What is there to be excited over a new year? It’s more of the same as the last. (Vitriolic Rant incoming)

I hadn’t posted anything in months because quite frankly, I am way beyond frustrated and super annoyed with the state of this reality and the human collective! I don’t know what else to say at this point that would get through or would make a difference. I feel that I need to be doing something more effective than just writing and putting videos out that would make more sense to me and would resonate with and work for my personality. I would rather do something different anyway.

Right now I’ve been focusing on myself and coming into my own wisdom. I had no need to post anything right now as I been embracing this new inner knowledge and inner knowing about myself.

Anyway, 2017 was business as normal and will pretty much be the same this coming 2018 based on current projections. Yeah, another year, another day. I don’t see what is there to celebrate. It’s another day to me. This is one of those things that once again separates me from the others out there which it comes to my lack of understanding of these earthly rituals and celebrations.

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I’m so fed up with the Human Collective and it’s antics. Sigh.

Just watch the video.

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REFUSE to Let Lables or Society Define or Limit Who You Are!!!!!!

I’m tired of people out there that want to put labels on others, especially those who use these labels as a way to insult, judge, or persecute anyone that wants to go outside of what people consider “normal”! An empowered soul who embraces their sense of knowing and owning themselves are not defined or limited by such things! Everyone out there need to just like me be tired of being judged and lumped in a category based on skin color, race, gender, sexual preference, and/or lifestyle preference, or whatever path of knowledge or philosophy you resonate with.

All of this labeling is only keeping people dived and reminded of their division along with creating a culture of victimhood if identity politics is involved as harsh as it sounds!

People who try to put you in a box are not your friends and are not worth you’re time! You may even need to tell that firmly with fire in your eyes if need be if that is what is going to take to have them stop! Also it’s time to take a stand to those who judge us from being “different” or if we choose an unorthodox or unique path in life!

Be who you are and do what you want as long as you’re not harming others! Be free to explore what you want to explore as a curious soul or someone who wants to have fun with him or herself!

The dark forces on this planet that keeps this place in it’s low vibrational frequency want people to be lumped in boxes along with having people turn those labels into a form of ego identity to keep people divided, confused, trapped in various different forms of psychological repression, herd-like in their nature, and disconnected from the higher aspects of themselves. That is why they love them so much in the first place! That is why they invested so much time, energy, and money into various think tanks and schools of thought that keeps this cycle going which is something you can look up on your own if you search for “social engineering and mind control” in whatever search engine you like.

There are many more reasons for this, but the main point of this video is for people to start saying no to this madness of being lumped in a box and being told you can’t do this or that or express yourself a certain way because of whatever gender, skin color you been incarnated into! This is one of the many ways of telling the establishment and it’s drones that we don’t want to take it’s BS anymore! It’s one of the many ways to take back your power and express your free will given to you by the creative force (that many people call God/Source) that made you and everyone else.

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Learning to not let your thoughts and limiting beliefs control you.

The video title says it all. Another one I made on the fly. From now on, comments will be open starting with this video.

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Important message concerning how I’m going to do things now. See video.

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The Human Condition Can Only Be Fixed Through Collective Inner Spiritual Evolution!

I felt like I repeated myself so many times in this writing in a way, but then again if I did, then at least hopefully everyone would get the point here with no misunderstanding. This will be the last time I deal with such topics since I spoke and wrote on them enough. In the future, I don’t know else what I’ll write, but when that time comes, I’ll know. I’m posting this because no one has really said or wrote anything about this issue of why nothing has really changed when it comes to what we want in this world. To be honest, I’m not sure if I should post this since I feel something is off or missing with this one, but I need to get the main point across no matter how feel about this write up.

Worldly exoteric institutions such as government, politics, education, and organized religion have proven time and time again to only not only keep humanity where it is, but only made things worse in the long run by throwing the human collective an oasis of relief here and there to keep them quiet. As of now, these worldly institutions are becoming more overt to what their real motives has always been, and only those who are paying attention will notice.

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Humanity’s path of self-destruction. Is Humanity descending? A honest hard question.

A question that no one has really dared to really ask. No one with any following out there hadn’t truly question if we are really ascending as a collective at this time because of some galactic energies that are supposedly coming along with certain astrological events that come and go, yet people make a huge deal out of those still.  A question deep from within myself!

If humanity is to actually ascend, that will take many centuries judging by how slow humanity is to change and progress, a few generations at minimum if they’re luckily, and I say they, since I won’t be here to wait around and see it by then. It can be faster, but fast is not in the human collective’s  vocabulary when it comes to worldwide positive changes. Humanity is nowhere near close to something like that. The majority of the population here is spiritually dead or crippled as it is.

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