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The Human Condition Can Only Be Fixed Through Collective Inner Spiritual Evolution!

I felt like I repeated myself so many times in this writing in a way, but then again if I did, then at least hopefully everyone would get the point here with no misunderstanding. This will be the last time I deal with such topics since I spoke and wrote on them enough. In the future, I don’t know else what I’ll write, but when that time comes, I’ll know. I’m posting this because no one has really said or wrote anything about this issue of why nothing has really changed when it comes to what we want in this world. To be honest, I’m not sure if I should post this since I feel something is off or missing with this one, but I need to get the main point across no matter how feel about this write up.

Worldly exoteric institutions such as government, politics, education, and organized religion have proven time and time again to only not only keep humanity where it is, but only made things worse in the long run by throwing the human collective an oasis of relief here and there to keep them quiet. As of now, these worldly institutions are becoming more overt to what their real motives has always been, and only those who are paying attention will notice.

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Humanity’s path of self-destruction. Is Humanity descending? A honest hard question.

A question that no one has really dared to really ask. No one with any following out there hadn’t truly question if we are really ascending as a collective at this time because of some galactic energies that are supposedly coming along with certain astrological events that come and go, yet people make a huge deal out of those still.  A question deep from within myself!

If humanity is to actually ascend, that will take many centuries judging by how slow humanity is to change and progress, a few generations at minimum if they’re luckily, and I say they, since I won’t be here to wait around and see it by then. It can be faster, but fast is not in the human collective’s  vocabulary when it comes to worldwide positive changes. Humanity is nowhere near close to something like that. The majority of the population here is spiritually dead or crippled as it is.

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The human collective’s tendency to chase it’s own tail.

When does the insanity of this reality end? It as if it has no bottom, nor it has an end. It only get more insane as you go further down. Once you thought you seen it all, it only gets crazier. Maybe it’s how people’s divide between their little ideologies and belief systems that promotes group collectivism (us vs them) that really shows much of it.

People hate and lash out, but have no damn idea at what they really are lashing out at or who nor they understand that blind rage and coming from a place of pure hate is not going to solve anything as solving serious problems in this world takes wisdom and patience? Continue reading

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To those who are making excuses for evil while showing leniency towards it in the name of love.

Many people who think this domain is all about love, light, and fluff will not like what I’m going to write. What I’m going to write is something that is rooted in common sense and TRUE sanity, not from pseudo-spiritual attitudes that people parrot all the time that sounds so nice and cute! You’re being fed things that may sound nice, but in reality are insane and comes from the minds of those who are either sick, broken on the inside, or simply just mistaken.

I’m not talking about those who had made simple mistakes in any of their lifetimes or made quickly redeemable bad decisions that were in the moment selfish or caused someone to be hurt by it. We’re all not perfect. What I’m going to address are those who do grave and mortal wrongs that can’t just be brushed off with a simple sorry.

I always say that being spiritual also requires you to be grounded when it comes to dealing with this domain. This isn’t the higher planes outside of this matrix construct where all of this BS drama doesn’t exist! Yet again, I need to be honest about this because for a long time I’m sick and tired of people being afraid to write what I’m about to write! As always with my writings, it will be a bumpy ride. It’s not for those who want to be talked to like a child. I write to people who are grown adults or anyone else who is mature enough to read this message who are not merely offended by someone’s tone!
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The Importance of Conscious Women and Understanding the Negative Masculine Agenda.


This is going to be one of those write-ups for those who again get it. At this point, that is what my writings are going to be all about now. No longer will I will make any attempts to appeal to those who are ready to reject any information I put out or need to explain in great detail to those who are wrapped up in ideologies that will prevent them for understanding what I’m going to write.

Many (especially unconscious men) are not going to really fully understand this or even may take offense to it, but I don’t care because that means I’m doing my job since I’m here to shake things up, not appeal to people’s little bruised egos. I don’t do this to appeal to any group or to kiss anyone’s ass. I tell things how they are from the heart regardless of what people want to think of that. I don’t write these things for fun, but to give some perspectives that many are afraid to give when I’m in the mood.

Anyway I was thinking about my last write-up that I have done, and I was thinking wow, I’m sometimes amazed at how hardcore I can get when I do write things, but these things I write do come from deep down within myself. Like I said, I don’t sugar coat things or do this to be popular. The Truth has to be told in a way that is brutally honest.

The time for being nice about the truth is beyond over as times are getting darker while humanity refuses to collectively evolve due to how broken down and manipulated their minds are! 

Even if you’re nice about the truth, there is no guarantee that people will still listen to you or will be interested. Messages like that are never popular no matter how nice you are about it since people want to be told what they want to hear as opposed to what they have to hear to understand the sick, dark, and twisted nature of this reality that isn’t as roses and rainbows as the establishment wants them to think.

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Humanity Being Its Own Worst Enemy: Reverence for Abusive Individuals and Personality Cults!

I’m going to get right to the point. Now what I have been noticing over the last few years is if you expose a high-profile individual or even someone of lesser presence within said community for committing some kind of remorseless wrong great or not, a number of those people who stand behind said person will find ways to defend said person or deny it without looking into such accusations before coming to a conclusion. They will be more willing to believe their own words or any lies that would come from them as a way to keep their attachment to said figure.

They get wrapped up in things such as what they teach, the way they look or speak, the promises or claims that they make, one of those things. More and more, people are being exposed more than ever, ranging from politicians to certain religious leaders, and those who are at the helm of various different initiatives that are supposed to help lift humanity out of it’s sorry state, yet even with all of this things getting out in the open people as a collective choose to quickly deny it, nor look into it due to being ruled by fear and because of their emotional mind control shutting them down before they could even think of starting to ask questions! Continue reading

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