I Loathe the Material World! Spirit, Transcends the Pointless Dramas of Material Life!

Note: I have written this rant when I was in a really bad mood two or so years back, but my words still stand as they do now!

As I gotten older, I have become quite introverted as this is a contrast to when I was a kid. I was a rather extroverted young little boy, but things started to shift when my teenage years came and gone. Currently, I now face the fact that the world is nothing like I thought it was, and woke up to knowing that we live in a broken, flawed, fear-based, false, distorted, spiritual prison like reality where injustice and unfairness reign supreme and even justified, ignorance is seen as a virtue, and conformity and fear rests on the crown of this evil matrix like reality that was co-created by the billions of people on this planet, and this co-creation was secretly influenced by the powers that really control the world. Many of these values systems that are out of harmony with (real) Natural Law, these belief systems, political ideologies, and religions that are pushed upon you are responsible for creating a world that is riddled with chaos, confusion, fear, and separation with a healthy dose of divide and conquer! They lure you in with promises and sweet words, but it’s all bullshit in the end.

No matter where I go, I know that I’m nothing more than an eternal foreigner to this world. I have days where I take a walk out on the street, and have this strong feeling that I’m not home anywhere on this planet. I see the material world (3D reality) as a slow, dull, boring, and spiritually dead place. I often find myself escaping into my own bubble, my own world, my own fantasies as a way to cope with this reality. I indulge in the creative, feminine part of my mind (the right-brain) to help keep my sanity in an insane world. This is not a bad thing at all since we all need something to fall back on in a fucked up reality like this! Embracing a creative outlet or lifestyle is the best way to cope with a dead, objective, slow, and linear reality!

Nature is something remotely the only good thing about it, and that is hardly enough for me to care about it. Nature is very slowly dying on this planet anyway as it is by the ongoing destruction of our environment along with the climate geoengineering that is only accelerating it that we as a collective can easily stop, but won’t stop because people want to live in denial and in cognitive dissonance over geoengineering!

They don’t want to be told that there is a world-wide black op program going on that is destroying the natural weather patterns on this planet (California’s on-going drought is no accident as an example)! They want to live in that bubble of thinking everything is fine, and that their so-called “leaders” give a shit enough not to do such a thing not knowing how these people are psychopaths amongst us!

People as a collective in the millions choose to allow the practice of tainting our water with sodium fluoride, our food with GMOs, and our air with Aerosols that are apart of the climate engineering program which is also poorly disguised as a program to fight global warming, while in reality it’s making it worse! The idea of spraying chemicals, metals and other particles into the air to save the planet is an absurdity in itself, but the populace in the millions are dumb enough to buy into the absurdity that it’s such a great idea because some bullshit “scientific” study says so or some lying asshole who is an so-called “expert” says there is nothing to worry about!

As I sit here, I say to myself, humanity is the only thing itself that can save itself, no one else is going to come to their rescue. They think that someone or some savior is going to come and save them from their own failures, egocentric mentalities, and ignorance that caused them to get this far in the first place. They’re only fooling themselves, and things will only spiral further and further into chaos while they are waiting for a daddy figure to come save them since humanity doesn’t want to put in the hard work to save themselves!

This hard work involves looking at oneself in the mirror for a long time and question themselves, their beliefs, and how they see others and the world. One of the hard first steps in starting to wonder if their collective behavior is the reason why this is going on as we speak, and start to consider weaning themselves from these belief systems that range from political to religious that only held us back, and only fostered the majority of this worlds issues with fear, chaos, and separation, dualism, hate, and egotism!

Only then they can be saved once they start to change themselves from within and embrace who they are as spiritual beings that was gifted with personal sovereignty and free will. Sadly humanity has used free will as a tool to enslave one or another instead of a tool that is supposed to lead us to eternal freedom! The key is using free will as a way to obtain true freedom on this planet is to embrace Natural Law, which is really as simple as “do not harm others.” Some call it karma, some call it the golden rule, and some it the law of attraction, but in reality, it’s all apart of the same body!

In the meantime, I know humanity is going to take a very long time before they see this before them while they’re stuck in their limiting and chaotic belief systems and ways of thinking that masquerade as systems of natural order, and I find that beyond frustrating! These concepts are so easy for someone like myself to get, but for others, it’s like trying to solve a large jigsaw puzzle that most would give up on just by just staring at it! Their mentalities only make it that much harder.

I sometimes wonder, why did I have to incarnate here? Why did I choose to be one of humanities spiritual janitors to a bunch of ingrates who either don’t really give a shit about people like myself who do this type of work or take us for granted along with the thankless nature of it? Doing a job were you face ridicule, denial, mockery, and hostile reactions in wanting to help clean the minds and souls of those who have been duped, and had imprisoned here in this reality with their equally imprisoning thoughts? A job were most people have to risk losing friends and family on this planet? Do these stupid critics (who can go walk off a cliff for all I care) think this is fun? Do they think we’re all doing this for attention? I’m sure as hell am not, I hate attention, I hate it a lot! That is one of the reasons why I go by my pen name since I don’t want to be bothered by anyone out in public, not because I’m scared of someone! I’m too far away from that!

Doing this job of raising others consciousness is no fun, and not my idea life especially in a world where you feel inclined to help others through the desire and will of the higher-self, but find that others reject your help in light of telling them the true solution to their problems involves them getting off their lazy assess and changing their own lives! They don’t want to do the inner work, they want someone else to do it all for them while they remain in ignore-ance of what is going on and why it’s going on, but there is nothing else for me to be here for in this empty hollow shell called earth, and I have nowhere else I would want to be on this planet as it is! It’s all a cruel joke.

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