Information and Knowledge Surrounds Us, Yet people Choose Willing Ignorance Of It!

This write-up is not geared towards those who are already seeking knowledge or anyone who is awake or waking up and is just seeking more awareness about the world and the realities around them. This is a message to the general populace who I call “the living dead”(that name sounds harsh, but it’s the truth since most live a dead lifestyle of zombie-like routine and monotony while unconsciously on a collective level manifesting the type of reality that we all live in now), and some will insist that it should stay that way and be that way for everyone else while they stay dumbed down and mind controlled slaves to the demuirge and it’s minions or whatever the hell controls this twisted and sick construct that we are stuck in!

Now, this whole issue always bothered me, even before I woke up to realizing that I live in a prison like reality like this one! There was a time that seeking knowledge outside of the confines of what “authority” wanted you to know would get you killed! Some even risked their lives and travel the world just to obtain knowledge! Now fast forward to now where knowledge can be obtained so easily thanks to the world-wide-web and various other means in place within your own home now that the people who went through the trouble of preserving and hiding knowledge that would get them killed by the minions of the State and/or the priest classes who ruled the people, would now literary weep at how easy everyone has it now while ignoring it nor wanting to bother with it even though many had died and fought to get this type of information out, persevered it, and the few taught it!

Don’t even get me started on how tedious it was to even distribute any information which required copying everything by hand, and at one point, having to use clay tables to write plus forming and baking the clay to write on! Making and writing these things are not as luxurious as writing on a piece of paper with a pen or pencil or even typing it all out! Then again, people are so ignorant about that alone nor they bother to care since there too arrogant in their attitude over it and too apathetic to do so!

Today’s general populace is a slap to the face and a disgrace to these people who had to work their asses off to perverse knowledge, especially knowledge that was hard to obtain or even “forbidden”! The powers that shouldn’t be realized that the lid has blown off, and they can’t control knowledge like they used to which is why they count on people’s willing ignorance through keeping their sense of curiosity down because without curiosity, then there will be very little desire to even learn more than what one already knows now, keeping them distracted with all this nonsense you see on TV along with the bread and circuses that comes with it along with the agents of disinfo who will tell you some truths about the real reality of how this world works, but taint them with lies to confuse people and throw them off.

They’re also careful about not talking about causal factors to why things are they way they are now or telling people to take personal responsibly for themselves and stop depending on someone or something outside of themselves. I’m not directly calling anyone out, but that is something I just notice this with those types of people who are sent by the control system to act as someone who wants to help out others with telling them how things work but are really there to cause more confusion and even may resort to fear mongering.

Also organized religion plays a huge role in people not wanting to look into information that they will never learn in a classroom, in so-called higher education, or even in their own temples, churches, and so forth. They use fear and the age-old looming idea that the god they allegedly represent in the sky will condemn and damn them for questioning the nonsensical, limiting, and fear based sewage that they have been told by the institution as spiritual truth not understanding that what they are being told is limiting and constricting beliefs that are there to keep humanity down from knowing how powerful they are, and most of all, their personal sovereignty that was given to them by the REAL creator, and NOT the usurper or whoever the hell is on top of this hierarchy that many people have been fooled into thinking that it is the supreme creator.

Only the supreme creator of this matrix like reality which is an overlay of the real reality we should be living in that isn’t riddled with fear, confusion, chaos, and limitation would want this. This evil force that hijacked this reality is nothing comparing to humans who know their own power, and they need to depend on you to think that you’re inferior to them, and many are doing a damn good job at keeping them in power because of they choose to by into their own powerlessness through their ignorance.

All you have to do with people who think religion is the bastion of spiritual truth is flash them a few scriptures from said holy book (which often had been heavily edited and changed over time) to justify that are committing some kind of imagined evil just for questioning what they have been told, especially if they find something wrong with the message and then they’ll back down quickly! An institution that is based on finding real truth and based on REAL love will never discourage anyone from looking anywhere they need to look to understand the world around them and the self!

A truly loving God will never tell them that they are wrong for using the brain and heart that has been giving to them by the same creator to express this desire, and to express this free will to find their own path outside of the institutions that claim to represent God, and these institutions are nothing but a tragic joke since they caused so much misery, emotional trauma, soul trauma, physical death, and pain to the world populace!

Only if these institutions finally suffer from their cause and effect consequences since their burden is heavy and anyone who has studied or know enough about the history of religion (mainly in the west) will understand that they owe the world a huge burden for what they have done to the truth of our reality and ourselves!

Many turn away at the site of new information. Many even have the outdated mentality and logical fallacy that just because it’s on the internet and/or not from “approved” mainstream sources then that automatically and always means that it’s invalid or wrong! What a nonsensical and fallacious argument! If you believe that everything that comes from a textbook, people with titles such as Dr. or Ph.D. at the end of their names, or a government approved source is true, then you’re a naive child!

You have to understand that people who put out information have agendas that involve monetary gain and simply suppressing and controlling what type of knowledge the public is allowed to consume to keep a power differential between the general public and themselves so they can continue to have control over them and continue to have others wallow in the darkness of amnesia of their true self, so they’ll never discover who they really are as cosmic beings!

As long as they never rediscover this, then you can easily program anyone to think what they want them to think and have them behave in contrary to their true spiritual nature as a true sovereign being! That is how a socially engineered individual is manifested into reality!

Such naïve individuals have to realize that people who control the flow of information often have an agenda, and don’t give a damn about your best interests! Stop believing that these people in positions of power actually care about someone like you because if they did, the world would be very much different than it is now, I promise you! They see you as expendable pawns on a chess board (known as the checkered floor in freemasonry) and nothing more! Don’t be fooled by their false displays of compassion and concern that they put on for the public along with their bullshit philanthropy that they use as a cover to hide what they are really doing behind your back! They have to act like they care about you, so you’ll buy into the idea of giving your power away to them!

The various industries and paradigms such as education, modern science (which is heavily funded by those who have personal agendas), religion like I talked about earlier, and the media are tools that are used to control what information the people get along with it being a tool of social engineering and keeping the general populace dumbed down so they don’t even bother to look into anything outside of what they have been told.

pyramid of manipulation

The pyramid of compartmentalized hierarchy explains it better. There is indeed a small group of people at the top that possesses knowledge about the self, our true nature as sovereign individuals along with many other occulted (hidden) knowledge out there that can liberate and free humanity from its cyclical condition rapidly! You would be surprised of how fast things will progress if that did happen, but for that to happen, then people need to stop ignoring things that are not being told to them through the idiot box (TV), so-called government sources, and so-called studies that are often funded by private individuals who want a certain result in the face of the truth!

I think the best introduction to some of this is the book “Trust Us, We’re Experts”, and that book alone is a gentle introduction in comparison to how bad it really is! You also need to learn about the man who is known as the father of modern propaganda, mainly in The States, known as “Edward Bernays”. It’s amazing that most people have never heard of him, but if they did, then that is already too much information for most people.

The internet is the reason why “The Powers that Shouldn’t Be” can’t keep the lid closed any longer, so they have to count on either polluting some of this hidden knowledge that has been leaking steadily into the public by using disnfo agents and useful dupes who buy into the same disinfo, or already use the mainstream institutions of education, religion, and government/private funded science to scare or discourage people away from looking into information that will force them into questioning the reality that we live in while also using entertainment and gossip as tools of distraction to keep people from wanting to look into this information that will have them start questioning our reality, and to keep people further dumb and degenerated since I know first hand how popular culture can shape and mold people’s personalities as degenerated people would be the fastest to ignore or never look into this information! The version of reality people live in is one that has been given to them and it has no basis in nature! It’s a bought and paid for version of it shoved down your throat for you to consume!

We live in an era where people can go out and seek this knowledge so easily that it would make those who lived in the past weep at how easy it is to access it in your own home! The only challenge is weeding through all the cul de sacs out there that will keep you from knowing the real truth about this reality, and that truth is that this is a prison planet where we are being energetically harvested, used, and reused over and over again, lifetime after lifetime!

This sounds scary, but it isn’t once you understand that you can simply say no to this manipulation and assert your individual sovereignty! You are a powerful individual, and these controllers know that! That is why their worst nightmare is people waking up en mass (if that will ever happen) to their own personal power! If that does, then their game is over!

They can only control you because you gave your power away to them, bought into fear-based belief systems along with their savior programs that have no real basis in spiritual nature and no basis outside of this matrix of control, along with buying into the superstition or idea that people have special rights that others in nature don’t have including the right to commit wrongs that others are not allowed to commit in the natural world. The religion of violence and the religion of slavery as I like to call authority!

No one is going to save you but yourself! You really have to be dumb, stubborn and mind controlled enough to continue asserting that someone will save you from yourself! You don’t need a savior! Thinking that you need one is one of the biggest lies out there and you can prove to yourself that you don’t need one nor you ever did if you look into yourself and ask your inner divine self, and the real prime creative force to help you remember who you are, and not the archons who pose as gods (leeches) that you have been fooled into worshiping!

Once you do this, you’ll find that salvationism is a hoax created by an ancient dark occult cabal that has been manipulating humanity for tens of thousands of years behind the shadows through their royal families, secret societies and inner circles of priest classes who also authored many of the holy books of respective religions under pseudonyms! Salvationism is a pretty old and ancient deception created to hide, distract from, or water down hidden knowledge which existed way before Abrahamic faiths did. It just didn’t have the redeemer figure, and the idea that you’re a dirty sinner, a piece of fecal matter that has the worth of a maggot factor to it along with an angry egotistical creator god that hates its own creation to the point where it’s waiting for one excuse to condemn anyone to the inferno forever.

That part didn’t exist at least, but that was included later so people would be forced into buying into this psychological trauma and terrorism that still is running wild in the minds of billions of people out there along with turning people off from any form of real spirituality that doesn’t preach and propagate such fear mongering nonsense at all, thus defaulting such people into a left-brain prison and world view!

BS like that is the reason why we have to deal with those who reject the fact that a spiritual reality does exist, the secularists and atheists in our midst because of the vulgarity, and nonsensical lies of mainstream religion’s main messages in its true form outside of it hiding behind seemly gentle niceties, along with the bankrupt idea of giving your power away to something outside of yourself to be saved from yourself which will surely keep you trapped here on this planet for lifetimes to come in your prison of limitation and enslavement! Add in the strong discouragement of critical thinking and asking questions as well.

These disgusting, vulgar, fear-based, dualistic, sexist, separatists (us vs. them) messages of limitation, authoritarianism, glorification of suffering and pain with the denial and hatred of pleasure, submission, spiritual enslavement and the forsaking of one’s personal sovereignty has broke people’s minds, stole and denied the inherent personal freedom and sovereignty of the individual along with pushing the fear of damnation or something else similar!

Anyone who is still in denial and still think that salvationism is exclusive to the Christian religion should know that they can find many parallels to the savior complex if they got off their cognitive dissonant chairs of death and did some research while not allowing some asshole apologist to tell them that it’s wrong through verbal and mental gymnastic feats (convoluted reasons why), so you would ignore it and go back to being a slave to the leeches (the archons) who pose as an abusive, but sometimes merciful father figure pretending to be Prime Creator!

As for those who still think they need someone to save them, all I have to say is that you need to clean up your own filth and stop being such a little baby with abandonment issues you refuse to heal on your own! Get off your knees for goodness sakes because you look pathetic on them and stand tall with courage beaming from your heart, and say NO to evil, and say I DO NOT CONSENT TO YOUR FEAR MONGERING AND LIES!!

Billions of people continue to believe that someone will come save them from their own filth, whenever it be a holy figure, ETs, some big ascension that will change things overnight, or some great wave of energy that will come to this planet to fix all of our problems in an instant! You can believe that all you want, but you’ll still continue to be manipulated and tricked forever by both physical and non-physical forces in this plane of existence who would exploit this need for a savior or a proxy daddy/mommy figure!

You can save yourself from your own predicament by doing shadow work on yourself and stop running away from the negative like most people do on this planet along with understanding how powerful you really are to make changes and resist tyranny on both the physical and non-physical levels! In other words, STOP GIVING AWAY YOUR POWER TO OTHER PEOPLE AND STOP GIVING IN TO BELIEF SYSTEMS THAT ARE BASED ON PURE EMOTION AND NO THOUGHT WHICH IS A FORM OF MIND CONTROL!

This idea of the few ruling the many in the shadows is not a recent phenomenon as some wrongly believe! This has been ongoing for longer than you can imagine! There also has been an “elite” at the top of things manipulating humanity into creating its own self-destruction through such belief systems such as salvationism like I talked about a few seconds ago which takes out the idea of right action and taking a stand against tyranny and wrongdoing in this world along with having you accept your lot as a mind controlled slave in this world!

That is why religion has been the best friend of anyone who wanted to control people! The ones who propagate the same or similar religion in whatever region at the highest levels behind the scenes don’t even practice it since they know it’s nonsense as well.

Many can’t see this since their hierarchy has been compartmentalized which means that those at the bottom don’t have no clue of what is going on above them! Those at the higher end, shy from the very top, operate on a need to know basis, and they’re only given what they need to know or more so what they’re fit to know in the control system which is why many people with good intentions don’t even know who they’re really working for and don’t get to see the higher levels. They’re given a low ceiling within the hierarchy to aspire to instead.

Besides all of these barriers to getting out of ignorance and the love of it that was put in place by the few that rule the many though their pyramid of hierarchy and control, there is also the freewill of people who want to continue and insists on staying in this state of not knowing and living in a bubble. They have bought into this solipsistic idea that anything that they want to ignore within their reality is somehow going to go away or not affect them, but what they don’t understand is that it will first affect their surroundings to the point where they can’t ignore it any longer and it will start to directly affect them, and suddenly then they would wonder why it happened, not realizing that they were apart of the reason why it happened!

Many have been conditioned into blaming others for what happens in the world, not understanding that we collectively play a role in why suffering happens in the world! Individuals will commit wrongdoing, but it’s our job to prevent it from happening as best as we can through understanding and teaching the objective differences between right and wrong and enforcing that at ALL TIMES, and by stopping said wrong action dead in its tracks before it can spread further and become a disease that affects many thus causing widespread suffering like we have now.

It still amazes me how dumbed down, mind controlled, and docile people are to even reject the idea of taking in new information even though I understand that fear may play a role, but often the fear only sets in once the questioning even begins, but then again billions of people worldwide still want to deny that something like geoengineering and “solar radiation management” is not real even though it’s right up in their face on a daily basis and they will look at you like you’re stupid if you point that out, so I should not be surprised at all in the end.

That is why the dark occultists who rule the world can do such things such as mock and laugh at these people by having their minions flash their symbolism in their face knowing that many would not look into what they just did or why did they made that said sign with their hands or with their eyes or the origins of various logos and other forms of symbolism that the people in the media and various mainstream institutions use. They even put various symbols on police uniforms and sometimes on military uniforms as well (all which may vary in other countries). Go look into the occult mockery of the police and military as a start if you think I’m being really crazy!

If you ask me, humanity is degrading and ignorance seems to be getting stronger within the people along with the religious and cultural programming at this time of writing from my personal observations and taking occasional peeks at current events along with my head not being up in the clouds when it comes to how I see the 3D world.

I really don’t truly know why, to be honest outside of humanity’s collective will to rebel against Cosmic Law, maybe people are just doomed, who knows? I hear about this and that going on in the non-physical domains, and that the control system is falling apart and so forth, but seriously, how is humanity going to respond if the system does collapse?

Depending on how they respond is going to be based on where we are at in our collective consciousness when it happens, and I don’t like how it looks right now since many are still in that place within their consciousness that got us here in the first place.

The controllers as of this time are having a bit of a rough time not getting what they want to be done as effectively as they used to is because there running behind schedule getting to the final stages of their agenda which is causing them to become blatant, sloppy, and more brazen over the last few years since 2012, because they sped things up which means less time to execute their plots more properly, along with help of alternative forms of media giving people heads up about what they are planning or may plan, so more people are going to see what they are doing and protest it.

It does not mean that people are waking up on an inner spiritual level en mass, because if they were, they would be saying no to the illusion of authority seeing it as an artificial system that literally lives and breathes on violence and oppression, saying no to denial of the shadow self and the negative in their personal lives, no to ignorance, and no to divide and conquer dialectics that they still easily buy into, mainly concerning issues involving race, religion, cultural clashes feuded by immigration (migrant) issues in various countries at this time, and still gender since the gender dynamic has been so badly twisted and perverted in this world especially today since young males and females are being socially engineered into something else which is another story that involves the destruction and both healthy masculinity and healthy femininity that is continuing alongside with its long oppression and suppression of the positive divine feminine which is going to be a huge catalyst to real permanent change and ending slavery on this planet if it was free from the chains put on by the agents of “The Luciferian Agenda” who also use this feminine energy for dark purposes, so it actually goes both ways.

The whole gender topic is a big mess alone and I’m going to leave it alone for now, mainly since we’re getting off topic! Like I said, humanity is overall on the path of entropy and going to hit the jagged rocks at the bottom of the pit at the current rate everyone is going right now.

Despite all of this, I just still wonder how one cannot be curious enough to look into anything that doesn’t involve personal interest, making money, or making oneself feel good along with not questioning what you have been told as truth and your beliefs, the same beliefs that may be causing your own self-destruction? Even when I was asleep to what is going on in the world and within myself, I still had enough curiosity to want to look into things. I guess it’s all of the artificial man-made junk that they put in foods and in water (sodium fluoride, traces of antidepressants and more) these days, especially here in “good ol’ murica,” where there has to be hundreds of preservatives and chemicals that are being used in foods and drinks these days along with msg being in almost everything, and msg alone is interesting since it has so many different names that would shock you. Just look that up as well!

Anyway, people’s willing ignorance is summed up like this. Many think they know everything they need to know about life thanks to how this control system has boxed people into thinking that all they need to worry about is their own survival in this artificial system that is draining their energy (that is being harvested) and exploiting them, the salvationist messages of religion that tells you that the afterlife (only for them to recycled back here again for yet another lifetime) is all that matters making them into happy slaves singing praises of heaven and thinking that someone outside of themselves will solve all of their problems that they can only solve on their own while doing nothing about what is wrong in the world, like enslavement (what goes on here on earth matters a lot more than you think), told not to look into anything outside of the church and it’s literalist interpretation of their doctrine, and told not to look into anything outside of “officially approved” sources as well!

Then there is the new (c)age movement that will tell them not to look into the negative, not explore the darkness in one’s self, or even look into the in-your-face fact that the planet is a spiritual prison, oh no, we can’t have that! We can’t have people wake up to the fact that we are fighting a spiritual war that EVERYONE has a moral obligation to take part in on some level no matter how small that role is. Got to keep them up in the clouds of solipsist land! For the left-brain atheistic types, they are shunned away from looking into anything that is not status-quo, five senses only, shunned away from anything that seems otherworldly, and don’t forget how they don’t even try to experience any these things outside of their left-brain on their own due to the fear and ridicule of being seen as crazy for it, or thinking it’s merely their head, and not just another part of their reality that they divorced themselves from due to their right (intuitive) side of their brain being shut down by the society around them which is known as the sacred feminine.

Combine all of this sewage, lies, fear mongering, distractions, the idea of cultural acceptance and fitting in if it means ignoring/rejecting what is not popular opinion or consensus, laziness, airheadedness, and toxic information that is going into the brains and hearts of people and you get a race of individuals who will easily choose willing ignorance in an age of information surrounding them! There are many more reasons, but those are the main ones that are the worst.

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