Humanity will never change until they stop living in a child like mentality!

“You assist an evil system most effectively by obeying its orders and decrees. An evil system never deserves such allegiance. Allegiance to it means partaking of the evil. A good person will resist an evil system with his or her own soul.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

“Accept responsibility for yourself and your actions, thoughts and words. You alone make choices. You alone are answerable to the consequences of your behavior. The feeble excuse that your boss required it, the establishment expected it, holds no truth or justification.”

-David Icke

You have heard the memes before. Memes that excuse people from their behavior and actions. They blame them on someone else, often those who they answer to the so-called “authority” that they blindly follow along with the ideologies that is propagated by their order givers that encourages them to do such things even more. You often hear that one meme known as, “Just following orders,” or “take it up with *insert person or group* in charge.” How is humanity suppose to evolve if people choose to commit and allow cruel and selfish acts that happen on a daily basis in the name of following orders or the will of the State?

People don’t even realize the power they have, and that power is to say NO! If people in the millions start to collectively say no to being a cog in this momentary enslavement machine while saying no to killing, enslaving others, and taking away their natural rights in the name of following orders, and saying no to the idea of learned helplessness caused by the idea of giving ones power away to a small group of people or a single person! All those pictures you have seen of wars and conflicts fought, all those deaths and tragedies, and the injustices that went on in the past and today is all caused not just by the small group of people who instigated them, but you the collective, the ones that choose to give away your power to these people since you feel that you can’t lead yourself!

You feel that since you can’t lead yourself and step into your own power as a sovereign human being, you unconditionally let these small groups of people you call your leaders or the State do whatever the hell they want, and you even take their orders to carry out these acts because you were duped into some ideology that they propagate, some ideology that tells you that you must, or simply because you needed the paycheck if getting paid to do it of course, or maybe you’re seeking approval, wanting to be treated like a dog, wanting someone to pet you if you do a good job?

What do I mean by ideology anyway as I mentioned? It’s simple. It’s what I have always been talking about. The ideologies that are man-made or spiritual principles that were twisted into being used as tools of enslavement against the minds of others! They are religious, political, philosophical, and even spiritual in nature that insures that people feel as if they are doing the right thing by allowing and acting on committing injustices in the world that their order givers and the state tells them to carry out, especially since they’re being told that everything is alright or they are fulling said goal of said man-made ideology or the will of god if you want to get religious again! That by itself is going to be the biggest barrier to waking people wake up from the darkness that is over them!

Most people on this planet don’t understand that they are the rulers of their own mind, body, and souls! There is no outer force that is responsible for controlling those things, and it’s only themselves that are the stewards and shepherds of them! It’s one of the many great hoaxes of the world, the idea that someone claims they have rights over you, or any sort of control of jurisdiction over you, and have the right to tell you what you can do with your body, your mind, your soul, and your life or more so expression of your free will as a human being, especially through man’s law or religious laws that had been propagated by men who had claimed to represent God which is a whole another story by itself concerning the origins of such written laws and so-called “holy books” that had been long corrupted by exoteric beliefs that hide the esoteric meanings that are deeply hidden within them!

Man’s law and so-called religious laws, which are man’s laws in deep disguise, are inferior and rooted in the consciousness of fear, control, and slavery or what I like to call authoritarianism, and they often come from lower places or the lower-self in contrary to what others will tell you! Universal Law on the other hand, is the universal and spiritual principles that governs our behavior in the universe. It’s related to things such as the law of case and effect, the law of vibration, the law of attraction, and the golden rule. It’s rather simple.

It’s not even a belief system, it’s a fact, and we’re experiencing it now whenever you want to acknowledge it or not. The reason the world the way it is now is because everyone on a collective level has chosen to live in opposition with and in ignorance of Universal Law which is why there is so much chaos, disharmony, fear, and self-inflicted suffering, and speaking of self-inflicted suffering, most don’t even know that they are causing their own suffering by the very act of rebelling and being ignorant of those said Laws of nature (main one being do not harm and you’ll not be harmed). If society expects social harmony, then people need to not only just intellectually understand the principles of Universal law, but holistically and at the heart live by these principles because it does no good to alone to just intellectually understand them while never making them apart of who you are in favor of making them something outside of you in name only.

The so-called “elites” of the world understand the concept and principle very well, and they use it against us, the general populace, along with other hidden (or occulted) knowledge that goes beyond the scope of this writing.

They know of Universal Law, and they hate it because it inhibits them from truly running free without having to worry about the consequences of their actions that will come back to them in some distant future or lifetime in some shape or form, but they found a way to redirect the worst of their violations of Universal Law by manipulating the general populace into carrying out the large bulk of their dirty work for them, by for example fighting in the wars that they start, by having them work in their industries that only continue to perpetuate the slavery of humanity instead of the liberation of it! These institutions such as health, food, medicine, energy, law enforcement, government, religion, military and so forth and are all responsible for the same thing, and that it is holding us back, keeping us in fear, conditioning people into giving their power away and their responsibility (which is something I’ll get into in a moment) away to someone else, keeping us in the dark about our spiritual heritage and BIRTH RIGHT as sovereign beings with free will to co-create our reality!

They want to continue to keep us in a survival or base level consciousness because they know that if we don’t go beyond base consciousness or the “Five Sense Illusion” as in thinking that there is no reality beyond just our five senses, then we’ll continue to kill, steal, rob, hurt, horde, divide, segregate, and hurt others thinking that your only point of existence is survival at all cost not knowing there is much more to reality in the 3D world than that.

It’s also time to realize that you as sovereign individuals need to take personal responsibility for your own personal lives and stop relying on the illusion of authority to do that for you! The fact that you want to give a small group of people the privilege to steal, coerce, and do violence to others so that they can protect yourselves from other people who steal, coerce, and commit violence is lunacy in itself if you actually deeply think about it!

Most people in this world don’t even know the value of deep thinking or introspection and that by itself is going to be a challenge to them alone which is pathetic thanks to always being in external mode all the time! Many don’t even get it nor they want to since they get some kind of comfort in it through their ignorance and denial, but that is because they don’t understand true morality and that they’re still children in their mindset that they need an abusive daddy or mommy figure (the state) to fight their battles for them!

You know what it also really comes down to as well? FEAR! Fear of taking personal responsibility for their own well-being and safety, and second, taking collective non-coerce responsibility to defend their communities from violators of universal law who want to commit violence and create chaos all by themselves without the help of a group or hierarchical system that is based in control and violence or more so create a monopoly on the use of force and violence since they would then become the only group in society that is allowed to use both force (self-defense) and violence (violation of someone’s right) and claim that they are just in their actions in the name of protecting the people which is still twisted and wrong! In nature, if something is a wrong then it stays a wrong!

Only humanity doesn’t understand this since they don’t get the idea of natural and universal laws or the idea of what is really right or wrong divorced from what these institutions of authority will tell you like government or cultural religion which are all institutions that are moral relativist trash that proclaims that they are the central divine authority! They think they are gods or doing the creator a favor, but they are nothing but delusional fakes who are doing a huge disservice to the real prime creator!

As I said, nothing will change until everyone comes out of the idea that they need someone to protect them and/or take care of them, especially in turn for giving away their free will and personal sovereign to someone else or a group of individuals which ALWAYS leads to tyranny in its many different forms and flavors with its various different degrees! If you desire to give away your free will and sovereignty, then why did you bother to incarnate into a free will universe in the first place which I call the cosmic wild west? I think I know why, because many of them have been so conditioned and mind wiped of who they really are on a cosmic level that is beyond their mere human identity! Bit of a rhetorical question as well.

If only that you knew, then you’ll start to see the folly of the illusion known as authority, and maybe, maybe start to grow up, and stop asking for a mommy, a daddy figure, or savior in your life since you don’t need such things, and if someone tells you that you do, then that person is trying to control you or is simply just as ignorant as you if you were to believe such nonsense that will only continue keep you in a box and keep you from KNOWING WHO YOU TRULY ARE AS A CO-CREATOR WITH FREE WILL IN A FREE WILL UNIVERSE!

When I put a message in all caps, I’m not yelling, I’m only highlighting something that people need to get into their heads.

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