Spiritual Anarchism, Self-Ownership, Cooperation, and Spiritual Consciousness. Part 2

A world were no masters and rulers will also require cooperation and unity as another building block on the road to true order in this world or else chaos will indeed be assured. Another thing about becoming conscious is realizing that if one suffers, then we all suffer. Everyone needs to see that basic food, water, shelter, and clothing is a natural right and the next goal is to work towards that being a reality in a society where there is no ruling classes or hierarchy who would have a monopoly over such basic necessities or hoard them in the name of turning a profit or having control over the masses.

An individual who rises to a certain level of consciousness would never let a fellow man, woman or child die because they for whatever reason are not clothed properly or fed. People need to foster this mentality in their minds by their own free will of course since they will see that suffering is a result of what happens if you choose competition over cooperation. Hopefully, people will want this and not choose competition over cooperation because competition is the road to chaos and that then leads us right back into ownership of others, and the control and enslavement of others as much as many people don’t want to hear!

I can’t predict what will humanity does once they for the first time choose to and attempt to live by the cosmic laws of nature (if it does happen) and the only thing I can offer is suggested as stated above. If you want anarchy to stay, then cooperation is something that must be accomplished. Staying away from hierarchical economic systems like the one we currently have will be the wise thing to do and working towards a moneyless society will also be a wise idea. Money is something else that doesn’t exist in nature and we need to work towards getting rid of all artificial programs that were put in place to control low conscious individuals.

If we don’t then those with the most money will become the new ruling class (similar to now) along with the ones who will try to own as much land as they can find to charge rent for people to stay on it and accumulate as much wealth as possible in the process which in turn leads to neo-feudalism and mini-states under the rule of landlords instead of a central government or bureaucracy.

We need to do away with all forms of control and hierarchical systems and not just only the State. That also includes currency-based systems that determine your physical worth in a society which is also a primitive spiritually disempowering system, along with such systems creating the phenomenon known as “wage slavery” and involuntary servitude! Any systems that promotes the idea of winners and losers all together needs to go as well since that will lead to rampant chaos, suffering, and inequality as well!

What about incentive if there is no money you ask? Well, I’ll tell you one thing, people need to raise themselves up in consciousness high enough and to get out of their selfish and lazy mindsets to not need an incentive to do enough work for the day to produce the basics that we need on a daily basis. For example, how about back when you lived with someone like a parent? Even though you didn’t make any money for them, they expected you to do some tasks and be productive around the home in exchange for living and consuming resources within the dwelling maybe? It will be like that, but out there in the world this time. If you want a better shorter answer, I’m thinking of something like the Venus Project, but non-hierarchical.

Like I said, the human mind is programmable and we can help change our DNA with quality building blocks towards a conscious species instead of one that is living under a hypnotic trance like right now while just getting by and getting along to get along. Building blocks such as healing subconscious emotional trauma since everyone to some degree is suffering from this and I can tell you from personal experience that this is true, healing ourselves from destructive worldviews and belief systems that only disrupts and imbalances the mind and throws people into either a dominator mindset or a slave and submissive like mindset.

We also need to embrace self-introspection, learning about the self and how the mind works, discovering the spiritual side of ourselves and the world around us instead of the one-dimensional and extremely limited view of the world fostered on to people by the control system and their institutions on this planet, teaching and applying Universal Law as it’s crucial to understanding how to prevent suffering and create true freedom in this world, learning the objective difference between right and wrong based on if an action harms one or another or if there is consent in the action your about to take involving another person or group, and fostering compassion and empathy within the hearts of all! Anarchy can indeed work and can indeed stay if we choose to do these things for ourselves, but we must get started NOW as in this second, right now, and not wait until then!

If you get to where I am in your spiritual journey, you’ll find that Anarchy is the only option and there are no alternatives that can top this. Anarchy was put here by the creator as a way for us to reap the full blunt of our free will decisions in the universe! This will force humanity to know what will happen if they choose wrong action over right action which will lead to chaos and what would happen if they choose right action over wrong action which will lead to true order, and true order (not the artificially imposed one created by government or some authority) will lead us to true freedom and expansion of consciousness!

If humanity makes the wise decisions required under the native state of anarchy, life will start to become much easier if people finally get to a good place in their consciousness and the next goal will be to find ways to cut down on labor, so one can focus on their personal pursuits and overall freedom and well-being. Since there will no longer will be any rulers who will have a monopoly over resources like they do now (both under private and government ownership), things such as free energy can finally realize its own potential along many other suppressed technologies that puts power in the hands of everyone instead of a few. There are many suppressed technologies and cures for illnesses out there that will come out in the open and finally flourish and you’ll be shocked at how fast these things can become a reality since they should have hundreds of years ago.

This is a basic overview of where society should go next if it finally chooses to let go of its archonic programming and mind control, get out of their low conscious state, stop looking for mommy and daddy by proxy of government and/or institutionalized religion and their saviors that only exist to keep them in a box, dump the concept of moral relativism given to them by their culture or any man-made belief systems out there, and start to embrace moral objectivity that was given to us through Universal Law, stop giving away their power to someone else and believing that they are powerless to do nothing to change the world and to heal themselves and each other since none of this will happen and people won’t truly wake up until they start to acknowledge how bad the world has gotten, and choose to make positive change along with courage to do so which means working with the negative inside and outside of ourselves instead of running away from it like many people do now.

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