There Can Never Be True Freedom As Long As There Is Widespread (Willing) Ignorance!

“Ignorance is the root cause of all Evil, Since only Knowledge eradicates ignorance, it is our duty and moral obligation to educate ourselves, as well as the masses around us.” – Unknown

It’ll never work that way and history has shown that over and over again! You even see it in today’s world. This is also tied in with the more ignorant (and objectively immoral I may add) a populace is, the less free they’ll become. It also doesn’t help that most people don’t seem know or care about what their natural rights are. Rights are something given to us by Nature/Creation that can’t be taken away or delegated to anyone.

Rights are also an action that you’re allowed to take that doesn’t result in the harm of others! Those who attempt to delegate or take away your or anyone else’s natural rights are trying to control and enslave you and others! It doesn’t matter if they think it’s for their own good in their collectivist mindset since said person has no understanding or is in denial of Cosmic Law! You think this is funny or that I’m wrong, but if you believe so then expect tyranny and enslavement to forever be a theme here on this planet and in your LIFE!

How do you expect any sort of freedom to be everlasting if people don’t understand what makes them free or even care in the first place? The ones who are willing ignorant are so out of fear of owning up to their own personal responsibility to maintain their natural freedoms, or simply because they have been programmed into thinking that life is all about their physical pleasure and what makes them feel good even if they sometimes have to harm others to achieve such gratification along with thinking it’s all about mere survival since they believe that life has no purpose, or how some are willing ignorant because they had bought into salvationism or any other escapist external garbage that organized religion and some aspects of the new age movement have been shoving down our throats on a regularly basis which is this foolish idea that life on this planet isn’t too important (or just a mere experience) and only the afterlife and other planes of existence matter more since we’re powerless to make real changes here anyway!

ALL LIES! NONSENSE! LIMITING BELIEFS, FEAR BASED THINKING! DEFEATISM! These people will have to understand whenever they want to or not that most of us are here for a reason despite what they want to think or be told about this!

People like these are waiting to be manipulated into giving their rights away to someone else, especially in the name of security or due to being hypnotized into a cult of personality, but then again the idea of ownership of others is alone is a cult of personality, a superstitious one at that! 99% of the world buys into the idea of someone having imaginary power over them that doesn’t exist in nature and the idea of abdicating their personal sovereignty and individuality to someone else. The majority of the world’s population thinks that our rights are something that are both given to us and can be taken away from us by men in various costumes called military uniforms, dress suits, and fancy robes.

Some of these men think and even arrogantly proclaim that they have some divine right to dictate and limit rights which is something that a mere individual can’t do in nature especially outside of this artificial construct that many call a matrix, and way too many people still to this day believe this ridiculous yet grave lie! If only humanity as a collective knew who they really are and where they really came from because if they did they would not even buy into such nonsense, and they’ll never take their rights for granted while not knowing why we even have them in the first place, and that reason is because it’s a gift of the Prime Creator who wants us to be free and live free contrary to what you think or have been told to think!

People don’t even fully understand the idea of sovereignty of the self. The only rule you have is rule over yourself! External Rule=Enslavement while Internal Rule=Freedom! Internal Chaos which a large number of people suffer from will result in external chaos while in turn quickly manifest and morph into External Rule. It’s as simple as that! What is going on within yourself is a reflection of what is going on outside of yourself! Taking a good look at the world around you is a great example of the Universal Law of Correspondence, “as above, so below” at work! You look around you, and you see a chaotic species that doesn’t know itself nor understand itself, even if they think they do. A species that has been traumatized, broken down, beaten up, shamed into thinking that they are not worthy of ruling themselves while they give that right to self-rule to someone else in turn, and their minds destroyed not understanding why, not realizing that this must be addressed and healed immediately, yet many run away from it or think they can tough out the trauma (if there even conscious of it) not understanding that it will continue to haunt them in many ways.

They fall into many of the false dialectics and various beliefs systems that are around the corner that only continue to keep people in a state of internal chaos and detachment from the higher aspects of themselves despite it’s promises and claims of success while keeping them believing that their rights are something that is externally given to them, not inherent and always with you. You literally have to be mentally ill if you believe and enforce that ridiculous lie, but sadly many do, since many of the minds of people on this planet are suffering from sickness, yet people don’t even notice this since they are so used to be attacked mentally and even psychically on a daily basis since the day they came out of the womb to the point where they can’t even notice it no longer!

Like I said, we are a traumatized species, and we have been enduring this trauma long enough to the point where most don’t even know the difference anymore and even engage and help perpetuate that ongoing collective trauma as a way to appease to the masters who claim that they are either doing God’s work or simply doing the world a favor and they know what’s good for you!

Many over and over again turn to external powers in hopes of being saved from themselves, the same powers that covertly or maybe even overtly traumatized them in the first place, which is a sick irony. These same traumatizers (these external authorities), simply just switch up their masks and pretend to be something else, someone there to help you all of a sudden, yet they just want to keep you under their control.

They want you to have hope whenever it be hope for salvation, hope for change, or having you wait for something that will never happen even though they continue to promise that it will. They continue to break their promises under elaborate excuses apologetically or they simply just shrug and ignore those they lied to, yet people still have hope in them or hope in someone who would seemly never do such a thing and will come save them since people continue to look to someone else to save them from themselves not understating that they and everyone else as a collective can save themselves and then help others do the same.

After you lead yourself to the river to drink from it, lead others there, and have them drink from it on their own! We need to heal ourselves while we help each other in that healing process, not give our life away to something that is not guaranteed and are often lies that have been played on humanity for so many thousands of years. People give their lives away to false promises of change only to wait for nothing and get more tyranny in return!

I can go on and on about this, but I’ll save this issue of people giving their power away to others and why it’s always been dangerous and why it’ll always continue to be so for another time. Anyway, my point is that we can’t continue to run around in the dark and expect someone to give us freedom or even maintain them for us! That is our responsibility as an individual and as a collective, not the responsibility of a small group of people or even just one person who you’ll continue to blame for this, yet you are the ones that continue to allow it since you believe in this superstition called authority and them having some kind of imaginary power over you that doesn’t exist in nature!

You know that these people are corrupted and evil, so why do you continue to obey them and why do you continue to follow their orders? One of greatest arch-evils that has been cleverly disguised as the ultimate good called Order-Following is something I’m going to give my first ever presentation about because this is a huge issue that literally almost no one has the courage to talk about nor have any understanding of how grave and powerful this evil is. Those are boots that need filling, no matter how big they are! It will be called, “Humanity’s Enslavement: Why It Won’t End Until People Collectively Take Back Their Power and Use it Responsibility!”

The whole plot twist to this drama is that we have freedom NOW! Many don’t know this because people bought into the illusionary idea that someone can take that away our freedom from us through nonsensical things such as legislative process, man-made laws that have been processed through said legislature, and ordinances that have no basis in nature! If anyone attempts this on you, then people as a collective need to be ready to resist such attempts of enslavement and control over others!

There is only rule in nature and that is Do Not Harm, if we violate this rule, then chaos will manifest into our reality! There is also one common sense suggestion we need to live by and that is cooperation, not competition and division since that alone will keep us in a state of chaos and the continuation of external rule of some kind going. This alone will be dictated by the level of morality a society has! Living in harmony with nature also is the only real way of keeping true order as well!

That is all we simply need! Nothing else! Humanity has to first raise its consciousness level so that it can easily live by these simple natural principles inherent in nature. We have a long way to go, and the road to that starts with the self. It’s time to look into ourselves. It’s time to question or re-question our thoughts, beliefs, the actions we took as a result, and our motivations. It’s time to stop giving away our power to other people or entities that are either physical or non-physical, It’s also time to look at our shadow which is the unconscious and dark aspects of ourselves that many avoid or run away from. It’s time to heal our emotional trauma and wounds that we have accumulated if we want a reality where there is no rulers amongst us.

Until then, there will never be true freedom on this planet until people choose to purge the darkness from within themselves and start to understand that evil and darkness is only a reflection of ourselves from within as a collective! External evil as we know it cannot survive in this world if we don’t allow internal chaos to dwell and even manifest within ourselves. Ignorance will only continue to feed it and grow worse as we see now and historically, so humanity, you now know what to do, so it’s time to get to work!

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