Enslavement Continues to Exist Because of Humanity’s Inaction to Change It!

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. – Albert Einstein

Everyday I think about how many of the things in this world could have been prevented or never happened if people were conscious and aware of what is really going on in their surroundings, not just only care about their mere survival and just getting by, or what is on TV, or who is playing who in some sporting event or some other distraction that is not listed here!

For example, the issue of geoengineering is one of the most hallmarked examples of a populace that doesn’t give two damns along with their cognitive dissonance and this new agey, solipsistic idea that ignoring the negative or something potentiality negative will make the negative go away! It’s in their face and yet, they refuse to question the strange activities surrounding these unusual weather patterns along with the west coast drought besides the brushing off of it by merely saying it’s global warming, not understanding that this warming is mostly engineered by the bombardment of heavy metals being sprayed in the skies and microwave manipulation of these aerosols which is why these aerosol clouds look like giant waves passing by on certain days or overcast skies that look like cake mix or thin smoke!

They also ignore things such as the junk they put in our water that they accept as healthy and harmless without doing any independent research and being careful about avoiding funded and manipulated research that comes from the suspects in question, along with using some common sense and basic no-nonsense logic! The fact that people believe that fluoride which is something used as a rat poison, an ingredient in sarin nerve gas, and sometimes used as a pesticide is good for you teeth and should be in your drinking water whenever you want it or not (ignorance of the natural right to say no) just shows how badly played people’s minds are!

Also the fact that many people literally don’t want to know what is in their food or want genetically modified foods labeled though ideally they should be forbidden, but like I said, people don’t care about what our food is being sprayed with (glyphosate and other dangerous chemicals that one has to wear protective gear to use to avoid being poisoned by them), and the long-term effects of eating genetically modified food in general! Yeah, that is right, if these chemicals are so dangerous, common sense will tell you that maybe we should not be eating foods that are sprayed with such junk or drinking water that pretty much has a toxin in it known as fluoride? Let’s not get into how some water supplies contain traces of antidepressants in them, it only goes further!

I listed these as examples because it only goes further and further. There is so much wrongdoing, evil, secrecy, violation of our natural free will rights instigated by the law of man that comes along with governments plus democide of those who resist this, yet many choose to not take any real holistic action about it or simply ignore it and pretend that it’s not happening! Many talk about, it, but they don’t do anything about it by at the very minimum bringing awareness of it to the general populace (the living dead), and withdrawing from the same system as much as they can while refusing to no longer be of this world! That is right! Be in the world, but not of it! This plane of existence is owned and controlled by those who feed off people’s suffering and negative emotions while draining them of their energy which is why many conscious individuals find this social/economic paradigm to be draining to the soul!

This is a wicked and dark place where the main theme is suffering, fear, chaos, control, obfuscation of who you really are as a cosmic being by the major world institutions who direct the control system, and emptiness! It’s one thing to respect mother earth herself who is suffering just like us, but it’s another to have any love or respect for the layer that has been put onto this earth that is like a matrix or illusion that poses as the true nature of what earth is by the energy harvesters who control it!

Like I said and I’ll continue to say this over and over again, and many are not going to like it since many don’t like taking personal responsibility for themselves, and these same people always want someone else to do all the work which is why savior programs are some of the most powerful forms of mind control on this planet that is there to keep you from understanding who you really are outside of your mere human identity and from taking real action, not understanding how much of a huge hoax this program is like many other things in this plane of existence!

That is it’s not the 1%, the super-rich, the so-called elite, these secret societies, the archons and their demiurge who are the biggest barriers to change in this world, it’s YOU, the general populace! The strings are being played on the general populace by these small groups of people and these entities, but that is only because you are giving them the consent, keep giving them your power away thinking that they are higher and better than you while continuing to fall into the many mind traps and false dialectics that they have been playing on people for thousands of years! We live in a free will universe that is governed by Universal/Natural Law and the powers that shouldn’t be know that! That is why they can’t actually directly force anyone to do anything! They can only pressure you, trick you, and manipulate you into doing things against your own will, but they can’t physically do anything to you since these things will come back to them (The Law of Cause and Effect).

Also if they do force anyone to do anything, they often don’t do it themselves, they get other people to do it, like order-followers who work in the police and military or in any other form of government bureaucracy are good examples! This also goes for a number of private organizations as well which is another story! This Universal Law violation is affecting the order followers more than the ones that gives the orders since the follower is actually taking the action and causing the actual harm! Universal Law doesn’t give a damn (and rightfully so) about authority telling you to do it or someone “higher” than you since authority and hierarchy doesn’t exist in nature and it’s nothing more than a social construct created to control people and steer the unconscious populace in said desired direction.

These constructs called Authority and hierarchy also only exist due to unconsciousness, not understanding Universal Law, and not understanding what a Right is! If you think that you personally need these things to function in this world or to not harm another being, then that would make you one of these unconscious beings walking around on this planet and you should right here stop reading this right now since you have work to do on yourself first before continuing! The idea that you think you need to be enslaved to not harm another being!? Are you insane!? It’s a wonder why I call people like that the living dead!

Many don’t understand that you can give consent to someone by merely being silent and not expressing any protest which is what most people in this world are doing regardless of being oblivious to it due to not paying attention which is also their problem! The reason why enslavement and suffering is still going on because an overwhelming majority of people consent to all this wrongdoing against them and others through silence, indifference, apathy, denial, and ignorance! Notice your reactions to messages like this?! You often ignore these type of messages, make many justifications for the deplorable state of this world while defending her institutions (government, organized religion, the education system) that have created and instigate them, and even outright deny it or claim that you don’t want to hear or talk about negative things!

Well congratulations, by doing just that, you just gave your consent to more suffering and enslavement on this planet while you selfishly skip off into your bubble or la-la land with your cowardly ass without a care in the world! Not because I say so, but because reality has said so! Do people get anything out of history? Do people understand the patterns behind events and find that they often are caused by the same things over and over again? No, because they have been too dumbed down, and can’t think for themselves! That is what the “education” system and the media does to your mind sadly!

The reason why the negative is so negative is because humanity as a collective made it so by their long-term inaction and refusal to do anything about it or believing that if they ignore it long enough, it will go away or someone else will deal with the negative for them! Your inaction, ignorance, denial, lack of courage, running away from it, and blind obedience to the powers that shouldn’t be made it the way it is! The longer you wait to take action against evil, the worse it will get! Good’s tolerance for evil is a longstanding problem that one has yet to addressed and it needs to come to an end, and until then, don’t expect nothing to change!

I want everyone to understand that we’re not truly getting anywhere as a species because of the general populace’s quiet and unconscious consent to the presence of negativity on this plane due to their fear, their lack of sacrificing their confront zones and maybe even losing some friends or no longer having certain family members speak to them over it, and getting over their cognitive dissonance!

I also will add that no one is getting anywhere because of people’s adherence to the religion known as “authority” which has no basis in nature since that is also another barrier which causes one to actually believe in the idea that someone can stop them from doing something they have a natural right to because of said authority figure” having imaginary powers that doesn’t exist outside of this system in nature to take away people’s rights along with their right to say NO! People may be waking up slowly in pockets, but it’s still very minuscule in a world of seven billion people who are still trapped in various mind cages that comes with their ignorance! Like I said, you want change? Then you have to be the catalyst, each and everyone one of you! No one else is going to do that for you! NO ONE!

No, I’m not going to talk about this outside help I been hearing so much about as we still have to do all the hard grimy work in the third dimension on our own. They can’t do that for us even if they wanted too! No one in this universe wants to be our savior as much as this fact will break most people’s hearts (and if it did break your heart to hear that, then grow up), and I don’t blame them since they know that trying to save someone else from themselves will lead to long-term consequences that will affect them since that would force them to be responsible for humanity’s evolution and development which is like taking care of billions of newborn children at once!

Anyway, I really don’t think too much about what is going on in the higher planes of this domain where this “help” is mainly active since I’m more concerned about what I see before my face on a daily basis! That is why I really don’t want to hear about ascension and awakening, since I don’t see much of it here in this third dimensional plane since many people are still under deep trance and mind control along with still buying into various man-made belief systems and false dialectics that has been fostered on them by the controllers who own them, the emotional traumas that are still sabotaging people emotionally, and the lack of healing that has yet to be done on their souls!

I always say go out to a public place to observe the mountains of living dead walking, and tell me things are okay? I would seriously love for someone to prove me wrong that this help will be our ticket out, I mean I wish since I’m not too convinced that humanity can do the hard part on its own as it is since that help is only doing the easy parts supposedly! In the meantime, we still have too much work to do sadly and the worst part is that there is not enough people doing it!

You ask how can I start? Well, not everyone is cut out to be a speaker or even a writer (such as myself)! Then that is fine, use your imagination! If you can sing about the problems and solutions to them, then do that, if you can make music about it, then do that, if you can paint, sketch, or draw about it, then do that! Anything helps! There is no wrong way of going about it! Do what is to the best of your ability and use your natural talents! It is up to you as a collective to make a change, and that change will take numbers!

Remember, the universe respects those who have Will, so why are you still sitting where you are doing nothing?  Get your asses moving, and get to work like the rest of us who are doing this! If you feel that you’re not ready since you lack knowledge, then what are you still waiting for staring at this screen? Hit the books (or pdfs), podcast, and the videos on subjects that you want to educate people about! Move it! Let’s make it happen, people! We’re counting on you to help us and help humanity raise out of their spiritual graves, so until then, see you on the spiritual battlefield!

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