About the willing ignorant, the stubborn ones, and those who love their slavery and chains!

What it seems is that this planet is populated by those who are so married to their stubborn ways that they need to learn the hard way to see the grave error of their ways!? This society is crumbling. The intense rise in this service to self-consciousness within the mainstream of society and which had trickled down from the top!

If you ever dared to bother with current events which involves what people do to each other on the daily basis out of selfish interest, you would lose all but your hope in humanity like myself. Yes I have lost most of my hope, but I’ll still will press on for as long as it takes to see if something can come out of it! I have nothing to lose, but if humanity doesn’t change it’s ways and stop living in a spiritually deprived ego-based consciousness then expect a dystopia were people will remain asleep and neo-fascism from the top of the pyramid overtly reigning supreme over us all by those who are slowly chipping away your rights.

I sometimes wonder if humanity as a collective wants to get their act together, but I think its more about general ignorance and apathy for anyone but themselves and maybe their family and friends only. That type of thinking is the reason why things are the way they are now! I repeat, that type of thinking is the reason why things are the way they are now! I think most people have no right to complain about what they see that is negative in the world since they as a collective refuse to do something about it! I understand that most are stuck in that 8 to 5 cycle of paid involuntary slavery five-six days a week, but don’t even let that hold you down because that is exactly what the controllers want! They want you to give up just like that and they are ironically using that same monetary slavery against you to keep you too tired and mentally worn out at the end of the day to do anything that would lead to you rebelling against it!

Lack of a real high enough level of consciousness on this planet is just plain depressing. Many people live by their impulses foolishly thinking that just because they get one ticket for life, it entitles them to be the biggest jackasses this planet has ever seen! Some of them have no respect for life or anything living but only themselves and the people they see as objectives and/or pawns, many of them have a serious lack of empathy and compassion, the inability to feel their pain and understand the pain they can cause others. Some have a larger than life ego that makes them think that they are the best ever, and that they are the world’s or god’s gift to the masses, and some have an overbearing sense of selfishness and self-indulgence that it makes you wonder if they had lost their humanity to some kind of darkness and some actually had if you consider the fact that some of these people with low and primitive consciousness have been drawn into the world of dark occultism and Satanism.

I don’t give humanity much of a chance at this point. There are some good and well-meaning people on this planet, but unfortunately most of these good and well-meaning people are ignorant and choose to stay asleep out of fear or thinking you are crazy for wanting to change things or naively believe that these “world leaders” would never hurt us behind our back which is pathetic. People speak of revolution behind keyboards and soap boxes, but how many are willing to quit everything and even risk eviction and poverty just to start and be apart of one? I’d gladly sign up and I’m willing to fight to the death if it comes down to it, but many would not! They rather live in a golden cage than to risk everything in changing this fear and darkness that plagues this planet on a material and metaphysical level!

There is nowhere near enough people to help make a change on this planet that will truly be meaningful and lead to an age of self-awareness and love. Many only want the older fear based paradigms that were once enforced with an iron fist to come back or return to it’s former power because they seemed better to them only because they still are equally as primitive themselves! They are too stiff, conservative, and conventional in their thinking and lacking in imagination and love so they rather want to go back to the authoritarian daddy figure model since that is all they know due to their limited knowledge and their badly lacking sense of empathy and love, and I’m not talking about the romantic stuff! Something broader than that!

The clock is ticking and people only can choose a love based model or a fear based and primitive model. There is no middle ground and there shouldn’t because it would not make much sense if there was since your actions in life are often rooted in either love, fear or ignorance. Mixing them makes no sense as I explained already. I already made my decision but what about you? Whatever you choose will be your fate! If you want to go back to the old then it will be on your heads and you also will have no right to complain about it if you start to dislike it all over again!

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