The Societal Cult of (Fake) Positivity: A New Age and Sociological Deception That Encourages Fear and Denial of the Negative!

All it takes is a beautiful fake smile to hide an injured soul and they will never notice how broken you really are. -unknown. 

People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to stop from facing their souls. -Carl Jung

Fakeness is appreciated due to its promises and sweet nothings that it loves to whisper into your ear while realness is seen as profane! That is why a sweet talking charismatic liar is given great respect and love while a hard-hitting, belligerent, truth teller is shunned, ridiculed, laughed at, and physically and verbally threatened -(Myself)

Just like these phony and watered down variations of the law of attraction that people have bought into over the last few years or so brought to you by the same new age moment, the one that really gets me the most is this “modern” idea of positivity and the perversion of that concept! Being positive when it comes to taking right action in the world to make change is one thing, but using the idea of positivity to ignore the negative in your life and the world around you is another! It shows how influential a lot of these lines of thinking that ignores our root problems are these days.

You don’t even have to be a new ager or be into pop psychology to even buy into some of this nonsense, and many of the people who aren’t those usually the ones that at the very least end up buying into a twisted dumbed down version of the law of attraction that takes out physical ACTION and hides the occulted truth behind it which is the fact that it’s one of many Universal Laws that governs our actions in this reality, and not just attraction alone! Don’t get me started on how this has been a tool to further instigate the selfish desires of the ego.

There is nothing wrong with having wants, and there is nothing wrong with having desires as long as those desires are not based on wanting to cause harm, but people make getting their wants and needs the number one goal in life at the expense of raising their own consciousness and learning about the self due to being socially engineered that way which is the problem! Many need to be more focused on wanting to create a better reality for all and not just the ego self!

Anyway, like I said, I get to witness this thing around me or this meme that is again another socially engineered tactic that is preventing people to question the reality we live in! If you dwell in suffering long enough, then there is a chance you’ll have that one breakthrough idea or desire to make a change in the world dealing with what’s around you! It may even lead to a spiritual awakening in the best case scenario! It happened to me! The suffering has gotten to the point where I had, to be honest with myself and see that I needed to change my lifestyle to be more in touch of who I’m really am no matter what the physical and social expenses would be!

I had to do things that many would not do due to many fears of what others would think of them. I also had to say no to all the little things within me that are holding me back and had to confront them face to face with brutal shameless honestly!

The whole point of this engineered idea of positivity is to prevent all those things! It’s a more subtle version of ignoring the negative that has been popular in this reality for many millennia. The message is that if you ignore the negative in your life and just think positive happy thoughts, then the negative will go away or someone else will get rid of it for you! I already talked about how this idea is 100% pure grade A BS in my writing here Ignoring the negative and why it’s immoral and self-harming. I started to get sick and tired of all the fakeness in today’s society that bred this garbage in the first place! The phony smiles and the canned artificial greetings included! I’m going to get into to this fakeness deeper in another write-up soon, by the way, so don’t you worry, that will be addressed as well!

It also is apart of this new social cult that has this unwritten rule that they must show that there is nothing wrong with themselves or their life out in public! You always have to be doing well, and you can never really complain about the inherent evil and slavery of this system that creates misery for all unless it’s done in the tight highly controlled confines of politics, and within the socially approved dialectics that it has to offer within this same joke of a realm called politics! God forbid if you talk about wanting to completely change it all together and while saying NO to reforming it since reforming a system that was designed to enslave will lead you down a cyclical road of history repeating itself!

Why do you want the slave masters to whip you less instead of not being whipped at all? How about no slave masters whipping us at all and no slave masters ruling over us all together!? Most people are not even ready for that since most people are too scared of true freedom nor they have a high enough consciousness level to handle it responsibly so it wouldn’t descent into pure chaos (yet the world is already in a chaotic state) thus leading us back into slavery all due to the lack of understanding or outright refusal to live in harmony with creation through Universal Law!

To those people who are practicing this attitude of fake positivity, just stop now! You’re only contributing to the insanity of a diseased society! Stop betraying yourself, especially if you’re doing this to fit in with a bunch of people who are of a lower consciousness level than you who are not worth your time if you have to dumb yourself down to their standards no matter how nice or friendly they may be to you in return! If they really cared about you, then they’ll respect you for who you really are, and not for the mask you put on in public! This may sound harsh and insulting, but I’m being real here! If you think that getting along to get along is going to make things better, then I don’t know what to say to you outside of the fact that you are helping to create a barrier to real change in this society along with you being apart of the problem!

If you’re suffering from negative thoughts or attitudes, then you have to start being honest with yourself. I encourage you to get a piece of paper or get a word processor loaded and start to be bluntly honest with yourself. Start to honestly deep down take a long hard look at all of your beliefs, attitudes, and ideas, and look at your world view. Start to think critically about these things for some time. This may even be your first critical thinking experience since we live in a society that discourages the concept of critical thinking and introspection. After that, now look at the world around you! Be honest and ask yourself does this social/economic paradigm really support me as a free individual with god given sovereignty and free will? Does it let me be my real self? Does it honor my desire to live my life the way I want to live it as long as I don’t harm others while being fair to others? Does this system cultivate holistic values and ideas that encourage spiritual and conscious growth that is free from the bias of propaganda, cultural relativism, government, so-called education, collectivist thinking, and organized religious belief systems that discourage people from questioning what they have been told as truth about our reality and ourselves?

Negativity in a mentally healthy individual that hasn’t bought into many of the mind control programs on this planet or any of the divide and conquer games is an indicator that there is something out of harmony with yourself or the world around you. We need to stop denying negativity! First, we need to acknowledge the negative, and then create a desire to turn it into something positive! You do that by having the courage to stand up to that negative situation in your life, the negative around you in the real world, and taking RIGHT ACTION against it! If you feel that you have no idea how THEN LEARN HOW! Make it your obsession and hobby if you have to! If the negative is something within yourself, then it’s time to deprogram yourself and get rid of all of your current beliefs, stop letting cultural perceptions have influence over yourself, and start all over again! This may be harder than it sounds since many of people’s beliefs are subconsciously ingrained into them!

Also, those who fall for this idea of ignoring the negative in life and just always just looking at the positive, even if they’re not feeling positive enough to do so on the inside are usually deeply affected by the consciousness known as fear! They fear that they can’t do anything to change their situation and think that it’s hopeless so they run away from the negative and hope it will somehow go away or they just need to “cope” with it through various escapisms that we all know about that I don’t need to get into here! If you think that it’s hopeless, then you’re WRONG! No matter what, there is always a way to find change and to make that change even if it takes you days, weeks, months or even years!

A diligent man or woman will always find a way to make that change if it’s their intention! Real positivity is always feeling in your heart that a change can be made! All he/she needs to do is not let their own cultural influence and programmed beliefs discourage them from doing so!

Culture is your enemy, not your friend when it comes to tapping into your true self, your inner divine self which is the real you that isn’t influenced by the negative aspects of the ego that can easily be programmed by limiting beliefs and culture! There are some things that you can’t change in this world or in this lifetime at the very least, but that doesn’t mean that can’t even try to change something! There are more things you can change than things that you can’t change! It’s better to say that you have tried than to have quietly given up before you can even think to do something about it!

The true spiritual lesson that has been occulted (hidden) from us is discovering our ability to create and turn negativity into positivity through right action, and putting an end to what causes negativity in the world! Many on this planet still have yet to get that! Many so-called spiritual leaders, guru’s, and religionists had failed to see this and even don’t tell anyone to do this! They focus way too much on the “afterlife” which is a trap or more so a cul-de-sac in itself and that is another story and so-called rabbit hole I should address in the future when I feel I can put it in writing good enough, because a eternal being’s journey is always ongoing outside of the flesh or more so a single lifetime, understanding that life never ends moving on to having other forms of experiences whenever it be here in this corrupted construct if you are crazy enough to continue to do so, (because you personally feel have a mission to finish up here for example), or somewhere else outside of it depending on what you choose to do when it’s all over.

In the meantime we are here on this planet to collectively learn this lesson of changing what we don’t want in this third-dimensional density, and many are going to end up being drawn to come back here just to learn that lesson or due to not understating that enslavement will never come to an end until this lesson is learned!

I personally feel the real life lessons we are supposed to learn that goes beyond all of this dumb and senseless drama is to live in harmony with creation through Universal Law, and to manifest and change what we don’t desire in our reality through real world action, and not just meditating all day in hopes that it will all go away or hoping some savior, guru, a group of politicians, ETs, or  that one charismatic gifted wise individual who you’ll be bowing at the feet of calling your leader is going to do it all for you! Giving your power away to someone else will lead you down a cyclical road, another positive/negative cycle in other words if such a thing did lead to a golden age on paper even though this will just lead us to one world government in reality which in turn is more enslavement.

If we do all of that alone, then many things will fall into place that we want! All forms of control and enslavement on this planet will fade into non-existence along with the people and non-physical entities that own them! They can no longer exist in this reality if this was a planet that was in harmony with the god-given laws of creation! A planet of higher vibration in other words.

Fake positivity is not even positivity at all! Many don’t even know this common sense fact because they end up becoming their social masks! Want an extreme example this? Anyone that has committed suicide or done anything else extreme to themselves or other people before they committed said action!

You normally hear about how happy and outgoing these people seem to be in public towards other people if you ignore the mainstream media’s BS about these people always being “loners” or if they are not “loners” they make them out to be so they can make real introverts who stereotypically tend to think deeper and take time to contemplate about themselves and life look bad, and by the way, not all introverts want to be alone, some like being around people, but they have to recharge regularly from social interaction. I just need to point that out.

Anyway, they never told anyone about what was devouring them from the inside due to this culture of false positivity, discouraging people to be honest with themselves even if it means being politically incorrect in their honesty about what the observe around them or about themselves. People who need emotional support and help are often given the cold shoulder by telling them to deal with it, cope with it, or be a man and stop complaining (I HATE THAT ONE), telling said person to stop being so negative, and being simply unable to do anything to help them out since most people in society lack the ability to comfort another person emotionally due to being unable to comfort themselves and not being raised to deal with emotions in a healthy matter due to their parents not emotionally being available or some other emotional trauma since most people think parenting is just taking care of a child’s bodily needs and having their children obey the authority of the slave masters who control government!

That is false since it involves much more than that! This is exactly what the power structure wants since this is apart of an ongoing plan to breed brain-dead people and individuals with psychopathic tendencies all thanks to poor parenting and lack of healthy emotional development that will have an impact on their adulthood. They also give such people give the cold shoulder since they’re scared that it will bring them down as well since they feel the same way deep down and don’t want to bring up all those repressed emotions to the surface.

Emotional repression is the ultimate cause of people falling into this new age psychological garbage, and why people embrace fakeness over what is real also due to creating false ideas of who they are to cover for their perceived and socially engineered inadequacies. One day I’m going to go deep into this issue of repression in so-called “civilized” society. I’ll even address another issue that everyone seems to be afraid to talk about unless their being negative about this topic and that is the topic of sexuality and the repression of it and how that can manifest into authoritarian personalities or hyper-sexualized individuals along with how the “powers that shouldn’t be” exploited this to their own advantage.

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