Collectivist Thinking: The Machine Behind Worldwide Authoritarianism and Loss of Natural Rights!

Collectivism teaches that good things can come from compulsion. It teaches that people can be forced to accomplish things “for their own good.” It pirates the love people have for their neighbors and twists it into authority’s demands. Slavery is the result. If an individual will not choose a thing, then it is not good for him. Force crushes the human spirit. Choice enables life. -Jeremy Locke (The End of All Evil)

Totalitarianism is collectivism. Collectivism means the subjugation of the individual to a group — whether to a race, class or state does not matter. Collectivism holds that man must be chained to collective action and collective thought for the sake of what is called “the common good. Throughout history, no tyrant ever rose to power except on the claim of representing “the common good.” -Ayn Rand

I’m going to tell you a little story about something many people overlook and not understand behind why tyranny exist in this world besides the deplorable state that the typical human on this planet is raised into along with being put under a trance of dumbing down, limitation, mind control and fear. Now you’re thinking, is collectivist thought just related to only Communism or an enclave somewhere in the middle of nowhere? No. I’m talking about collectivist thinking in broader terms and how dangerous it is.

A dangerous idea that reminds me of the quote, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Now I have a simple question that I want you to ask yourself and answer to yourself: Do you believe that one person or a group of people must suffer for the greater good of others? If you answer yes, then you’re a collectivist or at least someone who thinks like one!


It doesn’t matter what you consider yourself! You can be the most staunch pro free market worshiper or even call yourself an individualist, but at the same time believe that one must restrict themselves and limit their natural rights and god given freedoms for the sake of others. Now, don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not talking about people doing things that will harm others. If you want to know more in-depth about what I’m talking about in relation to that, then read my introduction page before you think I’m saying people should do whatever they want with no limits!

What I’m saying is that people are being robbed of their natural rights and free will of doing what they want as long as it doesn’t harm others because a group of people or a majority doesn’t like what said group does or how they live in the case of no harm being done to anyone, and because someone came up with the construct in their mind that people must adhere or think and live a certain way for the greater good or betterment of humanity!

This sounds familiar, does it? Where have I heard this before? Hm, those famous dictatorships did start somewhere you know? This is a normal thing from individuals or groups of people who don’t understand Universal Law and Natural Rights! Someone who is a moral relativist perhaps or a servant of the false light who claims that their religious or spiritually inspired collectivism is from God, not knowing better?

Also the collectivist thought I’m focusing on is mostly mainly vertical in nature, social in nature. In more simple terms, top-down in nature. I’m not really thinking about the horizontal idea of collectivism or merely the economic aspects of it alone because if I was, then I would hardly have much to even write about in the first place, but the problem is that most popular and the most common forms of collectivist thought is vertical in nature and in most of the modern world, social in nature which is why I say that people need to really question this type of thinking. Anyway, the biggest danger to collectivist thought is that it ultimately allows suffering along with it being born out of moral relativism, pseudo-spiritual beliefs, and fear based teachings that often come from organized religion!

It also has been the major propagator of all forms of racism, sexism, inequality, pogroms, persecutions, the concept of honor killings, mass torture, and massacres. Collectivists typically have no real clue or at least has been told the truth about why the world is not even a good place and even why it’s a prison planet (if they even knew), and one of the main reasons is the result of people not understanding Universal Law and what their God-given rights are that doesn’t come from some hopefully merciful lawmaker or some document written long ago that was just as good as the paper that it has been written on! I’m not even going to get into the interventionist reasons why the world is a broken and sad place overall that is semi-physical and non-physical in nature which is another story which is also apart of the problem I won’t get into here! Way too complicated to speak of right now nor I could explain it in an adequate way at this time of writing.

Remember back when discriminating against whole groups were the norm? Well, that still goes on now, but it was institutionalized then and in your face! If you take a look into the excuses why you’ll find that it relates to the idea that it somehow is keeping order and it’s for the greater good. The idea that they have to keep the so-called “lower races” down and subjected to a status below that of a dog for the sake of purity since they are supposedly inferior, and will mess up society if they were treated equally and allowed to have some kind of influence within it, or how about various ethnic groups in different countries that were subjected to pogroms and massacres because someone has fooled/convinced the populace into thinking that purging them will bring about a better society through making up BS about them, half-truths, or resorting to blood libel about said group?!

Fascism and Communism (the two most famous collectivist ideologies) is the same face, but with a different mask. People get caught up in the economic differences between the two and that is the distraction! If you take away the economic differences, you’ll find that it’s very identical in nature! They often brand a certain group of people or those who live a certain way evil, have their own relative definition of what is undesirable, wrong, and bad for the greater good, they implement sanctions against these groups they find undesirable through restricting where they can go and what they can do, along with the seizure of their natural rights and property (in many cases)!

This can also as we know can lead to outright purges and democide. People who are usually affected negatively (depending on the regime and it’s goals) the most are the minorities and women who live in these said regimes, along with intellectuals and political dissidents who are often first to be imprisoned and/or killed. They also are often are subjected to the lowest status in said society.

Even though you may not be a fascist, communist, or an authoritarian in name, it doesn’t mean that you’re exempt from the idea of collectivist thinking! It doesn’t matter if you call yourself a Liberal, a Conservative, a so-called freedom lover, or constitutionalist because collectivism is not only about economic planning alone and that itself can be apart of it, and not the whole package itself. It’s only about this simple belief that others must suffer or have their rights restricted for their own good which in turn is violence (violation), coercion, enslavement, and all of this are huge violations of Universal Law, and I already talked about what happens when people ignore and violate one of the main rules within the body of Universal Law, “DO NOT HARM!” Also, include the “Law of Free Will” while you’re at it! The consequences exist around you and it’s also one of the main reasons why suffering exist besides what has been done to the human soul here.

Collectivism also is the gateway that is always open to tempting people into outright authoritarianism which has been happening more and more in places like “good ol murica”, and if you’re conscious enough, you’re already noticing that it has been happening around you for years now! Another example of collectivist thinking is that most people have come to believe that people must give up their rights for more security because it suppose to be for the greater good? The idea that we must crack down on normal innocent people, stalk them, harass them, rough them up, and grope and fondle their erogenous regions at the airport because you never know, he/she can be a terrorist or a gun crazed loon on antidepressants (with all of it’s ironic side-effects), you know?

What about thinking outside the box? Thinking maybe most of these events are engineered and/or simply the result of the populace being programmed and trapped into negative ego based consciousness along with a society that puts the ego on a pedestal while valuing selfishness and coldness along with the insanity that it breeds that literally manifests into mental illness? “To hell with emotions and feelings! We must be as unfeeling and cold as our psychopathic masters while neglecting our mental health,” they think, and you wonder why humanity is so damned screwed up? Hm, it makes you wonder!?

Prohibition of all kinds, honor killing, the restriction and theft of basic rights that you have come into this plane of existence with, discrimination against minorities and women that is based on the idea of superiority and seeing them as a threat to society if they’re on equal ground, enslavement by consent, security (the illusion of) over freedom, being told who you can and can’t have sexual relations with and how many people regardless of clear and conscious consent, and false light teachings (collectivism through religion and all those wayward smaller cults) that tell people they need to do something that will cause the harm of others or themselves for the greater good or in the name of God!

Really? You seriously should be ashamed of yourself and while you’re at it, slap yourself if you think the prime creator is petty enough for wanting people to kill and harm in its name, not understanding that you’re actually carrying the will of individuals who claim that they are God, and actually thinking they are, and you’ll know what I mean if you understand who are the controllers of this world who also invented or hijacked all the major world institutions in the first place thousands of years ago through their secret societies, but of course you wouldn’t know that or want to know that! You even deny it without looking into such an occulted (hidden) fact!

Many fall into the trap of collectivist thinking because they often ignored the historical consequences to this day of what happens if you don’t avoid such thinking! Tyrannical regimes and great empires has been fostered off the backs of collectivist idealism (the world must be made from the top-down in a certain image for everyone’s own good) and glorification of a “great or charismatic leader, ruling class, or party!”

It also doesn’t help that this religion known as “authority” and how people have come to worship it and treat it as a deity is the main vehicle behind the flawed idea of group think or everyone living the exact same way and thinking the exact same way while those who refuse to do this are often subjected to the worst kinds of pain and suffering at the hands of the collectivist thinkers who are using the illusionary power known as authority (that doesn’t exist natively in nature) vested to them by the willing slaves who are also these thinkers and idealists who think that humanity is not capable of governing themselves or deserve freedom which is false since they can indeed govern as long as they are enlightened and raised in spiritual consciousness!

It can happen as human nature is neither good nor evil, but programmable by environmental, nurtural and genetic factors! I’m an example of someone who doesn’t need anyone to rule over me or to “protect me”, as that is my personal responsibility, or I need someone to tell me to be good! I’m not a cosmic child like most adults sadly are!

I already know what is coming to the minds of most people out there reading this. Who is going to take care of us if we don’t have some group with special powers that don’t exist in nature watching over us? I already answered this question before I think, but I have to repeat myself over and over again since people just simply don’t get it or somehow they don’t know what I already know cornering this question!

Who is going to take care of you ask? Well, how about we first take care of ourselves and then we take care of each other!? A truly high conscious society and world (I may add) will do just that! Why do people in this day and age have to insist that we don’t have the power to do things for ourselves? Have they been this dumbed down and dumbed out that they now believe that they are only good enough to be someone else’s slave? I say that the answer is yes! Most believe that they are only good enough to be a useful cog that is good enough to pay his/her taxes and help line up the pockets of some CEO or Chairman out there while they get very little of that wealth in return which keeps them coming back for more like the useful economic slave that they have become!

Most of these people don’t want to do anything more than that! Collect a check, go home, eat, sleep, maybe raise a family (if they have one), get lost in some form of entertainment, and repeat! They often don’t want to hear this, no less than read this, and if they are somehow reading this, they probably are getting all sorts of emotions swelling in them that are based in denial, fear, or arrogance! They rather be comfortable than challenge the system since they know that if they do step outside their mind cage or box, then their comforts will no longer be with them, but what is the point of this fear? As the generations go by, this comfort has been gradually fading away, but then again most people are too selfish and scared to even think about this!

What is more important to them is crashing in front of a TV after long hours as a numb wage/salary slave and becoming distracted by other mundane things! They rather live their living death, their unconsciousness. They have so much fear, spiritual weakness, and laziness in their hearts! The controllers are not the biggest obstacle to change in this world, it’s… the general populace, the living dead as I call them, because if the controllers disappeared overnight, then someone within the general populace will continue their game since their behavior programming and mind control will still be intact, and this control system is what they have come to only know so it will continue while history repeats itself!

The goal will be to break all this mind control and hypnotic programming for real progress in this world to be made and to break out of this idea of collectivist thinking, not some temporary BS which is what most people only strive for in this world! Go ask the six billion plus people in this world who still believe in the system and in the religion know as “authority” which shows how bad their standards are also, in turn, is the result of their lack of imagination, creativity, and not understanding that we collectivity co-creative our reality!? You’ll be very disheartened and maybe discouraged to see how many people are so entranced in this matrix and not even know it!

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