Spiritual Anarchism, Self-Ownership, Cooperation, and Spiritual Consciousness. Part 1

The Natural Liberty of man is to be free from any superior power on Earth, and not to be under the will or legislative authority of Man, but only to have the Law of Nature for his rule.” -John Locke

Statism: The brilliant idea that we give a small group of people the right to kidnap, imprison, harass, steal from, and kill people, so that we can be protected from people who kidnap, harass, steal, and kill people. -Unknown

Hierarchy is an insidious, disempowering system of authority, obedience and enslavement that we MUST transcend in order to begin to heal ourselves and our world. -Cameron Day

Before I fully get into what will be written here, first I have no affiliation or don’t seek such from political anarchist movements out there that are based on philosophical materialism and atheism. This writing is not geared towards those groups of people. I’m literally not interested in their dogmatic material beliefs, nihilisms, and misconceptions they have about reality due to being trapped in the five-sense illusion. The same illusion that the dark occultists of this world had put them in which is something they don’t even realize. If the organized religious (box) programming doesn’t work or breaks down, then there is material/atheistic (box) programming right around the corner for most people. One of many false dialects that people easily buy into due to being so far away from their divine inner selves.

Anyway, I must explain that I do understand that a society where there is no masters or rulers has requirements which involve a lot of inner change and inner healing within the broken souls here on this planet that has been through large amounts of mental conditioning, mind control, emotional trauma, and outside influences from the hidden forces that control this planet. I’m not some stereotypical young and foolish idealist that thinks that this can happen overnight within the current state of human consciousness at this time. Humanity current is getting what it deserves or more so getting what they are putting out in their current state of low consciousness besides these external influences since they’re still ultimately responsible for breaking their programming and making the necessity changes to end slavery and tyranny on this planet. We need to start within ourselves first before we can call finally live in the native state that in true nature known as Anarchy!

They don’t understand that they are being ruled because they don’t know themselves, understand themselves, understand how Universal Law works and being able to use that to their advantage in a positive matter, and also because they don’t understand that being ruled or directed by anyone is an artificially imposed condition that only exist because they also don’t understand what a right is, and have been fooled into giving their rights away as a result of that along with being fooled into believing this through this religion called authority that was created by forces that want to control us and feed off our energy. If humanity knew these things, then they would fully realize that rulership and ownership of others is not only immoral, but a form of slavery and control and they would quickly seek to do away with such things! A TRULY conscious humanity would know that only the laws of nature or the laws of creation (Universal Law) are the only rules to live by!

Now ask yourself? What do you define a state or condition where there is no rulers or masters? Most people would tell you that condition is called “freedom” or at least something similar, but if you ask the typical person out there on the street what is anarchy, most will tell you chaos! Really? If there is chaos within anarchy that is because humanity is doing something wrong when it comes to how they treat themselves which manifest into how they treat others.

Internal Chaos will always manifest into external chaos except for those who have internal order within themselves. People on this planet need to get over the fear of chaos and see it as a natural consequence of what happens if you fail to abide by the laws that were put in nature by the creator. If people taught their kids the principles of Universal Law, taught them the value of compassion, and the value of empathy, then the desire for people to intentionally create chaos in the world will diminish on its own!

What Anarchism really means is no masters or no rulers, not chaos! Chaos is only a result or a consequence that anarchy is associated due to how bad the human condition has become, and caused by individuals not knowing themselves and being mentally broken deep down by repeated trauma from how they were nurtured, raised, the type of thoughts and beliefs that were put in them that are often not based in objective right or wrong along with often being based in fear, moral relativism, and the surroundings they’re forced to live in, and surroundings play a big role in how someone is programmed by the external world!

The word anarchy comes from the Greek prefixes an-(av-) “without” or “the absence of” (archon) “ruler,” “master.” Which means without rulers or without masters. Now don’t take this out of context and think that this means without any rules which go back to the ignorance and denial of the laws of nature that is popular with the overwhelming majority of people on this planet! The origins of the word anarchy proves my point that anarchy is simply without rulers or masters or what I like to call owners, slave masters, controllers. “The Powers that Shouldn’t Be” has done a good job at fooling people into thinking that there needs to be rulers or masters and that there needs to be slavery and ownership of other people because the big bad boogeyman known as chaos will be lurking around the corner if they don’t accept that!

The possibility and the issue of chaos is something, like I said, needs to not be feared and confronting chaos is something that is going to have to be done since it will be looking into the mirror of our collective consciousness instead of continuing to run away from it. For anarchy not to degrade or at least stay (in the worst case scenario) in a state of total chaos due to unconsciousness then it’s going to take a huge transformation within the consciousness of human beings worldwide and this is possible!

Admittedly, this will be very difficult since many are still trapped within their mental programming and their cultural and religious belief systems that promotes intolerance, fear, and divide and conquer (us vs. them, black vs. white) amongst their fellow brothers and sisters, and it doesn’t help that many still want to be ruled by others since that is all they have come to known through the mind control they have been under through many lifetimes along with having mommy and daddy issues or any other form of emotional abandonment that they haven’t gotten over since childhood because they never bothered to heal it from within.

What is funny in a twisted way is how the world is ALREADY in a state of chaos and has been for hundreds of thousands of years. The suffering and conflict that is going on in front of you is a testament to that alone! Even with big daddy government there to protect you supposedly, many people here in this society alone are still scared to go out at certain times of the day or at nighttime, and when one person tells me that they feel safe because this control institution such as government is around, and turns around and feels afraid to go outside in their own neighborhood tells me that this person is suffering from cognitive dissonance! The State and Government has only merely hid some of the chaos on a domestic level at best, and even then that is not enough.

Statism is nothing more than a controlled and directed form of chaos. I say that since these institutions are chaotic and I say chaotic since that is what they end up leading to since institutions like this are out of harmony with Universal Law and illusionary in nature! Look at what statism and government has done to the world!? Look at how many people it has enslaved, killed, persecuted throughout history to this day, and look at how much suffering it caused everyone overall for the sake of trying to perverse itself and fulfilling its agendas due to its artificial nature? The massacres, endless warring, imprisonments, pogroms, the theft and seizure of other people’s property, expulsions, imperial conquest of other lands, and the destruction and sabotage of indigenous peoples as other examples to this day as examples of Statism ironically being an institution of chaos in itself and that is because Statism and Government is in contradiction of Natural Law and true harmony!

Many want to ignore this, and even try to justify it from many different angles and euphemisms! Chaos is a great example of Universal Law being in effect and Universal Law being real and not some mere belief system since chaos is the natural result of wrong action in this universe. You can’t escape the chaos that one creates through wrong action and history has shown how badly chaotic government and any other form of hierarchical system can really be in its true form since these institutions were made to control people and mold them to the will of the masters and rulers these systems!

Most people still won’t get it along with the ones reading this. I’m not here to convince anyone nor I’m not doing this to change the minds of those who already made up their minds and those want to stay in their fear based perceptions of the world and negative world views based on the idea that humanity can’t change due to their nature and therefore must be enslaved and controlled! WRONG! Humanity can change, and those who try to justify slavery under the guise of government are lacking imagination or had it taken from them by the so-called education system and the surrounding world around them, or just simply fear the unknown!

It’s no mistake that most adults lack real imagination and imagination only seems to be accepted if it involves making money or fulfilling the will of these hierarchical institutions out there in our midst! The controllers of the world responsible for creating these systems of thought along with their “education” centers to suck the imagination right out of you and turn you into an automaton! If only most adults still have real imagination and didn’t fall into the trap of hopelessness or thinking they are powerless! If only!

Humanity is the way it is because humanity is a programmable species that is influenced by its environment, its surroundings, the people in it, and how one is raised! Most people when growing up are not morally raised in an objective matter and taught the objective differences between right and wrong which is again based on if your action results in harm or not and if there is consent in the action that you want to take that will affect said, individual or group. Instead, they are taught what is right or wrong based on cultural perceptions, dogmatic religious beliefs, and the personal whims and preferences of said parent(s) or person raising the individual.

The cultural and religious perceptions of individuals and other groups that people have been told as objective truth also creates an us vs. them mentality that also fosters intolerance which then leads to hate, then leads to violence which is the last stage. Overall this is an example of chaos by itself and how thoughts out of harmony with Universal Law can only lead to chaos and division in the world. None of these subjective and relative thoughts, ideas and constructs of the mind are in harmony with the laws of nature nor their based in truth that is inherent in nature, but based on the whims and personal preferences of the people of said cultural or religious thought even though the religionists would want to viciously argue that it’s from a higher source because their book tells them so nor done any investigation into who really wrote these books!

Also, another huge problem that personally gets me frustrated is how the world’s most popular mainstream systems of thought and so-called spiritual and religious traditions tries to teach morality through projecting the consciousness of fear into people.

Threats of punishment from an external “authority” like being thrown in a cage, tortured, or tormented after death. This will never teach anyone to be true moral human beings since you’re telling people to be good or else someone will make them be good by enacting force or violence (depending on the scenario) on you!

Teaching people to do good by projecting fear and making them into fear based individuals is one of the worst things anyone can do to another person, and it will never in their heart make them truly morally spiritual beings on this planet on their own without some outside force intimating them into doing so! You’re only creating more emotional trauma within their hearts and that is a grave wrong!

It will keep them in their low-level of consciousness, and they will only do good and not harm (when being watched) because of the constant threat of punishment or force being enacted on them by said “authority” or being condemned by some fascist god in the sky that is wrathful which is a slap to the face to the real creator-of-all by the way that doesn’t even have ego or enough of one to even harm its own creation for any reason which is why Universal Law even exists in the first place to do all that gritty work on its own based on our actions alone!

Since people are told to be good or else they will be harmed or punished by an external force, they end up like kids who go crazy once the parents leave the house and start engaging in immoral behavior like harming their fellow siblings if they don’t get their way with them and/or causing noise and chaos around the house (annoying the neighbors down or upstairs) since they’ve never been given the real reasons why one must be moral and upstanding through a higher understanding that is based on love instead of fear. That is why everyone must be taught morality from a heartfelt and higher place in consciousness along with being taught compassion, and empathy. If then, they’ll realize the only punishment that will come out of immorality is chaos around them and chaos in their life which will then lead to enslavement and control which will follow sooner or later which overall leads to one thing, in the end, suffering!

That is why we don’t have anarchy now (maybe never it seems) and this is one of the reasons why there are control and ownership of other people along with the coercion that comes with it! Who needs an external force or a god to punish anyone if humanity can do it to itself like right now through the laws of nature anyway? That is why people believe the fallacy of thinking that anarchy alone is chaos, but that only manifests into chaos if humanity chooses to continue to collectively live in their current state of chaos internally that has yet to be externalized in a dramatic way if authority was to disappear overnight, plus what is the point of anarchy in the end if people choose chaos on a large-scale?

It will end up quickly leading back control and slavery anyway which is not anarchy. Anarchy alone is the native state of things in nature and if humanity is going to truly be free and to spiritually evolve and grow up from cosmic childhood, then it’s time to learn to live by those laws of nature alone whenever they want to acknowledge that or not! No more daddy or mommy (by proxy of government and statism) raising you, and no need for saviors that you treat as kings and queens since you are the savior of yourself which you have yet to realize if you’re still new to all of this!

Anarchy will force people to take collective and personal responsibility for raising themselves out of the spiritual graves that they been sleeping in for way too long if the intent of the collective is spiritual in nature! This will force people to no longer abdicate they’re personal responsibly to others and it will force them to no longer throw away their birthright as sovereign beings who are here to co-create and not here to be someone else’s slave or subordinate!

It’s time to embrace self-ownership. Living in an anarchical society means taking personal responsibility for ALL of your actions. It means no longer thinking that you have this ability to give it to someone else since it can’t be done in nature, and if you think so, then ask yourself why is there so much chaos in the world from people doing this especially those who follow orders and commit actions and wrongdoing based on thinking that the wrong action they commit under orders is not their fault because someone else told them to do it, and because they bought into one of the hugest lies of all time known as the legitimacy of authority!?

This also doesn’t matter if the order you were given was something that was based in right action, because following orders or order following is the ultimate abdication of personal responsibility and sovereignty of your own self, but people fail to see this since they believe in the cult known as authority and the idea that someone else is above them which is another illusionary belief system (hierarchy)!

A truly conscious spiritual man or woman will realize that authority is an illusionary joke and will be beyond trying to find a leader, a savior, or a guru to latch on to! They will also realize that this would be a hindrance to their own spiritual evolution! The idea of thinking someone is higher than you is also a huge lie and the reason why because you are giving those individuals you see as higher that you your power away to them! Most people feel under someone or inferior because they have bought into a negative belief that they are either not smart enough, spiritual enough, or worthy enough to be their own sovereign that doesn’t need to serve no one but their inner higher aspects of themselves and the will of creation along with changing that negative mentality by raising themselves up from their current condition! We have all the tools within us to do this, but its all hidden and has to be uncovered through working on ourselves!

That is also what Self-Ownership will teach you! It will teach you to become smart, to embrace your spiritual nature that has been taken from you at birth and through childhood by these institutions that are there to dumb you down and keep you ignorant of your true potential, so people will continue to believe in the idea of others being more powerful than them, more worthy, and somehow intermediaries to god consciousness which are more lies created by certain popular religions out there to keep people from knowing the multidimensional nature of God and all-that-is!

Part 2

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