Your Preferences don’t Equate to Objective Morality… Deal with it!

One of my most charged up rants incoming! This writing is from someone who is sick and tired of people who like to confused their little preferences, likes and dislikes and confused them for true objective mortality, people who like to claim ownership of other people for the sake of the “common good” (a.k.a collectivism) in all of their self-righteousness, people who don’t understand and even reject Universal Law in favor of the law of man which is based on personal preferences, likes, dislikes, and perceptions! Pathetic little constructs of the puny human mind trapped in a (often extreme) left-brain or negative right-brained modality!

The idea that if it’s right for me then it’s right for others, if it’s wrong for me, then it’s wrong for others! Many of these people don’t even realize that they bought into a convert and sneaky version of moral relativism, thinking their morality comes from a higher source! Ha, if only they knew better or if they are open to knowing that they have been duped by someone else or even their own selves into thinking that preferences=objective morality!

The gloves are off so expect some strong language in this one and some verbal left jab, right hook combinations. It’s no holds barred as I’m going to speak fast and loose in this one! I’m done trying to appeal to these sensitive flower on the wall types, especially when it comes to issues like this!

I might even turn some people off from my blog, but I don’t give a damn since my intent is not to make friends and as I already know that my words will have people running for the hills, because I always speak out and write about things many don’t want to hear along with my other unpopular opinions that is here to get people angry, having them walk away, and if I do make you angry then I’m doing my job right unfortunately, but that is the nature of owning up to what needs to be said, and like I said, I’m not here to make you feel good, but to get you out of your ill mindsets that are based in fear, limitation, and mind control!

It’s shit work, its spiritual janitory work, but that is what I came here to this planet for as crappy of a job it is, so stop reading right now if you are not mature enough to handle some verbal roughness that stems from a healthy expression of anger and frustration!

Enough of my own bitching since no one wants to hear my own complaining! Anyway, for a long time, I always wanted to write something on this, and this will be my definite say on this topic as I’m fed up and tired of this issue that most people seem to have, and even discussing this feels taboo, but that is a testament of how worked the minds of these people are! There are people who love to talk about freedom, liberty, being open, honest, and having courage to stand out and speak the hard truths about humanity and its own self-imposed suffering, but they dare not say a word or a topic in a direct and straight matter like I am right now! It makes me wonder why?

What I’m getting at is that others want to deny others natural rights because they feel offended at someones said lifestyle or what they do with their body! This utter bullshit is the reason why the phenomenon known as victimless crime even exist, and the fact that there are millions of people around the world who are thrown into a cage for such things because someone’s preference or a group of people’s preferences were offended! Such thinking that comes from self-righteous, stuck up individuals who have a stick up their ass (figuratively speaking of course)!

Yes I’m now mud-slinging, because I’m sick and tired of seeing a world where people’s inherit rights are being taken away and people being caged, tortured (lashings for example), and killed over such nonsense! I’m done with being nice to these types of people and trying to be respectful, because as far as I’m concerned, I have, no, or should not have any respect for people who want to take away other people natural rights because they think they are doing them some good! No! Your not! You made people as a whole more miserable, you fascist enablers, you pushers of social collectivism which is the root of authoritarianism as we know it on this planet!

The only thing you have the right to control is yourself and your own life, not anyone else’s! If you believe that others have the right to control others then that tells me that you either have no understanding of Universal Law, a poor understanding of it, or a twisted understanding that came from organized religion that is based on the dogma of their man-made “holy books” that have been heavily edited and revised over and over again that teaches people that ownership should exist since they often believe in gods that treat their own creation like garbage. This also means that they are unaware of the negative consequences of not understanding real Universal Law (Natural Law) which will always bring about and create more enslavement, control, and suffering here on this planet because people want to continue to believe in ownership of others (enslavement)!

Then again we are dealing with people who are statists and collectivists! These same groups of people love to take away people’s rights just because something isn’t their preference! Smoking cigarettes is something I don’t like, something I hate to be honest, but I understand that it’s a preference, and I’m not going to stop someone’s natural right to do what they want to their own body a long as they don’t do it around me! Hopefully one would be smart enough not to put those 4,000 chemicals that are in cigarette smoke in one’s body, but then again, no one is perfect, as well as myself. Most of us have our own personal vices whenever their harmful or not. Just don’t blow that stuff around me and we’ll be fine.

The idea of thinking that there is such a legitimate thing such as owning others and controlling their body is a foreign idea outside of this reality and outside this multidimensional matrix! Control only exist here because people don’t know how or don’t want to live in harmony with Universal Law, or they don’t even know what a Right is in native nature outside of these artificial constructs that try to dictate what our rights are which is the reasons why we get institutions like statism that try to solve the issue of wrong doing allegedly, by creating more chaos through control by in turn creating a monopoly on the use of force (which is why the natural right to self-defense is under attack everyday here in places like America), and giving themselves the right (that doesn’t exist in nature) to unleash violence on those who don’t want to submit and obey to the will of this archontic system!

Anyway, I also don’t want to hear that bullshit excuse use to take people’s natural rights away that involves the whole “think of the children” nonsense (ah, more collectivist thought)! You’re on your own, and it’s no one’s responsibility to raise them but your own! Stop trying to get big daddy or big mommy in the form of government or “authority” in general to do that for you!

Also stop getting government to take away people’s natural rights because you don’t like what someone is doing as long no one is harming anyone and/or there is consent involved! We live in a world where a large majority of parents don’t even raise their kids properly as in teaching them about real rights, Universal Law, and objective morality that is not based on whims and preferences or what government or religion tells you, and such things are all based in fear that tells people to be good out of fear of the big bad daddy in the sky or on the ground (as in government/authority)!

That is one of the reasons why people are so morality deprived and are such opportunists since they are not holistically taught why we must live in harmony with ourselves and others along with breeding the traits of compassion and empathy into themselves and others as well! Telling someone to be good or else we are going to hurt you or put you in a cage is not going to do a damn thing to fix why the world is so fucked up! It’s the year 2015 of this time of writing and you can see how well using fear based tactics when it comes to managing the population is working out! It’s just like preventing an eruption by pressing down on it with a giant lid in hopes that the lid won’t fly off! It just won’t work and the cycle will never end!


You’ll be enraged yourself if you have to hear countless stories of people being victimized, persecuted, tortured, thrown in a cage, and killed over such petty nonsense such as what people put in their bodies, what they want to eat, who they want to be sexual with, (I’m not even talking about the age of consent issue which is a whole nother story, so don’t even fucking try me if you plan on twisting this into that), where they can and can’t go as long as they are not trespassing on someone’s private property or land, what type of lifestyle they choose to live if they decide that they don’t want to be like everyone else or more so the norm within the collective, and most of all, thinking for one’s self since there is also such a thing as thought crimes since thinking for yourself is the antithesis of a herd mentality or any hierarchical power structure that is based on controlling others “for their own good,” supposedly!

It’s even worse in countries were we have idiots that live in a stone age mindset, who engage in “honor killings” and this is seen as moral, righteous, and holy not realizing that the opposite is true! Moral relativistic fools who think they are morally objective! Dumbass, arrogant, POS, ignoramuses, and they deserve more than being called that, but even then, it doesn’t change the fact that they are just that!

No, I’m not sorry that I offended you and never will be! Get angry, pound your fist into a wall, and threat me all you want since I don’t fear anything nor I fear the Luciferian controllers who rule the world and their order-following minions, so what makes me think I’m scared of some mere mind controlled human dupe? I’m not a mere talker, and I’m more than happy to walk the talk if I have to!

You deserve more than my tirade as it is, so don’t push it since words are much more tame than someone giving you what you really deserve and I’m not the one that would do it, so don’t look at me! If the majority of this world lived by the principles of Universal Law, everyone and not just myself, then they would know that such people deserve to get back what you have done to others or what they want to do to others in the name of harming another because of your selfish whims, preferences, and fixed cultural beliefs, superstitions, and traditions that were violated enough for you to want to engage or support such as thing as honor killing!

The audacity for people to even defend such practices in the name of cultural and religious tolerance, and the newer social disease on the block called political correctness!? If you do such things then you’re supporting evil and condoning moral relativism, and moral relativism is a satanic tenet that the controllers themselves live by religiously and want everyone to practice as well which they have been mostly successful at! Oh I have a special write-up soon (or later) for all the moderates and liberals of religious and cultural traditions who either try to cover these things up or try to deny that intolerance is the inherit nature of their little religious mind cages or religious belief systems along with not going out there and fighting against such things because their too cowardly, afraid to lose a few friends, or even be killed!

We’re at war! There is a spiritual war on this planet and that war is against freedom if anyone hadn’t noticed which most hadn’t especially if they think this is just merely good vs evil, no, it’s more like freedom vs. slavery! We are supposed to be the defenders of freedom against the tyranny of the fascists, communists, collectivists, nazis, authoritarians, order-followers, and various other hierarchical groups and ideologists who want to propagate any economic or social system that promotes monetary slavery and limitation through the creation of fixed norms whenever it’s private or government controlled!

Capitalism, Socialism, Communism… It’s all soulless, hierarchical slavery, and control to me! It’s like what type of slavery you should have? Covert or non-covert? Overt or non-overt? It’s a false dialectic, a facade! I’m neither stupid or unimaginative enough to fall for such dialectics such as Democrat or Republican, Philosophical Materialist or Christian/Muslim/Jew, Capitalist or Communist! All bullshit, all slavery, all nonsense that doesn’t exist in nature, and lacking in real freedom and true equality! I’m not saying this to disrespect to people who are religious and want to help do some good in this world that doesn’t fall into all of the negative things I talked about, but I’m just being honest here. It’ snot a personal attack on you, but on the institution itself!

Here is my counter or answers to these false dialects, Spiritual Anarchism, someone who doesn’t buy into religion or any belief systems of this matrix that are ultimately there to keep you in limitation and trapped in this system (including atheism which is a left-brain mind cage) that were created by the dark occultists that rule this world, and how about a resource based economy that is non-hierarchical? There! How about that!?

So to those who had read this and if you get it, then that means you can walk in the shoes of victims of being harmed by the moral and cultural relativism of this world! If not, then you’re a stubborn fool that doesn’t get it! There is no opinion here! I see people who want to take away anyone’s own personal freedom and natural rights as enemies of true freedom in this world as their thoughts lead to people who would try to control others which often in its extreme leads to people being killed and imprisoned over things like this.

Think about it! Mediate on it, contemplate! Some of these same people even have the audacity to talk about “right to life”, and life being precious while one minute they may be smiley, then the next minute, they would will easily kill you if you offend them over something like this or “offend” any of their other preferences! Hypocrites! “Victimless crimes exist here? Why yes! ”Welcome to this multidimensional matrix and prison planet called earth!

Also I don’t want to hear a single thing about this article if you plan on contacting me over this write-up if your intention is to bitch and moan to me like a whiny little child about how wrong I am, because one, I don’t care what you think, two, I’m not going to read your message, three, you’ll be blocked if you even try, and four, this is my house (webpage)! This is not up for argument! DEAL WITH IT! Instead, punch your screen or desk, or make an echo chamber (hugbox) that I’ll never listen to over it for all I care!

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