email, I’ll also might set you straight over such childish thinking before you get blocked, so don’t bother since I’m sick of hearing such blatant stupidity being propagated, and people wonder why these controllers are currently kicking our asses in this war on consciousness so far against us if a large number of people still think like this!? I don’t take such people seriously anyway since I find the idea of taking solipsistic thinking seriously to be embarrassing as it is!

We can personally influence our own personal lives and make changes, but at the end of the day, this is a shared experience where others creations can affect you in positive and negative ways! Some but of course not all of these subjectivity fanatics will dare say that we’re all one, yet will contradict that with the idea that we are individual universes and the people in them except you are not real! What a joke!

Even though one should not be bogged down by negativity, one should be realistic about the state of this reality. For one reason or another, people seem to think that someone is going to either come to save us or some metaphysical event is going to magically wake everyone up or people are waking up in mass numbers even though I find this idea to be a huge overstatement and wishful thinking. Well firstly, even though we have more and more people coming online to what is going on out there and even on the surface, the vast majority of people are still asleep and want to stay asleep! Have you tried going outside and observe or either talk to anyone!? Most don’t even have a damn clue of what is going on for example, and I had a moment with this that was spontaneous in nature!

Those who are “waking up” or already awake are still overwhelmingly ridiculously outnumbered by the general populace out of seven billion!  The average person off the street sadly loves the way things are and don’t want it to end as long as they get their comfort! They love their shackles and all the distractions that came with them! No matter what type of metaphysical event that is supposed to happen, I don’t see some of these people being affected by it positively or at all, to be honest. They still are going along as if nothing is new is happening in this reality anyway! My point is that people need to not get their hopes up yet since it’s only the mere beginning and not the end. I also foresee dark times coming or more so darker times judging how thing are going right now with the asleep masses, yet that is only because if it’s to get better than expect it to get worse first judging by what I see is going on.

I say this because if you realistically take a look at what is going on in any modern society, especially here in the States, you’ll find that the majority of people nowadays are more dumbed down than ever, degenerated (especially today’s youth), completely unconscious, just as gullible as ever, easily programmed, and easily manipulated (see the engineered race and gender wars that are going on for great examples of this manipulation)! I mean look how easy it still is for people to buy into false flags and other problem, reaction, solution tactics along with how they easily buy into all the distractions while the house is burning down in front of them? These false flags may not have the same impact as it used to, but so many people still fail to see that many of these so-called terrorist events that are going on are manufactured which is a whole new story you can go look up for yourself.

Anyway, the social engineering of society is something else that many so-called spiritual people have a poor awareness of due to either being prone to living in a bubble or not having to have the displeasure of being around so many of these unconsciousness people regularly or enough so it’s no surprise that they don’t have any idea about this!

Like I said, I get the fact that more and more people seem to be coming online to what is going on, but at the end of the day, billions of people on this planet still have no clue to what is going on or how their own minds are owned and enslaved along with the drama I have to hear about and see on a regular basis from these people and their antics! Many also still want to reject this as things become more brazen by the day, yet many of these same people have no clue what is happening since they hardly pay attention to what is going on in the first place nor they have any interest in wanting too!

They suffer only because they don’t want to take the steps to end it which requires them to change their lives, beliefs, and attitudes which many are too weak-willed, too scared, or too traumatized to do! They expect someone else to do it all for them while they kick back and live their mundane lives of endless entertainment and distractions if they do acknowledge something being wrong in the first place since they either don’t know their own power, simply just too lazy to change themselves, or they lack the courage to go out and make these changes.

Remember, this is the same general populace that still wants to either deny or point and laugh at you for exposing the reality of geoengineering for example which is literally right up in their face on a daily basis or if you do show most people individual proof that their precious governments don’t care about them with issues like this going on, many will find excuses to justify what is going on, and I know from a personal instance, from what I have witnessed, and the stories I have heard of people flat-out admitting that they rather stay in denial of what is really going on that the lamestream media will never tell them!

I just wish people stop getting their hopes up so quickly since we have no clue where humanity is actually going to go at this point, especially in its current low state of consciousness. I personally fear the worse of what is to come during the aftermath if there is going to be one.

Some of the living dead (the general populace) who are somewhat aware of what is going on think what is going on right now is all a big joke! They even had the audacity to make memes out of it like this is some kind of satirical movie on life that is playing right in front of them! Well, all I have to say is that these people are no longer going to be laughing once economic collapse finally does happen (if it does), and the worse case scenario of martial law being implemented, and possible bloody civil unrest and war following considering the high tensions and anger right now, yet these are the same people who still think that voting for the next person to give their power away to that they also are willing to put all their trust out the gate still will make a difference, so maybe I should take it back. Many of these fools will be pacified for at least six months after November (depending on who, though), but I don’t even want to think about that time since it makes me shudder!

Like I wrote seconds ago, I fear for the future of this country no matter what happens, to be honest personally. It’s more to do with not hoping things will get so bad, that there is mass rioting and panic in the streets while a bloodbath manifests as a result. If that were to even happen, I think it would be safe to say that I and others who do this work of awakening people has been an overall failure despite our best efforts and the gains that we made!

I personally hope it doesn’t come to that, but it looks very bad right now! You better hope some divine intervention or timeline change will take us into a more gentle future of change, but I’m not betting on it either as I don’t know what to expect, yet something within me keeps telling me that things will be bumpy, but not so bumpy that every single individual will be forced to kill or be killed or die of starvation at the very least out in the middle of the wilderness if cities become danger zones! If that were to happen, then screw it all! It’s all over. At least that is what I think, to be honest. I hope I’m right!

Then again, this old system of economic enslavement needs to die already either way, but my only fear is that it’s going to quickly come back in some kind of minimalist form since this system of (monetary) enslavement is what people have come to known for too long, and most lack the imagination and creativity to start something new and fresh that will not only respect the natural laws of the universe and our natural rights but help expand the raising of human consciousness! Overall my greatest fear right now is history repeating itself which always had since people continue to fail to understand the lessons of the past!

Anyway, being realistic about spirituality is also about learning to look to yourself and stop expecting someone else to look after or “represent” you. It doesn’t matter who that may be! Representation is nothing more than a repackaged and less overt version of slavery which is disguised by this concept called democracy (as we know it) which is just a glorified version of rule by a few while being able to choose your slave masters who will give you or supposedly maintain your long leashes! Doing this alone is effectively giving your power away to someone else and simultaneously giving your life away to someone else, so you should have no right to complain if those you gave your power away to you cause you suffering in your life once you understand that you can’t keep doing this while you continue to support such erroneous nonsense!

You asked them to have ownership over you even if you claim that you never made such a claim because giving your sovereignty away to someone else is renting out or even fully giving ownership of yourself to someone else! It doesn’t matter what you think, but it’s true then, now, and forever whenever you want to believe it or not! That is your problem if you don’t think so and I likely can’t change your mind which would mean you’re going to have to learn that the hard way on your own, so enjoy your chains and shackles, and enjoy the lie that you bought into that you think that you’re free because you have a longer leash than some others in this world instead of knowing that having a leash is unacceptable altogether!

I’m not here to convince those who are scared of realizing this natural concept of rejecting all forms of coercion and slavery while wanting to cling on to this artificial and immoral concept of owning other people because they ultimately fear chaos (as if we don’t already live in a chaotic world already). Like I said, chaos is the result of an ignorant, (objectively) immoral, traumatized, and broken species that has forgotten their connection to their inner divine selves! That is something that humanity can and will have to fix on its own on the road to collective self-ownership!

Like I also said in another article, authority currently still exist because people as a collective still want to choose wrong actions in their lives on a consistent basis due to their unconsciousness and their erroneous belief systems that propagates slavery, chaos, coercion, and ownership of others while many of these people still want someone to be owned by someone else since they’re scared of taking care of themselves because they want someone to look after them instead despite the devastation of that alone that it has caused throughout history and now!

I got news for you if you continue to think like this, and that is if you always want someone to be there to tell you what to do, then you’ll never grow up from spiritual infancy, and also expect to be manipulated and tricked by dark forces forever who are good at pretending to be compassionate loving authority figures since people like that are easy prey for them! In the short-term, it looks like we are going to have to make stop gaps on the road to collective self-ownership since humanity is rather slow-witted and hardheaded in learning about their own mistakes!

You own your body, your mind, your heart, and you have full control and say over them! No one else does, and realizing that is the key to maturing from cosmic childhood since there are so many people out there that actually think they don’t own their own body! They have been conditioned into thinking someone else owns it which is not only archonic, but one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard in my life right next to solipsism, especially from those who think that free-will doesn’t exist which is a lie and self-deception born out of ignorance, and also believe in yet another lie called determinism, which seems to be especially popular amongst many modern religionists, thinking that god literally controls and directs ever single event that goes on in the universe and in our personal lives and we are living out some inescapable destiny not knowing that most of the things that are going on are the result of free-will individuals who are shaping this reality, for better or worse!

This concept alone can be easily used (and has been by religious hierarchies historically) to manipulate people into accepting their enslavement and the state of this world which is why religion has been a very powerful tool to control the masses, the same religions that secretly had been invented or co-opted by the dark occultists who had been in control of this world for millennia.

Those things that are happening in your life is due to your inner divine will to grow and learn that you even may have pre-planned before you even incarnated here, not God’s will which is technically incorrect! This Will many speak of is actually about learning and expanding. The creator just like us is learning and expanding through our existence, and we are helping it expand its own self and we are merely aspects of this great huge sea known as the creator or more so a projection since we’re all droplets that belong in that same ocean, but then again this writing is not geared towards those who insist on this idea that the creator is this separate patriarchal being, not understanding that we are droplets in that body of ocean.

God doesn’t force or make anyone do anything! So-called light beings or any being who claims to be God who demands anything from you is an archonic being who wants to enslave you since the REAL prime creator is a force of unconditional love that would never do such a thing! There are cosmic laws that had been set in place that does all the reward and punishments if you’re wondering called, Universal Law if you hadn’t noticed by now to those who never heard of it before anyway!

This forced will concept rivals solipsism when it comes to ridiculous mental constructs in the realm of pseudo-spiritual and philosophical ideologies! Ultimately, these are more childish beliefs that we need to get over since things such as determinism will make one submit and bow to enslavement and tyranny since one can assume that the prime creator, wants them to be enslaved, tortured, murdered, and raped lifetime after lifetime, and since this is God’s will supposedly that can’t be questioned, then one would think we should not resist it!

I say to these people who think like this, get out of here with that nonsense that was given to you by the same people who are enslaving you now! I also want nothing to do with people like that as well if they think that we should not resist the evil that is around us because their deterministic belief system says so! What deterministic thinking is really all about is not acknowledging your own personal responsibility to yourself! You only control your own destiny, no one else does! Anyone else who wants to argue the contrary, then you’re simply wasting your time! I don’t have time for people like that! Mental children they are who don’t want to grow up!

These people the most really need to be convinced that we co-create our reality, and yes we do have creative input over our personal lives outside of astrological influences that would urge and influence us to walk certain paths along with “soul contracts” that will have an effect on what we manifest into our personal lives, and by the way, the idea of agreeing to a soul contracts in this domain can be used as a tool to hinder what you came to do here by non-physical forces that rule over this domain, but that is a topic for another time so don’t bother me about this right now until I actually write about it, because I need to have all the facts straight first.

You can do some research on that on your own in the meantime as it is. There are good and bad sides to this soul contract concept since some soul contracts can be mere agreements to work with someone on the same goals you may have for being here or a similar life purpose or someone coming into your life to help you out during a tough or challenging time as examples of positive soul contracts.

Anyway, until people stop believing that the Prime Creator is this cosmic dictator or some extreme psychopathic bipolar patriarchal father figure that is hard and abusive towards his children, this nonsensical disempowering belief called, determinism, may never die, unfortunately!

In conclusion, being down-to-earth is being realistic about what our reality is about. We need to stop buying into fantasy notions of what reality is in this domain, and pay more attention to where humanity really is because if you don’t, then you’re letting your guard down! Never drop your hands in the middle of a fight, ever, which is what these people seem to be doing!

People need to stop thinking that being awake is merely just seeing how bad things are getting on the surface alone, and that is only because the controllers can’t hide it like they used to due to how brazen and self-destructive this system is becoming by the day. Knowing what is happening on the surface alone doesn’t make one truly awake, not at all! My definition of being truly awake or actually being on the path of awaking is knowing what is going on deeply from an inner/spiritual level or is learning of this, and the harsh reality is, most people on this planet currently are not there, and still trapped in their mind cages and five-sense illusions!

We can even talk about some of these people involved in the so-called “truth” moment for example when it comes to this issue. Many of them still easily buy into divide and conquer games, especially between race, gender, and religion (whose head cage is the right one in other words) many still fail to see that we are all one in the sense that culture, nationality, religion, and race are all illusions and social constructs that were mostly created by your enslavers which are what many want to deny to the grave and beyond! It doesn’t help that, language, keeps these barriers enforced which are something that will never change until humanity evolves to the point where everyone would be capable of using telepathy to communicate again, but humanity is so far away from this that it’s not even funny!

It also doesn’t help that many of these people fail to see that what is going on under the surface is a spiritual war on consciousness, a war on your personal sovereignty, a war on your natural rights, and many of these natural concepts are something else these people have no idea or clue of since many of them still think that someone has the right to own others which also includes the right for someone else to own them in turn! A sign that someone is becoming fully awake is being aware of all these things!

Do we create our own reality? Yes, but only on a minor personal level, but if we’re talking about the greater reality in front of us beyond our individual spheres, then that creation is shared and is even objective, like gravity for example, at least on this density level we’re on. We all can have influences on the greater objective reality in front of us, but how much influence will vary based on our actions, and what we are trying to manifest into that greater reality in general!

The harsh reality is that the secret to making true and holistic changes in this reality is not only persistence in the face of low odds when going up against a collective who would be quick to resist these changes, but also numbers. In other words, a quantum shift is going to be required. Now the good news is that the more people get behind the type of change that you would want for reality, the easier that shift will be, so I’m not trying to sound negative. What I’m trying to explain is that don’t expect things to be different tomorrow at the current state humanity is in. It’s our job to help humanity understand that change is mandatory if we are to get out of our condition of slavery, suffering, along with the belief systems and mental constructs that continue to manifest such conditions!

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