Humanity Is Filled With Insanity!

Insanity is not an inability to perceive reality; it is a willing rejection of reality in favor of the artificial constructs of tyranny. -Jeremy Locke (The End of All Evil)

Insanity is a perfectly natural adjustment to a totally unnatural and negative environment. -R.D. Laing

The majority of people most of the time are never right especially when a sheep master herds them! The things humanity believes in and the destructive practices that they keep engaging in despite finding how disruptive those practices are! The insanity is rooted in those that don’t want to acknowledge that they are doing any harm to anyone or themselves! Forget about the idea of those who want progress, but how can we have progress when we have those same people who want progress are insane enough to keep it from happening! The majority as a whole seems to be insane not the individual who is an independent freethinker! Oh no, the independent freethinker like myself is ridiculed, seem as weird, and is called insane, but I’m finding out more and more how insane the majority actually is! It amazes me people still want to hold on to their old and primitive beliefs, behaviors, patterns that are destructive not only to themselves, but everyone in general! Some will even continue to support cruelty if it means preserving some tradition! If that is not insane, then I don’t know what is!?

The majority are so driven by emotion and easily manipulated by controllers and con men. Time and time again, they are easily fooled simply because they are not taught to think for themselves and to question their own leaders and so-called traditions! They never look at the other side of the fence and try to image themselves living on that side of it! It’s amazing how these same controllers and con men can make people believe in insane and outrageous things, especially without questioning it and it’s origins of such belief! As long as it sounds good, most will buy in to. It doesn’t have to make sense, it just has to sound and even feel good which is why organized religion and their wayward cults had been so successful at owning and controlling the minds of the masses for many ages to this day!

There are many abuses of those out there that don’t abide by certain norms because they discovered the insanity of them is the worst, especially in developing countries! All in the name of persevering tradition and their bullshit version of order which is a form of controlled chaos! One must summit to something, even if it doesn’t make any sense or has little relevance to you as a person! It’s just fucked up!

Even some of the great thinkers in history had concluded that the majority of humanity is insane and that the inmates run the asylum! People like myself are seen as insane for my alternative spiritual take and discoveries about the multidimensional reality we live in for example that most people in the world ranging from atheist to christian and others would find insane! Looking at what they believe overall outside their key points makes no sense to me, especially the idea of limiting yourself to a fixed set of beliefs just because you think it will get you a pass to paradise after death, or material (worldly) happiness if you are an atheist or indifferent. Being a freethinker and an anti-materialist in one is a rare breed, and that makes one even more lonely, isolated, and broken planet!

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