If you’re Ignoring the Negative, Then You’re Doing a Great Disservice to Humanity and Yourself!

Ignorance is bliss, we say, and that’s true – but only for a while. It may be bliss not to know a tornado is coming because you have no need to worry or take action. But while your head is in the sand your bum is in the air, the tornado is still coming. If you looked up and faced it, disaster could be avoided, but ignorance and denial always ensure that you will get the full force and the most extreme consequences, because it strikes when least expected and you are least prepared. Like I say, ignorance is bliss – but only for so long. We create our own reality by our thoughts and actions. For every action or non-action there is a consequence. When we give our minds and our responsibility away, we give our lives away. If enough of us do it, we give the world away and that is precisely what we have been doing throughout known human history. This is why the few have always controlled the masses. -David Icke (The Biggest Secret) *Excerpt* 

“I’ve come to realize that the biggest problem anywhere in the world is that people’s perceptions of reality are compulsively filtered through the screening mesh of what they want, and do not want, to be true.” – Travis Walton

You hear that? Yes, you did! This write-up is dedicated to all those people out there that have been conditioned into believing that the negative is something that has no place is spiritually and understanding ourselves, and also believing that if you ignore the negative, then it’ll go away! Well, I guess someone who believes such things never got a single lesson out of the history of this world! Historically, again and again, ignoring the negative only makes things worse and it only creates deeper and deeper suffering, enslavement, along with bigger emotional scars and wounds! Contrary to what BS you’ve been told, ignoring the negative is one of the most selfish and cowardly things you can not only do for yourself but for humanity as a whole! What even really bothers me the most that those who do this have enough egoism (not egotism) within themselves to even think that focusing on just positive thoughts all day will bring them to enlightenment!

Are you serious? Do you realize that the road to enlightenment and the spiritual journey is not always going to be positive and happy? It’s also about facing the shadows within all of us, and facing the worst aspects of ourselves!

How are you suppose to heal if you don’t do these things? Spirituality isn’t supposed to be this escape from the negative while you go and live on a cloud all day, or some mere coping mechanism to deal with this garbage world, it’s suppose to be the path of healing, understanding who you really are which includes discovering the good and even BAD things about yourself and confronting them with an honest and compassionate heart, and also obtaining the true keys to freedom by understanding Universal Law and how to apply it to your life which I wrote about extensively throughout this web page! If you simply don’t understand that or even deny it, then I seriously feel bad for you, because you’re going to remain trapped and stagnated when it comes to your own personal, spiritual development here on this plane of existence along with being open to all sorts of manipulation by the powers that shouldn’t be and agents of the false light!

If you choose to ignore the negative, you’re also committing a grave act of injustice through ignorance, denial, and inaction. It’s also a grave immoral act as well! As I said in one of my other writings, that inaction and ignoring it is quiet consent! Being passive is the equivalent of saying yes to something, especially if it’s in your face! I just can’t stand the fact that people ignore all the suffering that is going on as a result of humanity’s collective wrong actions!

There are children being abused whenever it’s ritual, sexual, physical, or mentally, peaceful people being murdered, peaceful individuals having their property and rights seized and stolen from them by individuals or entities known as government, people being exploited and treated like hard water on a toilet bowel by private institutions that many involuntary work for to get by in this monetary enslavement system along with ignoring the injustices of that system alone! The fact that 70% of the world’s population lives in poverty is an another example of what happens when people choose to ignore the negative along with the chaos that it ensures!

They’re billions of people out there in this world that get wronged on a daily basis, yet people have become numbed to it since they have convinced themselves that they can’t do anything about it! That is a lie, a limiting belief, and you’re the one ironically being negative about it if you think this! At least the one that acknowledges the negative often wants something to be done about it by even exposing it to other people unlike Mr or Misses “I don’t talk about negative things!” You have to get your head from under the sand and take a good long hard look at the world around you from a conscious unbiased mind!

At first, you’re going to experience rage, anger, denial, and fear, thinking that this isn’t reality, thinking it just has to be my imagination, but if you look long and hard into that collective mirror, then you’ll experience what is called acceptance! Once you have accepted the fact that the world suffers from extreme polarity that is on the side of evil, then it’s time to ask, what can I do to make that change? That is something I can’t answer for everyone, and I have gotten into this at the end of my write-up about inaction being one of the main reasons for enslavement on this planet that is on this blog.

You’ll find how great evil is in this world caused by all of this inaction, ignorance, fear, and most of all running away from the negative! Have you seen by now and historically what has happened to general populaces that do that? Some of the worst events in history had only happened due to this ignore-ance, ignore-ance of the negative. Then again most people lack any real common sense, especially new agers, savior program propagating religionists, and spiritual escapists who all often suffer from such an extreme right-brain imbalance to even notice this! Ignoring something only gets worse the longer you choose to pretend that it’s not there or think it will go away! Don’t be stupid enough to believe that magically willing the negative away in this dense third-dimensional reality is going to fix your problem!

You have to get over being scared of the negative! Negativity is an unfortunate part of this reality! If you want to change that, then you have to take collective action! Many of those who fear the negative ultimately fear being physically harmed or experiencing physical death if they try to do something about it by the powers that shouldn’t be through their order-followers who would act as their hitmen. Some realize that if they acknowledge the negative in this world then they would have to go through the initial emotions of helplessness at first when it comes to changing it! These are the reasons why people are so scared of the negative! They think that they can’t do anything about it since they have fear for the same authority that is propagating all of this negativity and evil through your unconscious consent!

Also, most people deep down know that there is something wrong with this type of reality we live in! It reminds me of the people I have encountered that complain about me being negative when I’m telling how things really are in this pathetic world! They try to hide from this with their fake smiles and social masks (fake projections of who they are), but they need to understand that there is something wrong while bringing that wrong to the surface! First, you need to feel this emotion. You might feel bad for some time about the sorry state of this world and everything around you, but do understand that you can’t dwell in this emotion forever! You have to transform these feeling of daunt, and turn it into courage to go out and make a change in the best way you can!

That is what we are supposed to! Stop thinking that someone else is going to do all of this for you while you at best give them lip-service despite never giving two damns about them in the first place! Most (note that I said most) of the people who made change throughout history get their lip-service, but no one actually really cared about them when they did walk the earth! They either saw them as crazy, foolish, and some of them even ridiculed some of these people for their out of the box and radical ideas that were put into action to find some kind of success resulting from them in the end or doing what this same general populace told them was impossible, and that is changing what is negative in this world!

Also, another reason why ignoring the negative is a very dangerous proposition and an immoral act that is a form of wrong action (as I talked about how wrong action leads to chaos and suffering) is because it can (and usually will) devour you from the inside out! Those who ignore the negative also get into spiritual activities for the wrong reasons in the first place or in their misjudgment join an organized religious organization or some smaller cult promising them that they never have to worry about the negative and confronting the shadow within the self! They’re lies since if you don’t confront the negative within yourself, then it will end up destroying you from the inside, slowly, along with the mental anguish it will cause! I see this on daily basis with people out there that ignoring the worst aspects of themselves and the world around them while it’s chewing them up on the inside which is why mental illness and depression is a such a huge yet overlooked problem in today’s society! The dependence on mind numbing drugs like antidepressants, alcohol, hard drugs along with tobacco is very correlated with people ignoring and running away from the insanity of this worldwide social/economic control system that is in place, and the negative within themselves like their emotional traumas that they need to heal.

They try to get along with this insane, freedom destroying, fear-based, scarcity based social/economic systems and her governments that thrives on violence, separation, egotism, and top-down collectivism (one or a group of people must suffer for the greater good of all or the greater good of the ruling class/party) convincing themselves that everything is alright, and that they try to look to all the material things they have in this world to convince themselves that there isn’t anything wrong with themselves and how this system works! The same system that is designed for a few to benefit while the rest get table scraps that vary in portions!

They think that just because they may get the bigger table scraps, then everything works out fine for them and the world isn’t so bad since most of all that bad stuff that is physically happening to other people isn’t happening to them! “Not my problem” so is the thought that comes to majority’s mind! Pathetic! You’re running away and being a coward! You’re such a pansy and a sissy if you think this! I’m sorry to say that, but it’s true, and I’m just being blunt!

You choose to make up justifications and create all these walls and barriers to not acknowledging what is wrong in this world! You yourself don’t even realize that if you think like this and live by the idea of ignoring the negative, then you’re actually one of the top reasons for the continuing ongoing condition of enslavement in this planet! Not the so-called elite (these black magicians)! They’re only just pulling strings based on your collective inaction and quiet consent! You’re letting them kick all of our asses in simpler terms while you sit around and do nothing while you’re balled up in a corner somewhere hoping it will all go away!

That is why I have more anger and frustration for the general populace than I have for these people who think they are elite (despite all the bad shit they have done themselves), because, at the end of the day, they’re doing what they are doing because the world population is allowing them to do it through their ignorance and unconscious consent, especially the order followers who work for them!

Like I said before and I’ll say it again: Ignoring the negative=Quiet and unconscious consent to negativity in this world! It’s as simple as 2+2=4! If you don’t get that, then you’re a lost cause that needs to stop reading this write-up right now!

Helplessness to wanting to make a change exist on this tree of fear and is one of the main reasons why people fear thinking about the negative! I’ll tell you right here, that you’re not helpless to change anything! We live in a plane of existence where we are co-create our reality at this moment! Our thoughts that manifest into intentions can be very powerful in the hands of those who have a strong desire or Will to make something happen in this world or creating a desired reality! Your helplessness is caused by not knowing who you really are, not knowing that you’re more than just a mere human, but a cosmic being who has the ability to shape reality! One of the ways to shape reality is by understanding the Natural Laws of the Universe that I talk about all the time!

One of those Universal Laws is The Law of Vibration which means that your thoughts, ideas, and actions will attract circumstances and events based on those thoughts and actions! Ignoring the negative doesn’t free you from this which is what these New Age gurus and questionable channeled information will try to convince you into thinking since the negative is something that will continue to exist subconsciously within your mind and in objective reality! Yes, there is other factors to how and why you attract things based on soul contracts and personal natal charts, but ultimately you still have control over what you attract into your life besides other factors that may affect what you can even attract into your life.

Now that I said enough, one, if you ignore the negative, you’re already committing a wrongdoing and immoral act to not only to yourself, but to others around you by ignoring injustice, and allowing evil to flourish and thrive while others suffer which in turn causes you to ultimately suffer due to your cowardice and misjudgment about your own ability to make a change! If only you understand that if one person suffers, then we’re all suffering! A truly spiritually awake person will know this as heart, enough said! Solipsism (everything, in reality is subjective and nothing can be known) is a fake pseudo-spiritual concept that encourages this ignore the negative BS, but objective reality is as real as it gets!

I’m not saying that we don’t have subjective experiences which we do based on many different factors that again goes into natal charts, soul contracts, and how you apply Universal Law in your life like I said before, but overall, reality, in its theme, is the same! This is not the type of hologram where you’re the only one that exists and everyone else is aspects of your own mind! That is one of the biggest nonsensical lies you can ever believe! It’s a hologram where we are having a co-creative experience with others that unfortunately has been hijacked, but many who are reading this already know about that by now, hopefully. Many of these ignore the negative sissies would be scared of thinking about that alone, not knowing how easily we can make a change if we put all of our minds together.

I’m coming off mean towards these type of people because there is no more mister nice guy with me since I have seen way too much of this, and two, they’re one of the reasons why suffering still exist, why people who do this work of exposing this false reality and waking others up are still having a very hard time reaching people along with these same cowards telling us that we are wrong and we need to stand down in our fight against tyranny, and the fact that they are allowing all of this countless suffering and injustice to go on quietly!

Saying I don’t want to hear it or it’s too negative for me already makes you as bad as the general populace or the living dead as I call them! You’re not that much better than them if you think like this to be blunt, and no I’m not sorry for saying that since I see you types as both mostly worthless and a big hindrance to real change on this planet!

Also to those out there who I said are mostly worthless and a big hindrance, you don’t have to be and I didn’t say that to put you down. I don’t try to put people down, but I’m not afraid to tell it how it is. If that offends you, then what can I do? That is my style. I’m here to put a fire under your ass to get you to go out there and help us in making a real difference in this world when it comes to bringing REAL freedom, prosperity, and true justice back to this domain before that was all taken from us too long ago, I’m not here to make you feel good, and I didn’t come into the world to please people and pander to their fragile egos.

As long as you refuse to get your big boy/girl boots on, then you’ll just remain a liability and dead weight that we have to drag through the spiritual battlefields here on earth! Like I said, there is spiritual warfare going on here, and these ignore the negative types are the same people who insist that they can lay down somewhere in the middle of no man’s land, and expect nothing to happen to them!

So if you have a problem with how I had to tell it like it is, then angry at me and frustrated all you want and/or create your echo chambers somewhere where I won’t be listening or watching you have a sissy party about how people like me are too rough! Rough? What is wrong with you? You find that I’m a gentle soul on the inside that has been hardened by a harsh world and by people like you!

I just realize that people are not understanding what is going on, and telling them about this in a nice way is just not working! It’s time to be matter-of-fact and tell them that they are the problem and that is the truth, not just some super class of wealthy individuals who are just exploiting your weakness like ignoring the negative as one of them! For too long we’ve been nice to people like you, and this is what we get this back in return from you ingrates? What do you expect when this is the response to that?

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