Mind Control and Their Hidden (Occult) Influences In Our World. (Unfinished)

Now the first things that are going to come to mind is what they think I’m talking about when I say mind control and the word occult. First when I say mind control, many would think I’m talking about the Hollywood version of it that involves a psychodramatic form of hypnosis, and when many think occult, they quickly associate it with evil, the devil, satanic, not understanding that there is more to occultism than those simple terms along with such shallow ideas being propagated to them based on their own lack of research, from depending on urban legends and misconceptions from their own religious belief systems, or from watching too much TV.

The reality here is that mind control and how it works is simply just a web of different psychological techniques that is used to influence different parts of the mind along with heavy and subconscious programming that involves the use of symbols, mantras, verbal repetition, and creating certain conditions were a person will be more likely to act in the certain desired way that the mind controller wants them to act or behave. I’m not going to get too deep into this and this is merely a public service announcement. There is other resources that go deep into this that you can find through books on the subject and from whistleblowers or even on a search engine. I’m no expert so don’t look to me for this type of information if you’re expecting something complete!

Every single institution out there like government, religion, and the education systems are all forms of mind programming, and yes, I know that there are many forms of organized religion out there that has some hidden and esoteric truths at their underlying core, but I’m talking about religion in its outwardly mainstream form. This is going to be hard for many people to take in if there new to this or they don’t want to believe it, but it’s plain sight to those who are really aware of what is going on in the world and how all these institutions seem to have one thing in common and that is KEEPING YOU FROM KNOWING WHO YOU TRULY ARE! That is why programming exists.

They need to keep people in a material and atheistic mind-set, or if that doesn’t work or if that program breaks down through life changing events or dramatic experiences that involve the non-physical which could be positive or negative in nature, then it would lead many if not often into a religious mind cage thanks to a false dialectic that has been fostered throughout most societies around the world that forces people to choose between the popular religious belief systems of said region or philosophical materialism (the material world is all there is and there is nothing beyond our five senses, a.k.a. The Five Sense Illusion).

All of this features the same theme of being told that they are powerless to change their reality and the world in front of them, the need to depend on someone else or a group of individuals, the propagation and enforcement of fear-based notions and lies to prevent them from questioning what they have been told through creating the ridiculous idea and notions of an easily angered fascist god in the sky that has contempt for its own alleged creation and gets angered if you do question this prison like reality, along with their enforcers and gang of thugs in costumes called uniforms and robes named authority to push this fear and intimidation on the populace along with preventing self-discovery, and also making them think that one needs some savior to save them from themselves!

Salvationism, by the way, is another hoax created by the dark occultists and secret societies that had been covertly running this planet for tens of thousands of years through various different aristocratic and royal families that can be traced back to various different regions if you took the time to look into the family trees of these people! It’s no mistake that most U.S. presidents for example to this day had or have some blood relation to the same royal and aristocratic families (one of them being the British royal family) as I mentioned before!

Why do you think these sorcerers and dark occultists laugh at religion and the cattle within them that spew rhetoric at them from their holy books (created and/or corrupted by those same occultists too) along with the mainstream science institutions (that suppresses many scientific findings that will shake up this paradigm) that they created and have control over with their endless supply of fiat money which are just digits on a computer screen? Because they know it’s all bullshit since their ancestors and/or their lackeys of these ancestors created these popular worldwide belief systems to keep people in a mind cage and in the vibration of fear and limitation.

Fear is the most powerful form of mind control that also keeps you from accessing your God-Self or more so your inner divine self! This also will keep you disconnected from consciousness of the REAL creator-of-all who is nothing but unconditional love contrary to what people have been fooled into believing about the nature of what God or It really is. Fear is a slow and long frequency while love and joy operate at higher faster frequencies and at these higher frequencies is where access to the force known as, God, resides if one wants to try to tap into it! Keep in mind that you tap into this through within yourself since it’s not out there as many have been fooled to believe.

What they have done was take hidden (occult) knowledge about the self and true nature of the universe, and hoarded it for themselves while replacing it with things such as organized religion via concepts like astrotheology, salvationism, and literalism that dominates these belief systems, and later on, scientism, which turned mainstream science into another dogmatic belief system and created another mind prison for those who can’t have their minds worked by organized religious programming. Science in itself is not bad by any means of course, but it has been twisted into another paradigm that hides the non-physical and spiritual nature of our reality.

There have been scientific discoveries that the establishment of scientism has censored or at the very least had kept hidden from the mainstream public that has been telling us that reality is not just merely physical with such as things like the “The Double Slit Experiment” and the discovery of the strong possibility that we are living in a holographic universe. It would make sense to me considering how fake and insane this reality comes off as to me.

If that is true then I guess the term “maya” was just another way to say that we live in a universe that is nothing more than a mere projection that is being controlled by some inorganic consciousnesses that poses as the gods of many of these earthly religions (the so-called demiurge). It only gets crazier from there.

Back on topic. You don’t hear those so-called “skeptics” (who are really just ultra left-brained denialists and atheists with agendas) talking about such things for example (unless they are into trying to deny what those things are trying to tell us of course) along with their mainstream establishments that gives you old and outdated versions of various scientific discoveries that doesn’t fit in with any data from these suppressed newer discoveries that the mainstream establishment has yet to tell them since “official sources” is all it matters to these “skeptics” because “authority” is also their religion!! It goes deeper than this and you have to find out more on your own. Just giving examples here.

As I was saying earlier, mind control is mind programming that involves dissociating one’s self from who they truly are. From birth, all the way to adulthood and beyond you are constantly bombard and conditioned into subconscious mind programming through symbols, subliminals, mere belief systems, mantras, and ideas that prevents you from discovering the true reality of why you are here and understanding what must be done when it comes to changing the human condition.

You have so many distractions such as entertainment, TVs, smartphones which also in effect makes the mind become addicted to constant stimulation. If you’re addicted to always being stimulated, and find that you have to turn the TV on and always feel the need to watch something or get out the phone and constantly check out your facebook and twitter or have to be somewhere full of stimuli all the time, then that is also one of ways you had been programmed.

First, if you’re always in this state, you’ll be unable to slow down or clam the mind and introspect, you’ll be unable to access other states of consciousness since that also requires you to slow down your mind enough for you to experiences these states, you’ll be unable to even reflect on your actions, beliefs, and behaviors, and you’ll also be unable to look inside yourself since you would have become depended on what is going on outside of yourself not realizing that what is going on outside yourself is a reflection of what is going on inside yourself and others inner selves.

I’ll break down some of these methods that are used in conjunction with creating a distracted and overstimulated mind. First, we have one that is created by society as a whole and the controllers and mind manipulators also use this method as a way to get what they want from the populace and manipulates them into accepting polices that they would never accept otherwise.

They also had taken advantage of the fact that most people are still suffering on an unconscious level from this very thing I’m going to talk about, and the manipulators, in turn, create proxies that people fall into since those proxies acts as rescuers from this said trauma that is deep within, but these proxies are in reality systems that create co-depended, abusive, and manipulative relationships based on control, coercion, and violence. I’m not going to go into detail, but overtime in my writings, you’ll find that these proxies are the institutions and systems that I often talk about, and that main proxy known as government, which related to this thing called authority, but I’m not going to get into here.

This one method I’m talking about is called, emotional trauma, which in turn often creates limiting beliefs, self-loathing, emotional or physical abandonment issues, secondary psychopathy, and intimacy problems. People have or had suffered from some degree of emotional trauma and that is something that I have been discovering over the last few years. Even small moments in your life when someone had said something to you that was negative or fear based that you took to heart and don’t even remember it, for example, is a form of trauma or at least what I call “minor trauma”, which became of apart of your subconscious.

This is very common during childhood. There is also birth trauma many babies go through, but I have yet to learn more about that to go into detail, so I’ll do that in a future write-up. Anyway, one of the many things a baby from the womb is subjected to (if your male and live in a place where this is routine like the United States), this senseless old ritual known as circumcision which indeed is traumatizing and torturous. Go find a video of an infant being circumcised and if that doesn’t upset you or anger you in some way then you are a walking example of what the controllers are having people become, a numbed out automation, which is another mind control method that many others fall into as well.

I can go on and on about circumcision which I will in another write-up about how dumb, foolish, primitive, sexually crippling, traumatizing, and dangerous this act is which is no different from the idea of cutting off your eye lids or pulling all your teeth out your mouth because you’re too lazy to brush and floss them, and how it become routine amongst non-Jews and non-Muslims which was originally related to an anti-sex agenda! That is the first thing they have to put up with though luckily the circumcision rate in the States has been on a decline over the last few decades fortunately which should be, but we need to do much better, as in 0% circumcision rate!

Secondly being brought up in an environment as kids were it is very common these days to grow up in broken households, and single parent families due to the family dynamic being broken down due to social engineering which can cause a strain when it comes to the burdens of parenting which also, in turn, can lead to conflict and issues between parent and child(dern). There are many parents who don’t even raise them properly or even have any real emotional bondage with their children outside caring about their physical well-being at the minimum.

They only just feed them, shelter them, while depending heavily on the government to raise them through their indoctrination system known as the “education” which only exists to suck out any creatively they have while putting them into a mind cage, a left-brained mind cage were there is virtually no room for the intuitive and feminine (right-brain) part of the mind. This is only a prelude to how their minds will be further shaped in major world institutions such as the police, military, state bureaucracy, leadership, and the corporate world.

We all know how these major world institutions have an overpowering male dominator energy to them and that is not an accident even though there is use in the divine feminine energy in these institutions, but this energy is used in a perverted and inverted way which many confuse as masculine which I’ll get into in another write-up one day. It’s all apart of the mind control agenda and apart from getting the brain into a form of imbalance.

Other traumas that many go through when growing up, mainly during childhood, is the risk of being mistreated by their peers especially if they is something different about them that stands out from others. This can lead to emotional traumas such as poor self-esteem, poor self-worth, depression, social anxiety, or in the worst case, sociopathic behavior. It’s also not just peers, family pressures and harsh expectations that can play a role into emotional trauma, but also the toxic media which programs young people into certain behaviors.

You then have magazines, music, TV, movies, which are used as vehicles that shape the minds of youth and even adults telling them that they must buy this, wear this, or behave like this said person that is popular in the entertainment industry, consume this type of food or drink, live this type of lifestyle, adopt this vocabulary, and so forth along with creating this pressure to fit in with others who are doing the same which in turn is apart of fostering a programmable herd mentality.

Then there is the major traumas which involves physical, mental, and sexual abuse. These typically either breaks down an individual keeping them in a mind cage of fear, helplessness, and/or unresolved anger, or it manifests into secondary psychopathy, and secondary psychopathy is something most people seem to ignore or downplay the seriousness of in not just this society, but in the world in general! It’s not a mistake that most of these institutions, especially today, employs and recruits people with psychopathic tendencies, especially the police, military, state bureaucracies, and major leadership positions.

You’re seeing that before your eyes with the increasing reality of police brutality and wanting to be apart of a military that is not there to “serve a country” or do some kind of “good” for the world as many think, but to serve the will of individuals behind shadows who actually don’t give a damn about you and are willing to throw you to the wolves when need be! Go ask how well veterans are treated by their own government if you some proof of this!

Dogs tags are used for “military men” for a reason, and that reason is called mockery of what these controllers think of those who serve in a state military and there is more negative symbolism like the octagon in some of these military logos along with a medal like the “Medal of Honor” which features an inverted pentagram if you look closely at the center of it, and the police have these symbols that they wear or use to represent themselves that also mocks them like inverted pentagrams (in some cases), octagons, and some of these symbols are on the hats that they wear plus black and white checker patters (which represents dualism) on these same hats depending on the country which is located were the crown chakra or third eye is! More mockery of their ignorance of who they truly are and what they represent in this world by doing the work that they’re doing.

All this symbolical mockery comes from this global mafia of royal and aristocratic families and their secret societies that practice dark occultism and luciferianism along with their other toys who they find useful who are associates who act as their shills, dupes, and expendables who get to act as house slaves that are only merely just a tiny step up from the rest at the bottom of the pyramid of global control! These controllers and their puppets tend to be your so-called leaders who put on a compassionate face for the public and they do a good enough job to fool the billions of people out there!

Anyway, think about all of this. The quality of the mind is going to be effected by the information we take in and the environment that we have been subjected too. In simple terms, human nature is neither inherently good or evil contrary to what people want to think, it’s just a programmable entity that is influenced by its environment and the information that one takes in.

Look around you and tell me that society and the world together is a great environment were an overwhelming majority of the people are nurtured both physically, mentally, and spiritually, and are given quality information regarding their true nature as a spiritual beings along with universal truths that are immutable and free from the corruption of this matrix-like reality, along with leaning the principles of Universal Law and Natural Rights? Well, you should know that society as a collective is not learning these things and on purpose since most of these, mainly Universal Law and Natural Rights is another form of hidden (occult) knowledge.

That is why humanity is in the sorry and deplorable condition that it is in. That is why murder, rape, robbery, manipulation, corruption, and immorality is so rampant within the human psyche since they’ve under a hypnotic mind control suggestion that tells them that they are a mere animal, and that they only have one life to live and so forth, which fosters the idea that they can do whatever they want and it should not matter if it harms another individual since there is no bigger picture about why we are here and how our actions can shape the reality that we live in. I also like to mention how that hypnosis keeps you trapped in the left brain and the five sense illusion while putting your ego in the front seat of your vehicle whereas it should be in the backseat! It’s like allowing a drunkard to take your vehicle on a joyride.

I can go on and on, but the big picture is that society is under mind control and programming. The unconscious mental states of most people on this planet is a product of social engineering and indoctrination through the education system that automates people’s thoughts along with the social/economic system that has a natural knack for turning people into uni-dimensional thinking cogs that only exist to work, eat, sleep, reproduce, crash in front of a TV at the end of the day, and repeat!

Their minds are consistently numbed and dumbed down which is why many become unconscious, so unconscious they can’t or no longer have or lost the ability to see what is in plain sight since they lost their sense of natural curiosity they once had as a child. That is why many are not interested in learning anything outside of what makes them physically conformable, anything involving entertainment, and/or accumulation of wealth and material possessions. That is why they believe everything that comes from “official sources” such as government, organized religion, politics, and various other major institutions that are owned by these controllers without question!

Mind Control is a long and complex subject that others have covered better than I have which you can look more into on your own, and I just only wanted to point out that most people’s thoughts and ideas are very likely not their own, but programmed into them or influenced by outside forces that don’t have their best interest in mind, even if these forces say they do. That is all I need to say about this issue until some other time. I have things to say about occultism and what it is in greater detail, but right now I lack enough information and study to actually explain the complex nature of it that could take a while to fully integrate into my writings, so to be continued…

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