Stop buying into the idea of being told how to live and how to think!

I’m just fed up with this! Being surrounded by a world populace of people who don’t even think for themselves, and let others do their thinking for them! They let the mainstream and established institutions do this for them like the media, the health care industry, the food industry, the education system, the government, organized religion, and so on! Many people are not even aware or realize that these institutions are not free from bias or personal agendas, and some even deny this inconvenient truth! They’re also mentally too lazy and fearful to do so!

One of the biggest problems is that these institutions wield an aura of intimidation, and people generally fear authority and buy into the illusion of such a thing as a result, so they go along with what authority wants from them, and will believe what they are told as truth no matter how ridiculous, how crippling to your sovereignty as a soul that has been given free will to create your own experience is! The things people believe or follow because authority tells them too! They believe that they are powerless as individuals, don’t realize the power that have collectively if they stood together at all times, so they submit to individuals with business suits, fancy robes, and military uniforms!

We live in a type of reality where we are forced into not remembering where we truly came from, and the type of power that we actually have, even in the confines of a fleshly cage, but even then we only can unlock a distilled version of our true abilities that go beyond the crippling limits of the five senses in the meantime that can still get us somewhere! We individuals even with those limitations can be doing extraordinary things not just for ourselves, but to elevate this prison planet I like to call it into a place of positive creativity, freedom, and love! Fear and the institutions that use it as their fuel would be a thing of a terrible past! If only everyone knew! We can get there if people first stop looking for daddy/mommy figures, saviors, and gurus that will save them from themselves! That in itself is an age-old trap that many keep falling for!

No one should have a right to take away anything from you in the name of the common good or control your life! What I mean by this is that no one should seize your home and your land, domesticate you in any way, tell you to conform to said belief system through laws that have no basis in spiritual nature, and hold your sovereignty as an individual hostage just to fulfill a personal or group agenda!

People should be free to live how they desire as long as they don’t hurt others, harass others, shove their way of life down others throats! The collective allowed a small number of individuals to become too powerful, and it’s up to us as a collective to take that power back from them, and distribute evenly amongst the populace! Sadly a world were everyone has equal say would only work once the collective consciousness raises, put behind their petty feuds which includes the various beliefs systems from political to religious that are nothing more than hoaxes and grand diversions, and unite only under one banner, and that banner is love, compassion, empathy, and my tagline: Truth, Sovereignty, Integrity! Nothing more! No complex ideologies, creeds and factions needed! Until then, we need to start becoming more conscious of ourselves and others, and the world around us, and this would fall into place naturally.

When you hear something in the news, hear something on from a popular radio or TV personality that has influence of the populace, hear something from the food and health care industries that tells you what is good for you health wise, what to eat, what you hear from the major organized religious, and political ideologies that only continue to foster separation and division, ask questions! If you don’t have any questions then that means you hadn’t challenged yourself to ask them or you had not looked on the other side of the fence or done your own research!

All these institutions go on old and outdated traditions that are either lies, misconceptions or plain disinformation all based on the energy of fear which is the key disabler of assuming your power, because you can’t tell someone to do this or that if they’re not being crippled by that fear which creates the idea of punishment both real and imaginary for those who don’t conform! Do you think it’s only an isolated incident when these people lie to you? How many so-called isolated lies do you need to be told that something is not right, and it’s time to start thinking for yourselves and taking back your power!? They’re not going to stop!

When someone lies to you, you normally don’t trust that person again or that person has to prove themselves to get your trust again, but in this twisted world ruled by insanity, people are quick to trust authority again and again, only to be lied to again, and again! That is one of the reasons why authority is often unapologetic about their lying since they know that the populace is stupid enough to trust them all over again as if nothing happened! That is because everyone is convinced into being powerless, so they hope in their little minds that theirs leaders will play nice next time! Many don’t even realize that they are being lied to right now about everything they been taught growing up!

They’re lying to you about the state of this world, the potential for humanity, lying to you about having your interest at heart which you know is not true if you pay attention to who they often carter to first, they are lying to you about health, spiritually, and lying to you about your own worth that worth that tells you that you are more capable and not born to just be some wage or salary slave that is only good enough to serve the economic system that continues to enslave and chain us to this monetary reward and punishment system!

So for goodness sake, use some common sense, and stop giving your attention and power away to those who tell you how to think, especially those who claim because they have the credentials or because some holy book or creed said so, not knowing that these are things that are written by fallible human hands and fallible human egos that often doesn’t come from their higher-guidance, except for shades of it of course!

Often you are following someone else’s way of life, and not your own! One path is not the same as others! My path is not your path, and your path is not mines! That is something that many are not going to get! You can emulate someone’s path, but at the end of the day, you can’t be someone’s else’s path! A copycat is not the same as the original copy even though it has all the features of it.

I just find it weird and cringing to see people following or going by the way of others even though it’s one thing to apply the wisdom of those who have good insights that you can benefit from, but people had ended up treating these wise men, teachers, spiritual leaders, and these so-called saints as idols or people to be worshiped in many different degrees!

The idea of worshiping something or someone is one of the worse and one of the most extreme ways of giving away your power, and humanity has been duped into doing this! This especially goes for people who are the most mentally unevolved, which includes people who lack direction with their lives, and former criminals who find themselves trapped behind a wall with their life and where it went, people who are weak-minded, those who had a negative physical or spiritual life experience that scared them enough to turn to religion thinking it’s the only thing that can protect them not knowing they can protect themselves in the future if they knew how, and people who lack the ability to form their own moral compass without someone else doing it for them!

This world is a mess and it being a mess is one of the reasons why people turn to others to help them fix or at least fix it enough for them to live their mundane lives while not having think about anything else but the simple practicalities of life since thinking for yourself, leading yourself, and being the director of your own life is literally too hard for some people to do for themselves since they are either too scared and/or too lazy to do so! They want everything in one convenient package not realizing that the real truths are scattered into bits. If only if it was that easy, but it isn’t in a world that is glued together by lies, deceit, agendas, and the egotism of these individuals who come up with these systems and beliefs.

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